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HELLOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,,,,,,,..... PEOPLE.

Before the Continuation... UPDATE.

Happy DIAMOND JUBILEE TO OUR QUEEN.. (WE had a church BBQ  in honour of OUR QUEEN. It was fun... I danced mehn.. and ate loads too. I didnt take a pic of me cos I was busying merrying... but I did bake cupcakes sha.. my first time too. i..e. baking cupcakes. Icing not perfect, will get there with time...

Ok. Back to the story. Can I just say MASSIVE THANK YOU TO MY READERS, BOTH NEW AND EXISTING.. Thanks for reading. Although I haven't felt the presence of some of my core readers like Unvelingold, Simply Mee and Toinlicious. Hope you all are well. Miss you plenty. xxx..


Bamidele Continuation.

As I stared at her with the intention of saying something more meaningful I found myself looking for a decent word to utter. When I eventually did, she said, she would see me around, she's running late for a meeting(she said it politely). All my effort for nothing. Well, I thought it was nothing, until my Senior Manager informed me that there was a project myself and  her "you know who" will be working together on. I was pretty happy... as you can imagine.

I suppose that was how I really got the opportunity  to speak to her and got to know her. It was sort of awkward at first to work together,  but I soon found out she was so down-to-earth and very open and plain. We laughed about our first encounter at the gate and she could not stop taking the mick.  I later,  found out she was adopted at the age of five by her American Uncle who felt he could give her better life abroad. But on getting there, she found it difficult to settle and really wanted to be back home Eventually, she came back after a year. She is the fifth amongst six children.  Cut long story short, she worked hard, got a scholarship abroad and went on to study five different languages and still counting. At the time, she felt she needed something to stand out. She studied an accountancy related course but more passionate about PR and relationships building etc You get the gist. Obviously, this I didn't get a chance to know until, we had worked late into to the night to meet a deadline for a project. By the time we were done, we  were both famished, well I felt I needed food badly. I proposed for a meal in a restaurant  near our office but she said she wanted to eat real food.. I was like, what they sell over there is real food. She insisted this place she would like us to go not only sold  real food, but it was organic,  authentic, nutritious and back to basics original food that I would forever be grateful she took me there. I was contemplating, should I go or not. She mentioned we?? as in us... I should definitely take my chances. Besides, she seems keen for us to get dinner together soooo....what am I waiting for.?

I had no choice, "Ladies first", right?. I was not only curious but wanted to see this place and try this food besides, being with her was sooooo exciting..... hmmmm, I could smell her fragrance in the humid air of Lagos(it sounds like a novel right? but its not, I am really genuinely just expressing my attraction towards her). Off we went to this Buka, which I must say I am not a regular customer. I am  used to the restaurants in the City. Each time I had to take a client out, the first place that would come to mind is good lighting, good scenery, nice decorations, best chefs, you name it. The whole shabang......

We went entered into this place with me being open-minded and polite. Immediately, a very chubby looking nice lady came towards us and started conversing with her in (native language). She gestured towards me which I assume she mentioned I was a guest. Well she later told me all she said, and that  they should treat me very well. I sat down to what I call "the biggest meal of the day". It was a feast for a KING. The respect, the (e pele sir, e pele sir all the time was nice but at times  I was like,  "ok, could you please stop now". Surely I should be ok with it but it made me feel I needed to act mature or macho (I dont know). But,  in a good way, it felt like I was in  a palace somewhere in the village, very funny, but it was like that. Although, there were noise everywhere, we were able to sit in a quiet place, with mat laid on the floor, at first, I thought it was  a dream "Like, where is the table and chair??? I cant eat like this but I kept on telling myself, I had to be  "open-minded (during my NYSE, I didn't eat  sat on the floor, for bizarre reason, my mind is programmed to eat sat around the table in fact I had my table set, I  am a cutlery driven person) but I kept telling myself , must be  open-minded". She did ask me though if I wanted a table, she much prefers sitting on the mat and eating with both her hands. I was abit astonished, this is a lady (not to sound judgmental or cynical) but her professional look and appearance would make you think she ate on a plate of silver despite her diversity and ways of life. She was soo openminded and so welcoming and I was loving it..  I also found out she was single right from her mouth. Although, I heard from sources, I wanted to hear it for myself. I obviously asked on a sly.

