Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My thoughts on Life......

Hello World,

Waving with love.......

I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on life and understanding.

So here are some random FACTS I have come to know about life.

1)  I have come to embrace the notion of  experience is the only TEACHER  and development is the greatest TEXT BOOK (i made the last development part up. lol).
Experiences are supposed  to provide you with valuable lessons that will empower you in all you do in life. It is meant to be stepping stones.
With experiences comes development. Development shows the depth of lessons you have learnt and implemented and it all  reflects in your level of understanding and wisdom.
Maturity does not come with AGE..... IT COMES WITH SO MUCH MORE.

2)Living for the moment is good, but it can be costly when you live for the moment and make the worse decisions during that time. You will be surprised how living for the moment becomes living through the NIGHTMARES. Just saying think think think BEFORE YOU ACT.

3)The World does not stop for you,  but you wait on the world. In essence, when you have children, get married, get a job, you die, or lose someone etc. The World does not STOP for you and feel your pain or joy.  Although, when things happen to us the world will show a fraction of attention but they will not wait on you and stop for you. When you celebrate they do it with you, when you mourn, they will mourn with you. But at the end of the day, everyone goes their separate ways and you will wait on the world i.e. time and you will stop for the world i..e reflection.  The last time you checked, a friend was over,  you jammed, played, caught up on life. But they are now off doing their own thing and now You are now alone, waiting and  facing the world.

4) Understanding is key to not bother with people that are not significant. When you understand some people are just WRONG for you. You will learn to never bother yourself with them even when they are in your face. You simply carry on LIVING.  What I mean is (when you understand some people are programmed in  a certain way, you should  deal with it and not bother, if you are bothered,  you are yet to understand that they will never get YOU).

5) LOVE is EASY to say and claim. What is not EASY is when actions begs to differ than WORDS. You say you love me yet you NEVER think good of me. You say you LOVE me yet you never try to believe in me. You say you LOVE me yet you are not prepared to go the extra mile. You say you LOVE me but you are afraid to trust me. You say you LOVE me but you cannot see your actions are hurting me. You say you LOVE me yet, you are not prepared to be HUMBLE. YOU SAY YOU LOVE ME YET YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO LOVE ME.

6)Everything comes and goes. LIFE, MONEY, HOUSES, CARS, JOBS, PARTNERS, CHILDREN, DEGREE, LOVE etc. Everything in life comes and goes and nothing is permanent. MAKE THE MOST OF EVERY Stage. You can never go BACK. Remember just like IT came, IT  will leave.

7)Honesty is the best policy. It is starts with YOU. If you cannot admit to yourself that you have issues and it must be dealt with. How can you be honest with another person or about another person.It is an ILLUSION if you think you can be honest with somebody without starting with yourself..............

8) Life can be mean sometimes but it does not give you the right to be mean to another person. Being mean creates a circle that never stops. So when someone is mean is to you, try to not be mean to someone else. The other person is not the problem.

9) Not everything in life has  answers. You have to learn to deal with that. It is painful but what is the point of wasting time looking for the answer you will NEVER find. Better to channel ones energy towards a productive course.

10) There is nothing such as bad people or good people. People either have a polluted/evil mindset that transcends to their character or they have clean/clear mindset. We all make mistakes and do wrong, so if I can do wrong what makes me good? I guess the answer to the question is nothing makes us good because we all do wrong no matter how insignificant. WRONG IS WRONG.

11) I am a nice person, I really am  (always having good motives, that what nice means to me). Sometimes, some  people take advantage of that but will I change. No, I cant, I tried but I cant be mean. WHY: I am nice. There is no two way about it you are either a nice person or not. So, when next you find out someone thinks you are fool for being nice. Its ok, you are probably a fool for being nice, but there is nothing wrong being a FOOL that actually knows they are genuinely  nice and they know people will take advantage of it. It just goes to show you are who you are and NEVER change for anybody. (Although, there is a difference between nice and stupid. lol.).

12)PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS BE PEOPLE. Just when you think you have met someone that is different, it turns out they are no better. Shame really, because you should known never to have expectations. Just have an open-mind. It could go either way.

Finally, everything in Life happens in Stages even when it all happens fast.. Watch and Learn. Life in Stages..

LOL.. am done now. Feel free to comment..

God is love, love yourself and others too..

Pls stay tuned for another enlightened story....(its is gonna be epic, ok let me not jinx it ohhh)..


  1. I love this inspirational post, needed it today after having a rough day. Thanks for sharing and you are so right about the world not stopping for one, well said my sister.

  2. Awww thanks for stopping by Destiny......

    I am glad you are inspired....

    xxxx Have a splendid awesome great DAY.....

  3. Hmm I like the expectations part (no 12).When people have expectations thats when you easily get hurt. Your expectations should be on christ alone..
    Joyce Meyer explained it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZFYYQBFH8c

  4. Hey unveilinggod.....thanks for visiting...

    Waving with love......

    You are right our trust should be in Jesus Christ Isiah 2:22 says it all..

    Thanks for sharing..

    Happy Smiles

  5. You know am not going to lie to you of that post, still loving it.lol

  6. lol... thanks Destiny for loving it..... I am love the post too.. Really interestingly weird.


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