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Life in Stage ~ My Story~My Life~My Man...

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We are going on a journey with this story so stay excited and enjoy the story line. This article features the story of Joan Kelechi Uzo Amobi. It is a story of woman that lost her husband to the sickness of Cancer and her journey to healing and how she dealt with it all. She reveals the journey behind her story, her life and where she is today......

This story is one you cannot resists....

Joan Kelechi Uzo is the 4th female child born to the Family of Uzo...A family made up  of a hardworking Father, a supportive Mother and six children. She has two older sisters, an older brother and two younger twins sisters.
Her Story Begins:

Where should I start, I have so many to tell. I will start with how I met my soul mate Jonathan Chukuemaka Amobi. So.. I was 18 when I actually first saw him not talking to him but saw him. Jonathan as he is often called is a personal driver to my dad. He practically drives him everywhere, and from the information I have  gathered before actually talking to him, I knew he was 23, a graduate with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a personal driver. I only knew this from how dad brags about how hardworking he is and he is intention of saving  to go back to University to attain his Masters. He only says this to drive my siblings nut and make them see how useless their career path are compared to a common driver as he puts it.

I also know that Dad actually loves him and really loves him.. I will tell you why. In all the days of anyone hired to work for our Dad none of them has ever ever ever been allowed to sit on the Family dining table to eat dinner or anything for that matter. He makes sure the house helps etc know their stand in the family home and respect should be exercised. Hence,  the only place in the Family home they are allowed to come in contact with is the visitor's lounge where they stand on the passage to pass the message to the personal maids who will then leave a note at the note box close to the family sitting room. If Dad sees the note and wants to discuss further he will summon them to his personal office outside the family home, although in the same compound, you cannot enter the family home without permission or an emergency. The only ones that do enter the family homes are the personal maids that collect dirty clothes to wash. The rest of the chores we all do it.

In fact when I was 11, Dad changed the rules, personal maids where only allowed to collect the dirty clothes from  a  room outside the Family home  labelled wash room, where all the children will have to personally drop all their dirty laundry and label with their names to ensure no mistakes are made. At this time, Dad bought modern washing machines from abroad thus, made life easier for the personal maids. Besides, he is a military man with strong views on raising the children with firm hands and he will constantly remind us the reason why we have made maid is only  because they need the money for food, clothes etc  and he is employing them to provide for them and offer an alternative life. Hence, we should not take them for granted and assume they are slaves and around to please us.. In his words "the era of slavery is over, so make sure you treat them all with respect, if you break this rule, you will become the house help for a month whilst the house help will take your place.  And yes, he is not lying, he meant it. Our  2nd born tried it once and was greatly punished, she had no choice but to swap places with the house help called Amaka. She called Amaka a bastard when she did not  bring her ironed clothes on time, but she didn't know my Dad was around listening to his news. He heard the word bastard from afar and thought who to himself "what on earth" according him. He summoned both of them and asked what happened Amaka was already crying her eyes out and told of my sister Mabel and how rude she has always been to her. Dad did not even argue too much he just said you know the rules Mabel take your position now.

Since the incident we were all so aware never to treat our house maid or assistance as we often call them with disrespect. Like Dad said, they are only assisting us and are getting paid to better their lives. So in fairness, we had large number of prospective employees who wanted to work for Dad because they knew he treated his staff with respect and fairness and same was required of them. Word got around so fast, every house maid always came back to thank Daddy for making their lives better and anyone that knew about our Dad sort of respected us more  because we weren't spoilt rich kids (so they thought).

Back to my point, so you see from my Jonathan entering our family home showed he was very special to Dad. He always used Jonathan as an an example to demonstrate the importance of being ambitious and hardworking and starting from the lowest to get to the top.

I saw Jonathan for the first time in our dinning table and you should have seen my reaction. He was actually on the table, eating too and drinking our drinks... That has never happened as far as am aware, I looked well enough before making my reaction known, then  I saw Dad, Mum and Jonathan eating at the table and laughing about something. Just as well, we all knew amongst the kids there is now competition, Dad has a new favourite...

I will quickly tell you about my siblings before getting to Jonathan story...

Pls stay tuned for the Next Series....

God is love and Love on others too...


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