So we got down, she showed me how it done, wahking the amala down her throat in a simple style. It was so much fun, we laughed at me and at my lack of experiences in  places like these. We talked about everything and anything and I felt sooo happy and proud for going. We did this for a couple of nights, until my tummy could not take it anymore. I had to call in sick three times in a row, lets just say my immune system was not strong enough to handle some serious differences in ways of cooking. I was a wuss but I kept on trying..lol.

Need less to say, I was drawn to her character, it was just plain easy like she was real, she is who she is and proud of it. She is a goal getter and never gives up. I like the fact she does not hide it, or pretend its not there. She knows she carries an air about her, like a positive glow that whomever she meets with they all go away feeling happy. But there are some coworkers that are obviously  jealous of her, she does not consider as threats but as humans going through emotions but instead of channeling that emotions to their own improvement they do it to own detriment. Whilst they think they are punishing the other person but in reality in need of a much needed therapy on  titled "CHANNELING YOUR ENERGY INTO YOUR OWN PROGRESS".  I suppose am with her on that one, in fact I know they are people that are envious in fact, I think to be envious is healthy depending on your motives, after all its an emotion that God created its good right? If only people understood that being envious should not be an excuse to destroy another person progress instead, turn into to a positive energy to feed your own creativity and prove your worth like the person has done. We would have conversations like these and go deep. I really liked her positive attitude and concise way of handling situations without getting emotional. For me that is huge.

 I was completely smitten for her all round package. But I could not get that doubt out my head that niggling fear of "she might do this and that". She might hurt you just like in the past. She might change. etc.  I remember taking my best friend Jide to the Buka and we had a conversation about this. It played out like this.

Jide: So, this new babe in your Office.. what going on?
Me: Mehn, She gets my blood churning for good purposes. She is incredible. I think am falling for her.
Jide: Ok, calm down. You look and sound like a hungry cat(laughs). So are you asking her out?No, is she the one?
Me: I dont know but I really want to be with her. In fact, if I can have her for life, I don't see
the  need to get closer and closer and not get her. That is time consuming and wastage. She has to be the one. I have prayed about it, I feel like she ticks all the qualities and more I am believing   God for in a  wife.
Jide: Sounds nice....... so you have prayed, now can you be a Man and do the asking.
Me: I am not too sure, I feel like am threading on ice, considering what I have been through.
Jide: Omo wise up jor, that was years back. Now you are different, you are  a grown man, you can take a calculated risk. That is what your job involves. Ask her before someone else takes her right away from under your nose.
Me: My job and my heart are two different things. I should talk with my pastor again. I mentioned it before and he prayed with me. He confirmed that Lord will direct our plans and everything will fall into place.
Jide: Shoooo, after Pastor don talk this one. You wan go ask again.? Na pastor you go marry abi na woman you marry. You sef, you don forget wetin bible talk. "He who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord" Proverbs 18 vs 22.
Abeg, tell baba God, leave matter. Ask her out. If you no want. Leave her. Abeg this amala is getting cold.. haba..

That was it, I had no choice but to pluck the courage, pray about it and ask her out not only as a companion but to  be my wife. Boy, am I glad she felt exactly the same way. In fact, she told me she was asking God if HE was sure, cos I was taking too long. Funny.

In the next few weeks, I will be getting married to my Omotolani Ajoke Owo. I cant wait to be a your amazing husband and to show you what a Man God has called me to be in your life. Your beauty and fear knows no bound. I am glad God has blessed me once again despite my faults and situations, he saw through me and gave me a 2nd chance. I pray we will grow old together in CHRIST, LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS, HEALTH, WEALTH and so much more. Thank you for following me HOME.

This is to encourage us that we as humans are not perfect, we are flawed in alot of us ways, although some of us are extreme than others we are still flawed. The mystery to this, we don't understand how God can still turn someone else pain into joy although  there are times we might  feel the person doesn't deserves it all. But JESUS did die for everyone no matter how we see it. He did and his blood covers all.

This is a fictional story inspired by the Holy Spirit. Any correlation to real incident is purely coincidental.

Thank you for reading.

God is love. Love on yourself and others too.. xxx


  1. Aww, thanks for the mention luv & for checking up. You're a darl. I am fine though, just been a lil gloomy.

    Beautiful story as usual. Inspite of everything, God came through :)

    1. Thanks for reading hun... xxx.

      Yes, he always does....hope he comes through in this situation. AMEN.

  2. This is such a beautiful write-up.


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