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The Test.. Chapter 1.

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Hello People....

I hope we are all doing amazingly and gorgeously well. My condolences and my prayer are with the Family of the British and Italian Men who have suffered a terrible loss. Lord, may you avenge and fight their battle. Amen. May the strength of the Almighty continue to empower their family and protect us from evil in any part of this world. We will not be  wanted in the  wrong place at the wrong time. Amen.

This is going to be a long post as usual with many series to cover... I suggest you grab a chair and a cup of cocoa and Enjoy.

This is the story Kemi and Kayode, a story that is about love, survival, hurt, confession, revival, discovery, forgiveness, acceptance and moving on.

Written as described by the person that experienced it.

Kemi:  As I stood across the balcony, I looked back over the past 12 years and wondered how life can be so interesting and damaging at the same time. How life in itself is a journey of discovery without any manual apart from the Bible even then we still have to discover what works for us and does not and how our mistakes can cost our lives, yet be that very same thing that will help us to be better if we chose life. Now, I can honestly say life  is truly unpredictable and God makes no mistakes no matter how my human mind tried to comprehend.

I will share my story with you, it might be one of many but its certainly amazing to me.

About 22 years ago, I met someone and it was the beginning of what is to make my life a journey. It was a normal day at Church, I recently finished my degree in Pharmacy so I was quite excited about my future career and goals. I was looking to conquer the world really, I was young, naive, interesting, funny and playful but so serious with my walk with God and education too. Whilst my friends were dating or being chased, I faced my education squarely knowing fully how my parents have laboured their last penny on me, I had no chance of messing that up. I was a happy bunny on my Graduation day, seeing the joy in my Father's eyes made me so proud of myself, I am the only girl and only child of my Father so he loves me so dearly. Before, Dad married Mum,  he was single and never thought he could be married again after all he passed the date of marriage according to family and friends. He was 40 when he met Mum, Dad had been busy preparing his future and plans he chose to have a ready made life for his wife and children when he felt it was right but things didn't work out the way he wanted so he decided to wait a bit more. During that waiting time, most of the potential women were snatched off the market, and when he did meet someone he truly loved and felt he could marry, the lady wanted to marry asap as in right now or next year and Dad felt at 26, he was struggling and hustling and he was not ready to commit to that life of "managing". Besides, he saw how much he manged in his own time and he didn't want that. Mum on the hand, married three different men Yes, and bore three boys for each of them. Mum was beautiful and a stunner  in her youth (she still is), but at the time,  she was incredibly naive and immature and that led her to make stupid decisions upon stupid decisions.

Mum and Dad only got together through his cousin, Mum was a caterer and she cooked to make a living. During her days, she wanted to chase the higher earners because she knew she was most likely to make more money. She cooked for a particular party where everyone like the food including Dad, in fact he loved the food so much, he decided he would hire Mum right there. He did, he hired her and the rest is history as they say, Mum was 35, Dad was 40 and they tied the knot 2 years later and I was on the way the next month.

This particular Sunday was the day I met Kayode, infact Oluwakayode Aderemi Korede mostly known as KK, cos of his surname. I remember vividly in the afternoon, I was running errands for my Uncle Segun Dad's cousin, who sent to his car to pick up some stuff for the church. I was  communicating with my Uncle without looking my way and before He could shout my name to get my attention, I  had already knocked over the Guy that seemed to have alot to carry and the sound of clashing instruments everywhere. I remember I kept saying sorry but really wanted to get out of there. I had a meeting to attend this afternoon, well more like, Funsho my friend  and I had plans to meet up. Besides, we were going to serve together in the same location  and we decided to meet up afterwards and discuss things. However, this Kayode guy seems to affect my timing. I hurriedly  helped him  with the instruments and when others came around too, I said sorry severely, didn't really catch his face but left to run my Uncle's errands and came back.  Afterwards, I simply left for my friend Funsho and we planned and did our thing etc. That was is it(so I thought).

Fast forward, 16 months  later, I was in the UK working for an international company and looking to settle back home at some point. Again, I went to church joined the choir, worked hard and focused on me, God and my life. During  choir's rehearsal  that took place in the week,  I bumped into one of my friends from church and we talked  for a bit, exchanged numbers and proceeded to leave. He called me back and asked me if I had met his cousin, he is the new drummer, he is replacing Femi that decided to move outside London, he said.  I was already frowning  my face saying "Femi can never be replaced oh, he is too good and his rhythm  is always on point. I was lamenting, when his cousin came by and he  introduced us and we shook hands (well he took my hand to shake it so I responded).Well, it was a brief meeting and again I had to dash, this time I had a deadline so after choir practice I was just looking to catch my bus before it leaves me or I miss it, I do not fancy waiting another 30 minutes. I remember standing at the Bus Stop which was approximately 8 mins away from Church. A car drove by, stopped and asked if I wanted a lift. I politely declined, I guess I could not see his face properly to tell it was the cousin Kayode I was introduced because my glasses was now in my bag or that the lights were just too dim, I could not make out his face. Either way, I would not have entered into his car, I do not like turning people into mini cabs unless I have a rapport and a strong one too and you have to practically force me into your car, other than that I will walk home or take a cab or bus and simply pray for protection.

