Friday, 9 August 2013

I am still here!!!!

Hello Everyone,

Please please please I am so sorry for the late update.

I have alot of apologising to do.

Seriously, I have been  missing from blogsville its unbelievably unacceptable.
I bet most bloggers that visit me often have probably given up on me posting anything or visiting them back.

Please am sorry. I am  not done with my blog.

I have just been busy, tired and lazy with my blog plus my lappy needed TLC.

I will be back real soon to do better posting. I have quite to share.

Thanks for reading.

Side note, I hate that I don't blog often and I have drafts sitting collecting dusts smh.

Stay blessed and see you soon. xoxox


  1. we are also still here and waiting for a proper update. best wishes!

  2. Come back soon o. Your forgiveness metre is about to spoil o, lol.

  3. "everything in life happens in stages, no matter how big, small, fast , slow...." I'm quoting you, lol.
    Take your time, rest, sort out your lappy. we will be here waiting to receive you.


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