Tuesday, 29 May 2012

In life......

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Hello Peeps,

I am yet to upload the last series of BAMIDELE (FOLLOW ME HOME). For  the Part 1 Click here   and for the Part 2 Click here . But in the mean time, I will upload one of my short status I put on facebook as I mentioned in my previous post I do stuff like this Until You???.

So pls read and enjoy.. Again appears in white lines as it is copied.

In life there are so many things we are suppose to learn and discover. Some of these things are there to provide insight, experience, knowledge, growth, development and maturity.

So why is that for some of us it takes us years even more to come to know "Life happens in series of stages and each stage is suppose to be prepare you i.e. bring out a character in you to approach things in a different way.

I  dare say, mental growth is one thing that is lacked in our society. You communicate with certain people and their mindset is still the same for years since you have known them... and it makes you wonder "DID YOU GROW AT ALL??

hmmm food for thought. Invest in your mental state and mindset. Whatever you are today is based on your inner thought process and STATE OF YOUR MIND.

Am I a philosopher... maybe to an extent... 

Do I know it all ... (DONT THINK SO, dont think its possible to know it all). Do I come across like that. ( i believe so sometimes, but  I know some people think I do lol).

Have I come a long a way? YES.......

I am incredible incredibly dynamic.. ITS  AMAZINGLY AMAZING.lol.

God is love. Love on yourself and others too.

My new jam @ the moment.. I predict the new wedding summer jam..


  1. Totally agree re 'Invest in your mental state and mindset'

    BTW Lynxx is yummy

    1. Thank you NIL for visiting oh..

      LOl... Lynxxxx is A HOTTIE ohh... I agree.lol...



Thank you for visiting.

Comments, Views, Opinions, Expressions, Ideas etc etc are all welcome..