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The Test.... Chapter 2

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Hello Peeps..(thot i try a new opening line ahahahah). Hope everyone is cool, calm and collected.

Thank you to all my blogsville friends and readers and I appreciate the comments on the last post.... Happy Smiles..

Well my week was alright nothing major, started my new job thank u Lord for the provision.  Heard about Djazzy and dbanj spilt on BN. All the best to both of them, they do really work hard. oh well, moving on ... No point going back.

Appy Moras Day lool.. joking.

 Happy Mothers Day to my Blogsville  expecting mummies, yummy mummies, older mummies, grany mummies, old in the game mummies, supportive mummies, acting mummies etc etc..... pick each category you belong to lol. I thank God for the awesome work all of you are doing towards bringing up these great children of God and I pray his light, protection, guidance, peace and direction will be upon them always. None of you will  bury, cry nor mourn after your children, instead you will be proud, happy and joyous over them and their character. Every plans of the evil ones concerning your loved ones are all  frustrated now and forever in JESUS NAME.  AMEN.

 To Mothers for all the commitment, strength and love you pour towards your children and family, May the Good Lord continue to reward you openly and inwardly.

 For as many as are believing the  Lord for the fruit of the womb and trusting for a turn around, I join my faith with you and believe it for you. AMEN. Jesus said with men it is impossible but with GOD  ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE not one thing but ALL things. I pray even  our tiny mustard faith will move mountains in our situations. He said ask and receive, seek and find. Keep asking and keep receiving by FAITH.

To MY PRECIOUS DARLING SWEET, LOVABLE, GENEROUS, KIND, AFFECTIONATE, RELIABLE, COMMITTED, TRANSPARENT, AWESOME, BLESSED MOTHER aka BFF. I salute you, congratulate you, appreciate you, respect you and celebrate you and your amazing commitment to motherhood struggles. You are so awesome, I pray you live longest to eat the fruits of your labour Now & Forevermore......AMEN.

Back to the  much anticipated continuation of Kemi and Kayode's journey.

Kemi: I clearly  did not know  or see  Kayode  feelings for me developing or maybe I did and chose to ignore it so as not to feed it and then get disappointed. I got to church on Thursday  evening for choir's  meetings and prayer. I recall  pastor's wife telling me pastor would like to know when next am free to come in, that he would like to speak with me. I was thinking to myself ok, I guess am free this Saturday afternoon. I could not for the life of me think about what he had in mind  to discuss.

 I remember on our way home Kayode was obviously my driver at this point lol. Well he drove me home frequently because pastor felt it was safer and  as a result we were sort of closer at this point. But, again I did not want to assume until I knew for sure so I just accepted he was being generous even though my mind thought otherswise i.e. he likes you etc. Besides, Doyin also started getting rides from Kayode, since she moved house, she insisted she also wanted to be picked  up, and I occasionally sat at the back of the car again Doyin wanted to sit next to Kayode and me being me, I would just find me a  nice comfy area at the back seat jor. During our drive home from the choir meeting with Doyin in there,  I mentioned Pastor wanted  me to see him  and I wondered why. He sniffed and didn't say much other than "hmmmmmm you will have to see him and find out I guess". I replied saying I hope it nothing major though, may be I have done something wrong. Doyin said haba, you are a good girl now, maybe  someone has expressed an interest in you and she chuckled.  I laughed and then said I doubt it, as in everyone in church is practically paired and by that response I felt silly and kept quiet. With an awkward silence brewing between us all. He  finally said really everyone in church is taken and I replied by the looks of it. He made the hmmm sound again and  Doyin, went on to say,  well apart from certain people now,  including you but am not sure. I don't know everyone's relationship status I am only assuming. We moved on to another topic, it was becoming too dramatic.

Well, the truth is, I didn't think Kayode would fancy me  mainly because they were other fine looking girls with nice character that would complement him and I did not think I was his type not in a derogatory way though, simply being realistic.  In fact, most of the fine singles ladies practically drool over him, Kayode is a correct boy, he is sharp, smart, calm and not all over the place.He  also is very warm too. I think that is an attractive quality in a man i.e. he is respectful and respectable with good moral standards. I also knew Doyin from choir had mentioned couple of times how Kayode is not bad ohh, as in he might not be your bad boy type of guy but he is so warm and cool. I nodded but did not voice out my opinion,  after all, I had to renew my mind daily avoiding any form of emotions developing, so I told myself.

