Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Random, Rant and more Random.

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Hello Sweetiesss...... lol.

Hello to my lovely blogs fam.. shout out to my loyal readers and commentators, I really appreciae your visit, comments and opinions.. To Simply MeeUnveiling GoldToinlicious. Thank you for the comments on previous posts. I guess there were loads more I wanted to include in the story but was too tired oh, but I hope the message behind the story was deduced. lol.

It feels good to just blog about anything jor, as in anything on my mind. I am tempted to just have a blank title and  just rant and keep ranting.. but i cant lol. This is because am usually inspired to write about something  even when  the words in mind comes in little patch here and there lol.  I actually didn't plan on writing today, but am cooking one long food jor, no job too, so plenty time, although I have to catch up on my other work ohh (rolls eyes).

Scratching my head so what should I talk about ohh.... hmmm lol.  I am teasing, as the title suggest am gonna talk about it. This time will keep the post short... (mehn, if u believe that lie you are so gullible ohh lol, seriously will try).

Random 1: Today's is someone that I used to consider special birthday. In fact, I woke up today thanking God for life, and weirdly enough his date popped into my head hahahahaha.... he turned 25 today awww.. I don't wish I could say happy birthday, because he doesnt talk to me anymore(his choice not mine). But I said a little prayer for him sha.. soooo... I don try. Did a post on us click here..Sense of FailureSense of MaturitySense of Understanding. If you want to indulge in some gooey, nice love story that had an interesting ending, then this is your link... lol. Enjoy.

Random 2: Ok, am thinking hard about this and nothing is coming to me.... nawahoo. ok,  ermm will  have to move on and dodge this. Ok, yeah something is up, I dont understand why people use the word sad for death.. like when people pass way. Am sure if the person was alot older i.e. in their late 70's or 80's am sure we are so happy they have lived a good life and gone to rest. But when a young person dies we say ahhhh, its so sad. Why: is it because they are young? or they died a horrible death? or we are sympathetic or "sad" is the easier word to say? I think its all of the above and more, it is not fair from my understanding when innocent people die young, but I have learnt to appreciate the part they have played on this earth. I think I am more of celebrating their life although, mourning their loss is a great part of healing. I would prefer to focus on the role they played,  because it helps with the grieving process and healing process. I also know that for some people "time does not heal their wounds" and for some "time does". In all, be rest assured that you had an opportunity to meet such an amazing person who has inspired you even if it was a short visit. Please do not think I  am advocating  denial, I just think its not easy, who says it is. I swear it cant be easy for God creating Universe, the thought process is huge though. But then again, he is spirit, am sure the load is alot easier to carry. lol.

Random 3: I want be a bunch of things that I know I possibly can be or not. I want to be a humanitarian, CEO, photographer, motivational speaker, marketing consultant, baker, wife, friend, lover, Evangelist, Advocate(good will ohh), Governor, President,  Counselor,  event organizer etc etc. A bunch of many things.... I am sure humans are generally like that, so am not wacko jacko lol. i.e. a weirdo.

Random 4: I am not feeling marriage pressure. to be honest I really do not want to feel the wedding fever or marriage pressure. I want to enjoy each stage life has in store and develop at the same time.

Random 5: I am incredibly fussy, the older I get the more am learning to keep my mouth shut and reserve my opinions and that is sooo hard or more like challenging for me. I love talking and intellectual talk is my favourite... But, I am learning to stop contributing my opinions to senseless and foolish conversations that goes no where. Wasted time and effort, I hate it now. In fact some intellectual talk that seems to be energy draining, am avoiding now.. how weird for me.

Random 6: My mum came to jam in my room lol. I told her "go to sleep my child". she said it is your father that will go to sleep. loooooooooooooooool. I didn't mean that ohh.. we were just cracking up yesterday too funny. She is so sweet and cute, lol, I call her my baby. i know am random.

Random 7: My sis and I watched some funny Chinese movie yesterday. Am sorry she is obsessed with chinko peeps. she speaks mandarin really well and she went to China last year. I pray she meets a Chinese man. Pls if you know a good christian, born again, circumcised Chinese dude... Holla @ me. Sorry he has to be all of the above and more. lol.

