Monday, 17 September 2012

The Last WEEKEND....

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Hello Everyone,

How are we?? I hope we are well.

I would like to apologise for the last post. You see, I planned on blogging on a topic at the time. I intended on saving  the title it as a draft as to remind me,  only to mistakenly click the publish button. Anyway, that blog post is coming soon). In the mean time, I will keep you lovelies updated about other stuff. Thank you SIMPLY MEE it was a blog error.. xxx

Ok, so what happened last weekend..... well, I went to London for the weekend for a family's friend wedding. It was strictly by invitation only nah, I was suppose to go with Mum but she didn't end up coming so I went with one of my fav Londoners Jelony. Off we went to one of the posh areas in London,  Bayswater, Porchester. Nice venue, nice food, nice music etc. It was niceee.. Until,well rewind.

Briefly about me, I have a very interesting mindset and character. Most people that know me mostly see my one side of me and think they know me. These includes my talkactive (yes am a talker), my constant  opinions and my expressive attitude and (uncompromising principles and standards).. Now, in my head there are things I see about me, (am posh).lool.... (i am quirky), (am intelligent) and (i can be razz). Now, the side most people tend to sometimes see is my razz side and that tends to come out when am DANCING. Hehe...

Told you once I went to MAYFLOWER, that school is one of the raziest school mehn, dont mind the fake posh people heheh. Mayflower can turn any posh person into RAZZ classic. To be fair, RAZZ has  grades..  For some, you can tell straight from when they start talking, some when they start eating, lol etc etc while some are through other things. Now, some people are generally not razz on a normal day i.e. loud or attention seeker but can be once they are drunk or tipsy etc. My own oh, its dancing  and the beats just gets me, and yes its the throwing of the waist in the air lol, the bend down low, old school (shina peters moves lol). All of this razzness I caught from MAYFLOWER and it never left. I am not shy, (mostly not). I usually dont care about what people think.. Truth is, I cant be bothered to care.

Anyways, on the day, myself and my friend jel who loves to  dance btw, started to throw way (shhh, she dances oyinbo dance lool.. am kidding love u hun.). She can sure move, in comparison, we both dont care about anyone watching, we are expressive maybe mine is alittle too much sha, lol. YES we are AWESOME dancers.  MJ has nothing on us.. seriously.

OK, whilst dancing, coupled with the fact my (tailor just completely messed up my style). I really looked like a goody two shoes (which I am) but don't like people to know that. I wanted a high waisted trousers with a nice fitted top, what she sowed was not what I asked for. The outfit was suppose to be stylish and flattering. Instead it was completely opposite, not stylish and not flattering, but I had  to wear to the wedding because I felt it was rude not to wear the aso-ebi. She rushed the outfit, hence the crap outcome(we will analyse her later lol).

Back to the dance floor, so  me and jel rocking the dance floor away, showing them how its done  with the live music. At first, I was not feeling it, but after a while I got into the groove and I started shaking my arms, shoulders, legs, waist etc etc(I bet I lost 1inch after rigorous dance boi lol). After dancing for a while, I went back to our main table, to rest and drink some water. I looked side ways, and saw  a dude on my left, signalling me to come over. AH, ah, at first (my first reaction, they have started again ohh). He was on the keyboard part of the live band, he did it again and this time (I ignored it completely). I went back on the dance floor and danced some more (I LOVE DANCING). Azonto, alanta ohh, etc me I can like to shake to them all. Thank God for the grace too. So, here we go again, back to the table, this time myself and Jelony. Whilst at the table,  the same keyboard dude beckoned again to come over, this time I pretended it was not me that it was my friend nah. She was looking HOT that day oh...
But on a serious note I hated the signal and I find it degrading at the same time. Now, Jelony didnt know who was beakoning but once she knew, she insisted I went, that dude was not bad looking. Chia, I said NO, pls am not going anywhere. You wont believe this babe was dragging me, as in a whole me,  it was so funny. I kept saying NO NO, but she wont give up, she insisted I should go and speak to him. Before this mentioned earlier before the wedding, she wanted me to meet someone, but I personally didn't just want to meet anybody nah).

