Sunday, 24 June 2012

Random Things I did as a Child.

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So I wanted to do a quick post about my childhood.

As a child I called spaghetti ... i bet most niaj kiddis did that. (Mum hated it and corrected me loads of times).
I called every domestic washing soap "OMO".
I called all  toothpastes "McLean" even if they were another brands.( Mum kept correcting me).
I said mummy o yo yo yo plenty times..
I hated jam dougnuts and still do.
I ripped all my food in pieces. I was not a neat eater at all... Loved eating with my hands...
I hated maths and hated doing homework.
I loved my mums armpit. I could sniff it all I lived under that armpit. I remember the times she would come home from work, I would lift up the arm and sniffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff... until am ready for bed. (it definitely was not easy going to boarding school).

I was a biter. I could bite chai... if you insist to look for my trouble then be sure my teeth will do nice tattoos on you. Lol. There was a song, they would sing for me "i cant even attempt it. my yoruba is that bad in writing ofcourse". Thank God for deliverance ohh, imagine doing that now with all the disease going around.. #shudders#.

The older I got, the more I was the leader of the making noise Not a good title..

Whilst in boarding house, after realising I had showered my bed with my own yep. I would get up early, get my wrapper, sprinkle water on the wet area and mop it till its dries, that way I don't get into trouble during inspection..hahahahha.... Nobody would know... *winks*. well expect me and the

I loved playing pregnant woman.. would stuff pillows in my belly and pretend to be in

One time in school, I lied , made up a story about watching a movie called "mayshwanu part 2". That me attempting to say "shut up" in ibo ( blunder!! I know) #sorry#. Well we didn't watch much naija movies as children (mum hated the whole witchy witchy part)so to  try and feel among I made up names (told the storyline too) lol. It turned out people believed it. It worked because some naija movies had stupid names and probably still do. anyway. I have more and will talk about or write about it some other time..     ( arggghhh again this horrid white lines)...(eyelashes)..

Meanwhile enjoy this some songs I sang and games I played.. ahahahah. I will not title it stupid songs sha, thot they were fun childhood songs.. ah. Listen carefully to the last sentence.. funny.

God is love. Love on yourself and others too...


  1. Sniff your mum's armpit till your bedtime??.. ahahahhaaha...n-a-y.
    You went to boarding school throughout from nursery-secondary???..laughs at your smart move.
    Nollywood films??...i will rather read a History book and fall asleep!..ahahaha.
    Thanks for sharing...your honesty makes you unique.

    1. looll.... simply mee u dont understand.. it was a serious addiction ohh.. mehn it took serious prayer and fasting lol.kidding..

      Yep from nursery to primary to secondary until we moved. But i did attend kindergarten that was a day school. Boarding school smh t was due to circumstances ohh...

      ohh thank u, am glad my honesty comes through... lol..

      am such a random child.


  2. loved your mum's armpit?...funny girl
    weird things we did as children... I have my own fair share of weird things I did as a

    "mayshwanu part 2"..:) how did come up with such a funny name for a movie.

    1. Yep... i so did.. loved her soo much u dont understand.. xx lol..

      I dont know ohh... imagination running wild ohh...


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Comments, Views, Opinions, Expressions, Ideas etc etc are all welcome..