Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Big Chop!!!

Hello Everyone,

I hope we are feeling great.

I know its been a while since have popped over but seriously, is it just me or am being random, Blogsville seems dry.lol. Maybe its me, I don't visit blogs as much I used to.
My life at the moment is full of sunshine, grey, blue sky and random rain drops. I guess I am getting there. I can't wait to share more with you.

I was sad and emotionally unstable for a while but am totally back on track. Thank God.
For some of us that are aware or not aware, "emotional illness" and "mental illness" are REAL.
What can I say? People do battle with serious demons.
We can only help by showing love, prayers and encouragements, it goes a long way.

I finally DID IT.
I chopped my HAIR OFF.
I took scissors and just snipped off the relaxed ends, funny enough I planned to relax it that very day.
Heyhoo, pls check out some of the pics.

Over the weekend, I went to see my friend. I was just full of love and sunshine. I love being HAPPY and in control.

I pray whatever that is imperfect in your life will have meaning someday.
I pray that whatever that makes you sad will have meaning someday.
I pray that whenever you can, you chose to remain happy and victorious.
Jesus Best. x

I had fun creating this. *loves*


  1. Aww, you look so cute and so different! I would probably not recognise you if i hit you on the street. I really should do this. I transitioned last year so i never rocked the low cut :( and now my natural hair is too long.

    1. awwww thanks hun...
      Nice to see ur comment..
      Yay @cute.

      i think i will rock it for a while sha.. lol. loves d new look.


  2. Nice pictures, you look good....glad you are happy and bubbly now. The joy of The Lord is your strength. Amen

    1. Hey hun....thanks for stopping by.
      I appreciate that. AMEN. It truly is.
      Yep.. back to the happy and bubbly me.

  3. The big chop looks good on you. Love the cobalt pants too. Thank God you pulled through and are now back on track.

    1. Thanks for visiting hun.
      Yay.... thank u.
      I am so thankful I pulled through and still pulling through.

  4. Loving the happy in the pics, and you look great. Years off :_)

    1. Thank you Myne.
      Nice to see your comment.
      lol @ years off.
      Do I really look like a teenager? *chuckles*

  5. Its great to see that you're back. And the hair cut looks good on you.

    1. Thanks hun..
      Thank you for visiting.
      Its great to be back. x

  6. Wow, you look cute. You look like you are really enjoying it. Correct alamposer.

    1. Awwww thanks sweetie...
      I like cute.. *wide grin*.
      I am enjoying the hair oo... being rocking it.
      @ alamposer. as in obsessed, its in my blood. lol. x
      Thanks for visiting. x

  7. You look good on low cut....Nice!!

  8. you look really cute. missed u. Hope to see u more. XOXO



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