Random 8: Mum wants to divorce dad, what my opinion on it, I dont really care. lol. i know it sounds as if  " but have never really saw him as dad. More like an Uncle that happens to donate a sperm... I refer to him as sperm donor. lol. He knows this, I told him severally, if I was his wife, he would regret ever stepping into this planet. He messed up, to the extent that I dont care, he has been given all the chances in this world and more and still acts like a mugu. soooooo... I feel for my mum for marrying the wrong person. she is such as great woman. oh well. shine your eyes ohh.

Random  9: I am thinking of treating my family to a nice dinner. I have to take them all out on my last month salary. I really want to spoil my mummy... she deserves it all. As you can tell am in love with her. why wont I be, she is the bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh lool. On a serious note, she is really awesome, she is like my soul mate, she really knows me and understands me. Having said that, I do want to find my ribs ohh well I want to complete the rib of my HUBBY. He does not have to worry about myself and mums relationship. lol.

Random 10: I am a JESUS baby, I feel spoilt by him most times. I like the fact, he knows my thoughts process and what am about to say before I say it. I like the fact that he knows me so well and he is the only able to judge accurately. I like the fact that most times, when I feel like this world is worthless, too much injustice and unfairness. He tells me I have a role to play and I have to do my part well. In as much as it unfair, this  is the way the world  is at the moment,  I can honestly put my hands and say we have come along way. "no matter what" the situation maybe now. I pray we will keep improving  until, JESUS COMES lol. it would be an interesting day.. alie.

This is my random rants, lol. Hope you had a weird look, possibly a frown on your face and maybe at some point  a smile or chuckle. lol.

Thanks for reading.

As always JESUS is love, love yourself and others too.



  1. R4: Babe, take your time and get it right. i presuming you don't plan on doing it more than once ba? #6, Your & ur mom are hilarious. I can almost feel the love. #7. smh for u

    Good to know you're weird in a good way. I tot i was gona be the only member of that club. Thanks for the sharrouts again babes

    1. loool... thanks love... for reading and replying...

      @R4: I want it once by God's grace ooh, thats y am not feeling the pressure sha...

      R6: she is awesome lol.

      R7: I know ohh abeg... this is for real no joking..

      Nope. am as random as I can be.lol

      U welcome b.

  2. You seem like a great person, that family dinner might just bring your mum and dad closer together. It's always a tough situation when parents don't love each other anymore, I can only imagine how you are trying so hard not to get caught in the drama.

    1. thanks for the compliment b...

      lol at mum and dad getting closer... he is not over here, he is over there. lol. but thanks.

      Well this is not about love, he is just the wrong person for her. I just feel like there is no point "flogging a dead horse".

      I am used to the drama ohh, perhaps you should read my blog post about my family. Its interesting.

      But thank u for the support, much appreciated :).

  3. LOL @ R3..hehehe I use to be like that!
    LOL @ your mom, I call my mom my baby too :)
    Dont worry the job is here! :)
    @R5 I dont like arguements, I rather state my opinion and keep walking especially if the person isnt listening..There are some conversations that are stressful jare, its like when you are done its time to sleep..I just boycott it

    1. lool.. thanks for reading..

      ooo so am not the only one that calls her mum baby. lol

      I agree learning to walk away, is sure is the best way to avoid unnecessary stress.

  4. #6 is getting me in hysterics...
    #7....:o...Your sister is my hero! I spent 4 months in Beijing and only have like 10 phrases in my repertoire!

    1. LOOL..

      Amazing, u spent 4months in china.. wow.. how did u manage? lol.

      She writes in mandarin too, she is really good, in fact you would think she is one of them. She has a raw passion for it. lol.

      thanks for commenting.. xxx

  5. I am so lol @ random no 7. Gosh you just cracked me up.

    I cannot begin to comment on how refreshing this post is, but I really like your personality (that I perceive from your blog). I hope we can get the time to chat on a few things.

    God bless you and my greetings to your baby (oh I mean your mom).

    1. lol..... am glad I cracked you up.

      Welcome to DHK blog and thank you for visiting and commenting.

      I really appreciate your comment about my personality.

      Yep, I hope we do too, am always up for a chat..

      Amen. lol @ your baby.. i was thinking yepa, when did i have a baby and didnt know.. until I saw mum.lol.

      Thank you hun...



Thank you for visiting.

Comments, Views, Opinions, Expressions, Ideas etc etc are all welcome..