Saturday, 6 August 2011

Random Things......

Dear Readers,

How are you and I hope you had a fab weekend.
OK, so I decided to let you into my world in this post and I have always wanted to share random things. So, here we go.

1)As a child, I loved sniffing  my mum's armpit, I wouldn't go to bed without sniffing her armpit (Gross I know). It does not end there, I also loved sniffing my mum's clothes, as in it was so bad that I took one of her blouses to boarding house and I made sure I didnt wash the cloth lol (U dont want to know where we found it). Anyways, I stopped sniffing just last year, I sniffed my mum's clothes till I was a teenager and I started sniffinmy mine, mostly african wrapper sha. lol. Please laugh, and trust me people thought it was very weird,  to the extent it was suggested I needed deliverance.. people. Sha, I stopped cos I thought no way am taking this to my husband house. (Check this Scenario)
Hubby- Baby, lets get down on it...
Me-  "am like now, noo ohh  I want to sniff my wrapper..". Imagine that. lol

2)I hate okro, felt they choked me. When I was much younger I thought the black studs in plantain were insects. I would not eat it until it was all removed. In my younger days lol, I loved Fela and his music so much and I copied the ladies thus, I used to shake my bum to every tom, dick and harry ( ok, I EXAGGERATED abit). But, I would generally show this talent (so I thought), I would show this to people I generally like. So one day, I told this Uncle to carry him or lift me up rather, I was screaming and he said he wouldn't. Mum heard and decided to teach me some lessons. After the Hot  Spanks mehn I stop kia, kia -means fast....

3)I love smelling  powder and would go to the extent of tasting it or even it means chewing some... ( I am definitely weird).

4) I love toffee cakes and I love baking cakes and I can watch cartoons forever.

5) I love daydreaming, mehn I can daydreaming for a whole day and not get tired... As in never, all I need is my head functioning well and I go to places and create wonderful fantasises.... good ones though.

6)I am very close to my MUM, I am so close to my mum she knows everything about me. I tell her everything and she tells me everything. I am so close to her, we talk precisely everyday.

7) I love the camera, I am a picture freak... As in obsession type. I love posing and I love posing... lol

8) I am a documentary freak. If I have not mentioned well I am now... and if I have,  well I mentioning it again lol and I can read love novels..

9)Wore braces for 18months +  and I loved it... guess what colour they came in most times.... PURPLE..... I chose Purple... I miss my braces... (got teased with it and was called train tracks...).

Here are some Modelling/Posing  pics of me........

                                                            2011- Modelling
                                                         2009 Make-UP Shoot.. if u look closely, I was wearing BRACES.
2009- Make -Up Shoot  by Ara-make-up studious.

Brace face.... Make-Up Photo Shoot.

You are not allowed to copy any of these pictures without the permission of the Blogger/Owner. Doing this is illegal and unlawful...

Thank you and GOD BLESS......


  1. Sniff musie armpit??..yeah! that was gross o! hahahha....i love okro & cakes to bits! yep.i also tasted powder but not chew it o!..mehn! you are so weird o!!...yay! like documentaries a lot.. shake your bum-bum for every tom, dick and harry?,..hahahhahaa...good as musie spank you o! model?..beautiful...n-a-y, i didn't see the purple braces clearly o!...overall were an adventurous lady..hey! don't forget beautiful :D

  2. loool @ Ibhade. yes ohh gross I used to sniff like a dog... would literally pull her arms up stick my nose in and just snifffffffffffffff....... loud ones...I guess the bond was too strong...

    Thank u hun for the compliments... I will put up a pic of me wearing braces....

  3. Guuurrrrlll, you weird small sha oo, but most people are sha. lol

  4. @ilola, yes ohh am weird... in a unique way... I am not disputing at all. X.

    Thanks for stopping by....

  5. Some of those, esp the first is so weird, lol. But that is what makes us unique I guess. And you look great in the pics.

  6. Sniffing armpit ke? That sounds more like a fetish... haha

    You love braces? Hmmm.. no comment #weirdone. lol
    The pics are very lovely.

    - LDP

  7. lol @ LDP... Yes ohh sniffing my mum's armpit.. I would raise her arm up and stick my nose in it.. and sniff for however how long i can be there.. Even when am sleeping.. it was more than weird..

    Yes ohh loved braces (weirdly enuff)...

    THANKS FOR THE COMMENT and thanks for stopping by...

  8. aaah that #1 tho..lool
    beautiful pictures :)

  9. Yeah man... the Number 1 is deep ohh.... Glad am new ohh.. lol..

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Thanks for the comment....

  10. ur simply really weird. when i was small, i use to think i was a ninja. Did all the ninja stuffs in boarding school, at night i always crawled around the dorm..doing the ninja walk ..funny.. i laugh now anytime i remember that. guessed i watched too much ninja films.

  11. loool @ the laweson runway too funny... jokes..

    YeP.. NInja fan right there... lol.. awww so cute though.. Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by.....

    I have loads of story too on boarding house.. I am gona share too in anoda post..

  12. Ooohhh nice. You look good tho. Hahaha You are one strange babe

    1. loool...thanks for the compliment.. i know am so weird..lool.. i love it too.


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