Brief explanation, when it comes to certain dudes am at alert, they are alot of opportunist out there that are hoping and hoping and I always make sure am not part of their hope. lol. Personally, I already have my kind of dude I would like to approach me in my mind and with my RAZZ dance, I think some might find it intimidating or put off (am assuming). Not to sound as if am degrading myself, is not like I dance like a bush girl NO ohh. I am a good dancer. Anways, I also dont like it when anyone just anyone think they can just call me with one silly finger lol and ask me to cover over because you want to talk to me, I dont care what you are doing, pls dont call me like that. NAH.. i dont like it. Thirdly, it will not go anyway and truth be told I feel uncomfortable around some people that I can just sense from afar that NO OH. NOT MY TYPE.
Yes we all have preferences.

So, my defensive side was immediately up including my guards. Unknown to Jel, it not like I was running away from the dude cos I was shy but because I really didnt want to talk to him(am not shy like that). I didnt want to be  that person he would have the opportunity to talk rubbish with and I am usually RIGHT. She insisted ohh, no joke, she dragged me all the way am telling you. I even tried to dodge by dancing on the dance floor, she  still came to drag me. I eventually gave in, so I went to talk to the fuji keyboardist, and as I  believed, he said the things I would have predicted.

FK: Why are you running from me.
Me: (Unmentally prepared to be rude) replied, I am not running away.
FK: Can I have your number.
Me: Oh, I dont have it on me, let me go and check my bag (opportunity to run away).

I knew it, it my number ko my number I carried on dancing  and tried to avoid him. There was Jel again, pushing me and I just flipped on her that she should leave me  alone "I DONT WANT". As I was throwing yanga with jel,  I didnt know the Fuji keyboardist was behind me(the live band had rounded up). Next, I knew someone just grabbed my hand, instantly I yanked my hand off his grip, (you see, only an opportunist can  do that).

FK: You said you were coming to collect the number (something along those lines).
Me:  I looked away and was very uncomfortable too.
FK:So why did you lie? (with a yoruba  accent)
Me: I didn't feel comfortable telling you the truth(in my head, what is this rubbish).
I normally dont lie, but sometimes in situations like this, I always make up a story, either my phone is not with  me or  that my friend has it etc because some wont give up.. araggh.. infact it got to the point where I just give my email to the ones that refuses to give up and most times, I say NO I dont want to give you my number.
FK: I would like to get to know you. You danced really well.
Me: Thank you, very flattering.
FK: I am impressed, can I have your number.
Me: (hesitant) I have a boyfriend.
FK: It doesnt matter, I wont see  you again and I would like to stay in contact.
Me: ahhh it matters, I have a bf and I dont think its fair (abeg JESUS is my bf oh).

Well, I thought I had lost him after that, myself and jel danced abit more  and it was time to go home. I was walking down the stairs when I saw his pink top(thanks to my photogenic brain). Boom, I ran out of the hall,  more like I flew  out of the HALL, lol. No, I walked really fast . I was praying to God  that  he wont follow me cos I will be really cross.

I got out and I knew jel was behind but had to wait in a corner for her. She eventually showed up, the dude approached her and   mentioned  how he tried and blah blah and wrote his number down. I told her beforehand not to give my number to him, am glad she didnt. We got on the bus, she couldnt stop laughing,  and I said to her that she  didnt know me oh.. I dont like dude asking me for my number.

In a nutshell, she mentioned  I was being immature for running away and it would be polite to at least speak to him. The thing is talk or no talk it does not guarantee politeness. I  also felt it was not rude to ignore him and I have a choice not to talk to him. Besides, I cant stop at every call, at every signal to speak to a dude and I dont consider that rude(except if I know its a genuine matter, how would I know? leave that to me). If I know you have no hidden agenda, trust me I am as friendly as ever but once my spirit feels uncomfortable or I sense something then its a NO(whether or not am right).(abit of contradiction sha).  I suppose to an extent I tried communicating this with Jelony but I ended talking gibberish because a) I couldn't communicate/articulate what was  in my head  properly and b) I think its harder for some people to understand why I  react the I way  do.

