Monday, 25 April 2011

Life in Stages -Honesty- Series 1

Dear readers,

I have often wondered why some people find it difficult to utter a word of honesty and why others find it easy to be honest. Generally, I know some people think humans are not capable of being honest and we lie most of the time. The thing is I am sure there are people that are honest, and yes maybe they have lied in the past but they are actually honest and practice transparency.

So what does it mean for an individual to be honest, for me it takes three steps to be honest.

a) It involves making a mental decision to aim to tell the truth at all times (even though sometimes we forget stuff).

b) To understand that telling the truth  can be done and it is done by having integrity and disregarding anything such as white lies or black lies or little lies etc.

c) Ultimately, the grace of GOD is needed to discern the purpose of telling the truth at all times and being honest in your heart.

Obviously, there are many other factors but these for me are the key ones, I know some people might say it is impossible to tell the truth, I say it is not. It is not because you make a mental decision to do whatever it is you want. Although, there are instances where people don't tell the truth but don’t lie either, ( i think it is often referred to as diplomacy). I love saying things on how it is in my mind and I love being honest, I believe it setting a different standards but it does not guarantee the best life on this earth either because people will still take you for granted and all sort.  Nevertheless, our treasure is not here but in HEAVEN.. SO I say whatever am doing is for God not for many and I see the significant of it is more than the evil.

However, I have found out that in this life most of the time we do not like the truth and we rather much prefer it when people lie. It amazes me why we would prefer lie than integrity but the world is full of evil so there you go.  I will mention that, when we lie it creates more pressure to think of another lie to cover the previous track which am sure is mental work, having to constantly recall what you have said before can be pretty difficult yet we can given a medal for it all...

God will help us but we also need to desire his help.

Note: This is one of many series.

Please let me know your views on honesty.


  1. I have decided to read all your posts yay! You seem like a pretty interesting xter so i decided to stalk (not in a creepy way so don't be scared lol)

    Your last paragraph nails it. Lying is such mental work and i just think i'm smart enough.

    1. awwwwww you read my post. soooo glad u did and commentated. I am totally glad you stalked mhen. first comment on this post. Thank you.

      I stopped this series sef becos I thot the impact was not

      I assume xter means christian am not too sure. I am glad you understood my point....

      xxx Keep reading ohh...

  2. xter means character o. You seem pretty interesting

    1. lool... i would never thot it meant character... oooo learnt something new today...happy smiles..

      thank u. Yeah, I am pretty see me ohh, I should be enjoying the complement.

      Head is really


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