It wasn't until four weeks later that I spoke with the cousin again, although we made eye contact during practice and meetings and said brief hellos. Anyway, I would always mind my business and stay focused not watching any glance even though Bimpe my closest friend at the time  was suggesting that he liked me and was forever scoping me when he drummed. I simply ignored it and did not allow her words to get into my mind.
This particular night vigil in church, Pastor announced if we didn't have a transportation we should say so, I quickly took my bag to proceed towards the door, when pastor saw me and called me back. At this point, pastor then called him too and said Kayode, you know Kemi now, she lives not too far from you, please kindly drop her and make sure she gets home safe. This is me protesting, Pastor I know my way home and I am safe, I don't need Kayode or anyone to make sure am safe. Pastor, insisted he knows that but today Kayode will take you home and no more walking by yourself in such late hours it is not appropriate for a lady certainly not in that area you live in.

That was how the friendship started, he would drop me and pick me up etc and we would talk, catch up and discuss stuff. Kayode was warm, not incredibly friendly but he was warm like, cool and calm. He didn't talk too much, but sometimes he would talk ohh (when he is passionate about a topic or situation). He also has good memory, he recalls alot of events. In fact, he recalled my accident with him in Nigeria, which I totally forgot, he told me how he would never forget that day. He had come down on  holiday as usual and was helping with the drums instruments, when I decided to torture him by bumping into him without looking and offered one lame excuse that I had to get away. He was so shocked and thought what a pretty but yet manner less/selfish. He remembered saying to himself, some of these girls with fine face  with no morals and respect. I could not help but burst out laughing when  he said those things, and I asked him if he hadn't  heard my several attempts at saying sorry, he said even if he heard, it didn't mean anything as  I did not meant it. I remember defending myself and going on about it, what was a joke, turned into a biy deal on my part, despite the fact he kept on saying this was like more than two years ago its not a big deal. For some reason, I did not leave the subject, I was going and on and on ,(maybe a part of me wanted to get him angry or get him to show slight emotions because he always had it together and despite my attempts he did not lose it). His response, Kemi, when you are done making a big deal out of nothing,just let me know. He kept quiet throughout the whole journey and did not say anything. To say I felt stupid was an understatement or to admit I was wrong and just looking for trouble is also an understatement. To cut a long story short, I wrote a letter to express myself as I was to ashamed to talk to him face-to-face. I posted it to his home address,he read it, picked it up and spoke about it during a Sunday dinner that I offered in order to break the silence I created between us. That was it, I knew from then on, nothing I can do or say will make him flinch if he does not see the need to argue or waste his time, he would leave it, literally leave it.

After six months of friendship, Kayode finally told our Pastor about his feelings towards me and his intentions of which I was shocked not that am saying I did not think about it or it didn't cross my mind.To me Kayode was cool and did not express or give anything away.For instance, he rarely called me, he would only tell me things in advance or write a letter or emailed, he didn't act as if he knew my birthday but he did, or that my favourite snack or meal is fried fish(I love fried fish).

I will have to continue in the next post.

Thank you for reading.

God is love, love on others and yourself too.



  1. Hmmm very very ineteresting.. Dont take too long to post the remaining part

    1. lol.....Thank YOU Unveiling gold,I wont take too long.

      Thank you for visiting too

  2. eagerly waiting for the 2nd post before i say more..

    but why through the pastor to communicate his feelings?

    don't like a 3rd party like a gal, walk

    up to the her and declare your intention....make i stop,

    oya, continue your tori...#grinning#

    1. Lol@ Simply in no long ting jor... It all going to be revealed now in the story... ah u will spoil the surprise if I tell u nah...

      ok, on a serious note, I think for some christian men approaching Pastor is a protocol most esp if he happens to be cool and approachable. I guess it helps some people to clarify if their feelings are genuine and not selfish ones I am guessing here ohh(chuckles)....

      I will roll out the 2nd post soon..... keep watching the space or pace

      Thanks for visiting hun... hugs...

  3. I'll wait for the second part. Simply mee has pointed out one part of it that I don't agree with too.

    1. Lol... i know its something that is subjective and some people feel its the best way to show seriousness/commitment....

      interesting views....mee likey....

      Thanks for visiting hun, faithful reader and commentator.... xxxx

  4. Patiently waiting for part 2


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