Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Hello Everyone,

HAPPY NEW YEAR. Whoop whoop.

I trust we had an awesome Christmas. YAY.
Thank God it went well.

I myself wasn't feeling well. Your dearest was sick with fever and cold. The virus during the winter month kia.
I only just got better with mild coughs. I am grateful it was not worse than this but it was bad in that I could not do things myself. My sister who  very rarely cooks, cooked and  fed me my breakfast to show I unwell I was.

I am better and am thankful for the grace to do things myself. My prayer is that healing mercies will find  many of us that desire it.

I hope this year will be BIGGER, BETTER AND ofcourse we ACCOMPLISH MORE.
Personally, I am motivated to accomplish plenty things this year including travelling, meeting new people, going to new places, staying busy,  networking etc.

There is a world bigger than my four corner walls and I want to EXPLORE IT.
I hope to be more PROACTIVE, push myself without being held back by ANYTHING.

I hope we all inspired to keep going and not look back.

Forget regrets, learn from the mistakes and believe you will even accomplish more than you had anticipated.
By the end of 2014 I just want to roll on the floor with thanksgiving, happiness and joy.
I want to feel content and the  fire to keep going.

My sisters and brothers, we will make it in 2014.
Lets not stop encouraging each other but elevate each other.

By the way, Happy New Year to Ibahde, NiajaMum in London, Unveiling Gold and many more beautiful bloggers that have either left or simply have not updated in a longgg while.
You are missed. Stay blessed.

Lots love from yours and only.


  1. Awww sweetie that fever and cold thing was just everywhere. I had it too. Thank God we're feeling better. Happy 2014 love.

    1. Thank God I feel much better.
      Thanks boo.

  2. Happy new year.

    Thank God you are stronger and better

  3. Happy New Year
    Sorry for being MIA
    24 hours a day is not enough right now...:)
    Hope all is well?

    1. Hello Niaja Mum.
      Welcome o..Longest time.
      Thanks for visiting.
      I am well dear. I trust you and your fam are well too.

  4. Happy New Year. Good to know you are feeling much better. May this year be your best so far.

    1. Amen ooooooo.
      I claim it and I claim it for you and the whole of Blogsville.
      Thanks for visiting hun. xxx

  5. Happy New Year! Wishing you an awesome 2014. Glad you're feeling much better too.


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