Friday, 22 February 2013

One of her Random/Analytical TALK.....

Year of reaching Targets 2013!!

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for the lovely comments on my previous posts. *loves*.

As some of us may know am a thinker and an observer too and I come up with random analytical talk. Today, I have three in store for you. xxx

Enemies of Progress: Simply people that are not happy that you are making an effort in life.   They either beef you, detest you, wish you wrong and evil things etc.

There are "enemies of progress" in every sphere of life.....

How do you combat them or deal with them?

Just keep doing what is right even when they think they have succeeded cos you fell once or twice or more, Don't give UP or GIVE IN.

Remember: failures or setbacks are part of the journey and testimony. So keep doing it right each time with a renewed positive mind and optimism.
You have the right to make it no matter WHAT.

Watch how your enemies of progress will praise with u and rejoice.. betterstill scoff in their own bitterness and jealousy. It does not matter.

As long as you are determined to make it and with God NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. X

No vision is permanently stopped by finances but by lack of FAITH, COURAGE and unwillingness to step out and take RISKS. UCB

REMEMBER: GOD will supply all your riches according to HIS riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Word!!!!. Phil 4: 19

Seriously, step on it, challenges will surely strengthen you and its part of your testimony. Nothing comes easy in life, if it does "it will not last long". You have to GET ON WITH IT..CA'MON...(come on) xxx

God is real and  his mercies endures forever.

CONTENTMENT: Something that is very much lacked/rare in our society today. Living in a materialistic world also doesn't help matters. Some of us feel we are entitled to things we can't afford and we will go to the extent of 'biting more than we can chew'. Its important we learn and practice 'self discipline'.

God doesn't bless 'recklessness'. UCB.

Learn the act of contentment and Stop following the CROWD. Live by your means and be sure to keep working hard to reach your goals.

In the meantime, be CONTENT AND STAY CONTENTED.  It does not meant COMFORTABLE. It just means "don't bite more than you can chew".

Have a great weekend and stay HAPPY. Dont let the gloominess of the world dampen you,  instead it should encourage you to be a solution bearer, not a complainer bearer (ah, just coined it, lol). xxx

God is love. 

Enjoy Beans Pudding (I coined it) aka Ewa Agoyin.. lol. x More pics soon
Don't watch the oil... *coversface*. The recipe calls for it. x

Feeling Inspired Foodie


  1. Inspirational as always DOHK.
    Yes, enemies of progress are every where, the trick is that don't let them know they got to you. It pains them the more!
    Contentment keeps greed and selfishness at bar!

  2. No vision is permanently stopped by finances but by lack of FAITH, COURAGE and unwillingness to step out and take RISKS.

    This is my best line in the write up. It speaks to my situation right now.

    1. Deep... am glad it ministered to u hun.xxxx

  3. Your analysis is always on point, I loved this. And the ewa :)

    1. Grins with gratitude.... Thank you. Thank you.

  4. These are the things i have been teaching myself these past few months...Thanks for sharing!
    When i saw the picture of this post on my dashboard i thought it was a dessert- cake or

    1. lool@ the end..

      Good things to teach yourself... way too good......xxxx

  5. This is the most interesting picture of Ewa Aganyin I have ever seen in my life, no kidding.

    1. LOOOOL..... @ interesting..

      is that a good thing?

      I was aiming for a creative look/presentation.

  6. lovely post
    do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good
    the world is a crazy place and its so easy to get carried away but by God's grace, we will overcome and stand strong
    this really looks like a chocolate cake or some form of desserts no kidding!!..LOOL

    1. Thank you Sugarspring.

      Welcome to my blog. xxx

      You spoke well. lol @ chocolate cake.. really.. interesting.

  7. As always, on point. Now that ewa agoyin...i wouldn't have guessed

  8. i just couldnt wrap my head, that dt was Ewa agoyin, lol, i loved ur quotes, it made so much sense, cuz lately i have been tempted by so pple, buh the lord keeps on reminding me dt, everything is vanity


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