Thursday, 29 August 2013

He had a DREAM....!!!

Hello Lovely people,

I hope we are good in the land of the living....
I would like to share a little piece of gift, please read on.

Once upon a time,a child was born.
That child was born with hope but little did his  parents know he had a massive future ahead.

The child became a Boy, the boy became a Man and the man became a LEADER.
He had a dream, he was laughed at, ridiculed and spat on but he had a DREAM.

With his dream, he would work with other amazing people that would change the world for good.
He HAD A DREAM...... and his DREAM became everyone's dream including his enemies. HE HAD A DREAM....

This piece is dedicated to MARTIN LUTHER KING JNR...
Thank you SIR for walking in the destiny ordained for you.
Thank you that you helped every African American to stand TALL AND PROUD.
Thank you to all OUR FREEDOM FIGHTERS who fought with everything including their dignity, pride and shame.... THANK YOU.

Don't let your dreams die...

Piece by me..x

Thanks for reading and visiting. xxx


  1. Ah, finally! Please change this template biko. I find it very hard to comment. I have to refresh like a million times before i see the "add a comment" thing.

    Nice tribute to MLK Jr

  2. The dream has given birth to many more we all know that we can DARE to dream big


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