Saturday, 23 June 2012

RePost: When a Relationship is GOOD.

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Hello People...

I hope each and everyone of you is  well. I pray God's protection over your lives and families will wax stronger. Thank you to my new and existing followers and readers and visitors.. Love u loads. x (argghhhh the white lines wont leave oh... shrugs)

I have missed blogging so much and I have alot to say.

Ok, Quick Update:

I just came back from seeing my family, now I miss them.. (awwww sniffs).

I have also started wearing glasses actually its been a while now. I was in lecture (postgrad) when I found out my right vision was really blurry. But not to worry, thank God, off I went to the opticians and was told my glasses would cost £79 onwards. Me lia lia, when there are prescribed glasses online. Cut long story short, I ordered my new glasses for just £10. 95. It took only two weeks to arrive..Whoppi. I got to try it online too, so I had an expectation of what to expect when I had them(if  that made any sense lol). They also have 24hours online customer service which I asked loads of questions oh.. (u sabi ur girl nah... sounds to good  to be true). Check the website on here: Googles 4 U.  I particularly found them through a recommendation via TV breakfast.

Enjoy this quick update I wrote on my fb status.. Its copied.. xx

Relationships is good when its good.. Huh???

Well it means a relationship is great i.e. healthy when both partners involved are great with good intentions and clear prospect and are right for each other i.e. compatible. Its exciting, refreshing and absolutely gorgeous when both partners GET IT. They are honest, secure, understanding, seek to better each other, involved, caring, respectful, helpful and generous. Most importantly they both have the HOLY SPIRIT TO minister and admonish them to take their relationship to the next level.

#cute#who does not want to be loved....

Random pics... :)

              I love my Mumuma... she is a great Mumay.... wearing the same necklaces.
                                           Me loves me... lol..thank God.
  One of my many poses... (ah vanity).lol. took both pics whilst in a parry lining up to be served... ahahhahahah

God is love. Love yourself and on others too.. x


  1. You look like you mum, esp the chin and smile. Lovely, and she is blessed to have a daughter like you who appreciates and love her.
    All that neck-chains for you?!. *just staring*

    Ahahahaha....@ the eye-glass purchase..abeg! i dig your style o jare! Hope they got the prescription right my dear.

    Of course! we all want to be loved.

  2. Heloooo love.. yep we do ohh.. but funny enuff she doesnt think we Thank you for the compliment hun.. xx she really appreciates me ohh as in I can shout.. and I appreciate her too.

    Lol.. i know the neckchains chia alot of them but it one bundle...we got it on sale

    Yep.. they got my prescription right. forgot to mention that. x


Thank you for visiting.

Comments, Views, Opinions, Expressions, Ideas etc etc are all welcome..