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Abortion-Get Rid Off. An inspired post

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I trust we are all well and prepping for Christmas etc. I pray all our dreams that are yet to come true will do so. I also pray we will have a pain free, catastrophe free, accidents free, bombing free Christmas season. Amen.

This post was inspired by a comment I read on Bella Niaja click here for the post.Click here for the comments and I also commented.
I planned to upload a different topic but I had to do this.

To be honest, the topic on  abortion is a strange one, maybe complex and touchy subject for some. I have watched various documentaries on it and seen various advocates for and against it. In a nutshell, I have never really had a view on it other than I won't advocate it and I certainly will not encourage it. I have always thought that the only person that could make the decision most times is the woman. Her decision is based on her principles and core values.

However, I do not accept, or think it is right aside for medical reasons that can put both mother and child into jeopardy even with that (I will encourage to rely on faith).  It hurt when I read the comment on Bella Naija about a woman that had an abortion because her hubby encouraged her to and now she is struggling to birth and has had  several miscarriages.
Personally, I might be naive o, I do not accept a man/bf/husband etc that has impregnated another woman to tell her to "GET RID OFF" I don't care what the  excuses, motives, situations, ideologies whatever it is but abortion should be the last result aside from medical complications. I think anyone that suggests that is rude, selfish, wicked and EVIL. Why do you say such thing?

My reasons,  if they had aborted the person in question due to his/her parental circumstances will they be here? Nope. They wont. so why then would you deny someone else the opportunity?
To make matters worse, I hate it when it is married men that are telling their wives to abort the babies, I don't care if you are wretched and living from mouth to mouth, if you don't want to have any more babies (do family planning) or cut your loins which will not be considered. I even hate it more when married men tell their wives that are preggo for the first time to get rid off  of the child? Why? Why?
Children are blessings in the very least if your partner says that to you and lists all the possible reasons as not to keep the baby, then they have failed you YES, they have failed in their role as a man to protect, assure, support, encourage and be bold. They have failed to understand and comprehend the bigger vision. They have failed to consider the vows appropriately, they have failed to consider the blessings that is yet to come through this child above all they have failed to comprehend the power of their own seed that has allowed to possibly father a child where others have tried to no avail even with medical and all.

For such men, I can only pity them and their myopic mind.I hate to see women put themselves through such agony and say they are doing it for love...? What? Love? where is the love in that? The love for the guy or the love for  your own selfish reasons? or love for the unborn child? I stress that if love was ever involved in the relationship from the beginning then being pregnant under any conditions just raises/up the game to even stretch yourself  and become less selfish and more responsible with the ability to  love endlessly without waiting for the other. Yes, a child born into love will know from the very first day it ran and joined the ovaries lol.
I know there are deeper issues like rape, unwanted situations e.g. cheating etc that might have allowed such situation  but again any decision to which especially rape and medical reasons I will totally respect the need for the person to do as they wish. In fact I totally respect any decision be none medical I as I have stated above. I just do not like it when the lady carrying the child is coerced into abortion against her will but I guess there are reasons behind it all.

All I am saying is, as a woman with a choice, be careful about the risks you are taking with getting rid off the pregnancy as advised by your spouse or family members/friends. Think carefully, for every action there is a consequence. I also know some people who have had an abortion in the past are still struggling years on to bear a child of their own plus heard a lot of stories too. They have been advised wrongly and are regretting their actions.

So please, if anything consider the various options available to you.

P.S. Did I tell you that Dad told Mum to get rid off me? His excuse he didn't have money.. what??
I am glad Mum didn't cos boy I wont be here will I? and above everything she will still be disappointed because it wasn't like  he was ready to love her and be there?

If people around you are doing it. THINK TWICE.
My best advice as ever, if you are not ready for the consequences don't involve SEX. Once you start having then be open minded to all sorts.

I guess this post was more of a reprimanding one lol. Its all love. x

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I will upload the other post soon. x


  1. This topic of abortion is just one I don't even like addressing because it's just complex like you even mentioned. I'm against it and that's it. I don't understand thought why any man would force his wife to abort their own child. It's the woman's choice what she does with her body and besides since the two are married to each other I don't know why they'll be rejecting a baby that has come from their union. I faced these kind of scenarios a lot when I was working in a Community Pharmacy.. The worst, I'll say I've come across, is a lady claiming to have been married 2 days ago and then asking for 'something' to 'get rid of' a baby that would have possibly been formed. In this case I don't know if anyone had instructed her to do so or she was just coming on her own prerogative. Nobody at work suggested anything to her, anyways. I just don't understand these things but I won't just judge anyone.

    I'm shocked at your saying your Dad told your Mum to get rid of you. If only he knew how awesome you'd turn out to be he won't have said such.

    Oh and I love the last bit of this post.. Your advice- 'if you are not ready for the consequences, don't involve sex'- very valid advice.. One thing always leads to the other. Na from one kata kata to another. Sex should be had on the marriage bed and when a wonderful gift does develop from it, it should be welcomed with great joy.

    God help us sha.
    This world is just too complex..*sigh*

    1. Thanks for your contribution hun. I can't imagine how you felt and dealt with various situations yet kept it professional..

      Babes, na so.. They were both married o. I guess that is what happens when you marry down. I guess. I am kidding.

  2. Lol @ cut your loins. I understand where you're coming from though. And most people end up wishing they had done otherwise. Here's hoping we all learn

    1. lol o.. yes o.. I hope we do.

      Thanks for visiting hun. xxx


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