Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Peek a "BOO"

Hello Sweet people,

Its been a while.
I trust you all are well.

I know I was suppose to update ages ago but I couldn't log in when I tried but its all sorted out now.

I have been  busy with life, the thinking part, the reflecting and the not so good side of it at the same time I have been having fun. I guess it balances out in a way.

I got a new DLSR Nikon 3100. Whoop Whoop.

I just wanted to say hello really and update on my TWA. Its growing o. :)
Please check out the pics below. x

                  I think twist out is perfect for any occasion. I rocked "twist out" on my birthday.
   I have not done "twist out" in ages instead I put my hair in plaits and take it out.

When it comes to accessorising with natural hair, I find lipsticks helps to create a dynamic effect.
 I am a lipstick person and fortunately/unfortunately my voluminous lips loves it. With the help of my friend below btw, she is one of my bestest boo, she tells me off when I apply little. I tend to pile apply  it on till I feel great about it.

                                                   Myself n bestie...

Enjoy the rest of the week.
Congrats on Ibahde intro.. Whoop whoop. How I have missed her.
Be Blessed and Stay Blessed.
God is good, I can't wait to share my testimony by faith. x


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks boo...
      Well done ati. God will continue to bless your passion.
      I watched the poetry and shared it. I totally forgot to comment. x

  2. What kind of oils did you mix for conditioning?
    I and my gals have gone natural, but I use only African herbal oil and hair cream, but use suave shampoo and conditioner.
    I only know how to do 'calabar' ....how is the twist done..tried it, but doesn't come out well.

    1. I use castor oil, carrot, almond, coconut and shea butter.
      You should check the caption and images.
      I also used NaturalSisters video on Youtube. x

  3. Your twist out is looking good. I pray one day my twist out will look like this. I am contemplating going to the salon this weekend to do twist out sef....

    1. lool... Thanks boo.
      I make them myself love.
      I used NaturalSisters video on Youtube. x

  4. First time on here.
    Sooo...where's the guy-content, or is this a chic-only?!!!

    1. Hi T.Notes,
      welcome to my DOHK page.

      The guy content? I dont know what you mean oo. lol.
      But this blog is varied.

    2. Was only kidding :p
      Quite creative though. Well done :)


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