Wednesday, 22 May 2013

In a Relationship........

Hello Everyone.....

Very quickly check this out...

In a relationship where one person seems to be giving more than the other? I'd say slow down.

In a relationship where your emotions seem to be at a faster pace...I'd say calm down and keep it in check.

In a relationship where you do most of the work...I'd say re-evaluate...

In a relationship where there is lack of appreciation and actions.. I'd say is it worth the hassle? No.

In a relationship where there is constant abuse e.g. verbal or emotional. I'd say step away from everything, be real  and if possible RUN. infact RUN and pray from afar. lol.

In a relationship where there is no FOCUS and aspiration. I'd say LEAVE or risk feeling worthless for a long time...

P.S. I have been busy thinking about my life lol so blogging was not in the picture, but am back to complete the story on Ajoke very soon pls Click here to read.

Hope we are all good and still remaining thankful.

God is good....renewing my love for him.



  1. Nice tips. Post aint log. *covers face*

    1. lol....... thanks for visiting hun...

      Did u want it long? lol.

  2. I am sending this post to someone immediately.

    How are you doing?

    1. Hey hun...
      Thanks for checking up on me.
      I am doing great love.

      Oo thank you for sending this... xoxoxo

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for commenting hun.....
      I am glad you found it is useful.x


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