Sunday, 11 March 2012


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Hello People,

Thank you  again to all the comments and support  I received from my other posts, much appreciated.

I am so glad my adopted Blog Aunty Ibahde is back on the blogsville community....(standing ovation sister, well come back (cheesy grin ).

Well, quite a lot of things has happened this week, first I saw the Qween of England lol.. joking, The Queen of England, Her Majesty and Princess Kate (for the first time).

This Saturday, I also had my haircut. Yay... told u I was a poser!!!!.

Ok, I took part in a fairtrade baking competition and I didn't win anything  (was upset about that). Despite my fury, I still made sure I collected my goody bag and carried the rest of my cake home, shared with friends and they loved it... considering keeping some for my family so when I visit next, will give it to them...

My toffee layered cake.        The top part is iced with beglian chocolate with confectionery sugar.
                                           Do not mind the crumbs....(smiles).

 Yep, basically this is a piece of it.... dont know if it looks appetizing but its taste really good (walia, not lying lol).

This is all for now...

Stay tuned for my next blog posts.

I hope some of us had a jolly week.

God is love, love on yourself and others too.



  1. Good lawd! that cake looks yum (i'm a sucker for cake) and ur hair looks nice too

    1. really @ Toinlicious u are not trying to make head big abi.... thank u love.. hugs for visiting...


      @ My hair thank u again...


  2. Fine girl!
    You look really good, the haircut really suits you.
    Please give Mama Charlie a Hi5 for me ;o)
    Cake looks yummy

    1. FINALLY!!!!! a visit.... Thank u Lord. I have missed seeing ur comment on my blog and am so happy u commented... hugs ohh..... lol.

      Thank u for the compliment too, na His grace ohh...(happy smiles).

      Lol@ Hi5 Mama Charlie.. it took a while to process that lol.... for a sec I was wondering who it was and then bang u are referring to the Queen... I will ohh, she is so cute and adorable... 85 years old ohh and still going strong... God is good.

      Thank for the cake... yepa my head is getting big

      Thanks again for


Thank you for visiting.

Comments, Views, Opinions, Expressions, Ideas etc etc are all welcome..