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Ajoke................... The finished part.

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I apologise for bringing this late but here it is..

We didn't want to talk about how long I had left. We decided to savour every moment, I felt total peace  not thinking about anything but enjoying our companionship. I knew I didn't have enough time anymore, I felt I had to do something. I had heard that the contract might be extended for another six months which I was not sure I would be allowed to come back. It was agreed this project was a stepping stone for me and once the current contract finished, it would be time for me to leave for something else.

I couldn't bare not being with the love of my life Ajoke, she was so delicate yet firm. We had talked about marriage and I knew I would do anything for her to be  my wife but when I approached her family, her father blatantly refused me with all his might. He had said I wasn't Yoruba and he didn't trust the "likes of me". I was hurt, we both were hurt, we didn't want to give up but my parents didn't agree either. My mother especially didn't approve, the brief visit to my parents turned sour. I was not allowed to marry the love of my life because she wasn't from my tribe. We  were crushed but we knew we wanted our parents blessings and had to respect their decisions.

It was two days before I left  for good. Ajoke sneaked out late to be with me and we had decided to  meet up under the  palm tree near the old school. It was pretty late but we needed to be together, we both new its our last time to say our goodbyes.
We had laid next to each other looking at the clear blue sky,staring at the sparkling bright stars, we recounted our memories, we laughed  hard and we talked about how special we both were. That night, Ajoke felt it was right for her to offer me something she thought it was special to her. I looked at her desirably, I appreciated the gesture and every fiber in my body was screaming YES YES YES, but I couldn't. I loved her too much to feel her and not forever have her. It was not fair, my heart yelled, cried but it made it more special as Ajoke couldn't help but cry. She cried so hard, why is it so hard to just "love" and not think about  anything.We  knew both our parents were too adamant. Ajoke gave me  piece of her  cloth and placed in my hand to keep. We wished on the stars and hoped in our hearts that things would change one day.

I never loved any other woman like did Ajoke, I got married to a family friend  whom Mum praised and hailed, she was a lovely lady that cared for me and like wise but my heart belonged to Ajoke. I vowed to myself I would never stop my children from falling in love and marrying the lady or man of their choice as long as he/she  is the right one for them.

It was the graduation  of our first son, we had flown to the US to celebrate his graduation. He had been raving about this sweet lovely girl he had met and fell for. He said to me over the phone, Dad you will love her. I guess I couldn't wait to meet her. It was a lovely graduation, full of happy and proud parents cheering their children on. I was proud of him, he was incredibly ambitious and he had finished well. We had  gone back to the main hall to take pictures when he hurriedly came towards us with this sweet lady and introduced her. From her name, I could tell she was Yoruba, she was courteous and greeted us well. We were still talking to her when her parents approached us.

Thirty years on and  she still looked amazing. It felt like a dream. Her mother, was the love of my life, like a reflex, I proceeded to greet both her parents whom she also introduced to us.  I looked at my son and her sweetheart, they both were like love birds. Ajoke had stared consistently at me and eventually said my name. She was shocked as much as I was.

It was a beautiful wedding. Ajoke and I  had the opportunity to talk and we were both thankful about how life had turned out for our children. Who would have thought? It was great having her in my life again as a friend. I told my wife who she was and how I had  known her years back. Meeting Ajoke, made me appreciate my wife even more,  the love she has shown me over the years  was genuine even when  I felt withdrawn not consciously.

We both agreed everything happens its own time. Our experience had made us stronger in our own way. Did she miss me? Hell yeah she did but she had to move on, I was married so was she.

Nigeria today has changed. Am happy that  in our own little way, we are  embracing others culture and inter-tribal marriages are far more encouraged than before.
All the same am grateful my experience helped me to allow my children to be happy.

P.S. This was a fictional story inspired by the history of Nigeria.

I love inter-tribal marriages because to a degree its promotes "oneness". While some might argue against all sorts, I am simply happy that two individuals of different culture, ideologies and traditions are willing to make it work through alot of compromise and heartfelt desire to be together.

I hope  one day  I have an inter-tribal  marriage and if I don't my children might. lol.

Thanks for reading.
It is well with us. God is awesome.

Enjoy my Ole-ku outfits. x


  1. Interesting and kinda sad story.. It's really sad how parents won't allow their children to marry whom they love..

    Your Oleku outfit is very cool btw..

  2. ooo thank u hun...

    Yeah its really sad..

    I know. its so unfair.

  3. I love happy endings....

  4. I pray to always encourage my children to follow their hearts as long as it pleases God, won't want to stand in their ways at all...
    Great story

    1. Thanks for reading

      I agree...xx


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