Tuesday, 19 November 2013

***PASSED*** off car shopping lol.

Hello Blogsville fam....

I trust we are all well.xx

I am so happy I finally PASSED O. Yes o, its been a long time coming but Glory to God I did it. I pray I will not use my license for accidents, evil or death... 

Ok so my testimony, I had been on this driving thing since summer  2011 after grad. I had not so good instructors that all they wanted was money and my naive mind didn't know better. To top it off I endured the shouting etc because I felt that was what I needed is a lie o. Cut to the chase, I passed after third attempt.

Ask me what happened?

Well I did my 2nd attempt early this month I was inspired to write this post Click Here.I was determined that I would hold onto my positive attitude and not give into doubts no matter what, which came in leaps and bounds but I held onto positive thoughts and faith. I declared  that I had already passed but only going for a cruise.... I am just so grateful to God for allowing this.

I would like to encourage you that no matter what is happening, the power of positivity goes a long way, never underestimate the need to constantly stay on top by being positive and involving God's favour.

YES passing my driving is a big deal especially here, because it takes money, time, energy and much more mental attitude.

Here is my PASS PIC... YAY me.


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