I remember saying to her over the weekend, that I dont like guys like that lol. What I meant by that was, I am not that kind of girl that is always around dudes or feels comfortable to just allow any dude to talk to me or come into my zone like that.Even if I like the guy, that is it, I just like him nothing more, lol ( will blog about it sometime). It takes a while for me to think oh this dude or guy  has no hidden agenda  before I allow myself to relax  and jam my hype. It also takes me a while to feel comfortable around guys  and the only way that I can feel comfortable around a guy/dude  is a) If I  knew the dude before in the past or someone  I know, knows them. You get the drift, there is a link, cos I can always go and ask the person for  b) if they behave themselves.  I dont become friends with random strangers esp on the street. It irks me alot.

That is the end of the story.

Thanks for reading.

God is love....xoxoxox

P.S. I was gonna upload a pic of me and jel at the wedding tried my best it didnt happen. Hopefully if she
emails me a version will do  it next time.. xxx


  1. LOL @ running/walking fast..

    I find it rude when a man ask you to come over so he can talk to you..Who is wooing who? It happened to me at a party, I told the messenger to tell the guy to come cos I wasnt going over..#iamnotdesperate..The messenger then brought a chair to my side so the guy could come but he was reluctant and I was like mtchew forget that..

    LOL you sound like my friend that tears the dance floor but on a normal day you wont suspect she has such

    1. lool..... as in.. I am with you on that one oh, i dont like guys calling females like that.. Imagine that insult... kmt.

      Thank you oh, lol. ahahahah i like that ur friend jare, dancing away... x

      We have class and

  2. I just don't understand it too. For me, beckoning like that is on the same scale as a cat call. I find it very rude and disrespectful.

    So you rock the dance floor wella, cools. I have a friend like that too.

    1. i agree, calling a i find it rude too...

      yes oh, loves to crack the floor

      How are u sweets? thank u for the love..xx

  3. are very funny. So you can dance well well..hmmm.
    I find what the guy did rude too.

    I was searching for that blog post myself yesterday when I spotted it on my blog roll.

    1. lol.. thank u oh.. glad u found the post

  4. I still can't stop laughing. You didn't tell me what you guys spoke about. I still believe you should give everyone a chance to say what they have to before you turn them down.

    I've emailed you the pics btw.

    1. thanks for the pics love.x. seen it.

      but nah I disagree.... i dont think i should

  5. Ok, noted.
    So the out-fit didn't turn out well,
    so you danced very well, that it attracted a dude, ran away from the dude-turn-toaster with a yoruba accent..hmmm.. DOHK, you no try at alllll...i join your friend to laugh o jare..haba! is that why you do marathon race?..ahahahahahahaha.

    Oya, quickly upload the pics o.

    1. lool....@simply mee ahh I had to run oh... pls oh.. this wan na serious matter. infact you sef go run help me run..ohh

  6. You went to Mayflower? siblings went there too. They were there when Solarin was still alive.

    I went to another school in Ogun state and me and my siblings used to compete in

    You be case...u dey run from man? Hahaha!

    1. LOL...yes i did ohh... but only spent five yrs of my life or less there... and I met and knew Dr Solarin himself. Yup.

      I know dey run for man, I dey run for him.... lool...

  7. @ Daughter of Her King: Lol, don't be angry with me, I visited your blog, followed, and commented and commented. I unfollowed you, and it was deliberate on my path. I did it because I was following a lot of people that were not following back, and reading their blog was eating into my time, I could hardly keep up. I decided to concentrate fully on people that followed me back. Maybe you later followed back, but it must have been much much later that I did not notice.

    So the reason why I didn't drop by your blog is because I actually unfollowed you.

    I am hereby repenting and now following you back

  8. it's odd...i see your comments on other blogs but never actually stopped by (or have i? , i cant remember, time is my issue...sigh)...

    this post was to imagune that right now...



  9. See how you 'disreped' that school. Some folk wouldn't be finding that funny at all o!

  10. Ok, I have some friends who schooled in Mayflower n I can confirm the 'razz' tendencies, lol!

    Today, yes just today, i was by the road chilling for a cab/bike when i look up n see this dude beckoning to me, I looked to the left, right just me there but I concluded it couldnt be me. Sheeesh! Some guyz need a crash course in approaching a lady biko. If you are attracted, be courageous enough to approach! Shikena!

    I also love to dance......


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