Saturday comes and I was sat in Pastor's office feeling shocked, I left his office calling my female cousin whom I refer to as sister. I remember telling her everything including how pastor said there is something he would like to discuss with me. He said "someone in this church very much enjoys your company and values your friendship"." He sees something special in you and he would like to approach you and he felt it was right for him to speak with me first mainly because he was led to".  "I have only  called you in here to say when the person does approach, please listen to what they have to say and pray about it". "Whatever decision you make,  it perfectly fine". I wanted to ask more questions but pastor would not say more than that because he felt that it was only fair for me to find out everything myself. Which left me even more baffled and curious and annoyed. I was just going over it again in my head, who could this person be as in, fancy me and I did not know or see it coming. After my sister's conversation, she reassured me to relax, pray openly about what Pastor said and remain calm and not over think it.

It was not until after my prayer that my mind was calm and relaxed and I told myself I would  not over think it and remain patient.

Two weeks later, am back in my room again calling my cousin aka my sister to let her know what had just happened. After the whole pastor episode, I renewed my mind and tried not to over think it(even though the thoughts always seems to come and seize me unexpectedly. Besides the curiosity of the human nature demands explanation and desires to seek things out but I had to again, renew my mind which was not easy and be patient. Exactly Saturday after choir rehearsals in the mid afternoon. Kayode said he would like to treat us, and I said us? In fact he had this beautiful smile on his face, he looked dashing too as in made proper effort in looking good and he smelt great. Really, I did not want to notice these things but it was different. He said I know you have nothing planned for today and I would like to us to go somewhere of your choice and just relax and talk.

I was still trying to process the word "us" and with my response yet to come,  Doyin again came in and said, so  when are we leaving now. Kayode, had to let her know gently that he was not going home straight away but he could drop her if she wanted. She was like ohh you are not going home now? Kayode said precisely. She said so is there somewhere you are planning on jamming, invite us now, as in you cant go and enjoy it alone. Kayode smartly replied, Doyin if you want me to drop you I will right about now, because my time is pretty much planned today. Reluctantly, she replied saying, well I am sorry to disturb your timing ohh, I will go and catch the bus and with that she gave me a funny look and left. Kayode being humble, said Doyin come back. She came back and said what now. Kayode, said ok let us all go, I will drop you off. Again mourning and sulking and more mourning about how  he should not bother but she was clearly following him towards his car. I did not say anything kept quiet and was going through the "us moment".

We dropped her off, we waved goodbye and left. I remember saying that is something you did there, he said "Doyin reminds me of my little sister, that is exactly how she behaves, you are in the middle of something she wants you to drop all that you are doing  for her but its cool, that what people with that mindset do. I was not upset abit irritated Yes,  but that all. She will live to learn was his last response to that matter before he turned around and said. So " about what we were discussing in church, do you have a place in mind you would like us to go and talk and relax". I did not see myself blushing (i was later told by KK). I replied saying, errmmmm I dont know, its awkward(stupid answer). He said ok, I know it is but let not make it awkward, let make it interesting. Is there a place you have always wanted to visit in London and thought hmmmm one day one day. At the mention of one day I started laughing and said you have being picking alot of naijer lines ohh, and he said abi ohh.  We started laughing and it was not so awkward anymore. We ended up choosing a nice Italian restaurant, a restaurant that was not a popular choice seeing that he particularly wanted a calm atmosphere. It was during desert, KK said he had something in mind,  he would like to tell me, he said pls dont be nervous. Wrong move, cos I was tripled nervous. He said:

Kayode: Kemi " do you know you are incredible".
Kemi: me (looking down at my dessert, I could not look into his eyes, too much mushiness, too nervous).Ok, I did not know.
Kayode: Well to me you are incredible, I ermmm, well,errm, ok, this is really difficult for me but errmm ok. ahem ahem, " you are great girl, what I mean is  you are awesome and you make me so happy  you have no clue". How do you that: its your smile,  it is so beautiful and so warm. Your voice gets me excited and I can listen to you endlessly. I know I am  beginning to sound gibberish at this point, because my words are failing me and what I am trying to say is "I have found something special in you". It is your sincere approach to life, your moral standards and principles to life, your respect for your family and those around you. Your intelligence, love for God and killer body. Ok, that was not part of the speech, but I have to admit you are a very attractive lady and yes your eyes are so beautiful. I have to stop myself looking into your eyes because I know I would be lost inside and not have anything else to say but be in awe of how  beautiful you are,  yet your inner beauty seems to shine forth. This is why I say you are incredible.

I want to get to know you more with a vision of going into a courtship and possibly being married. I see  in you a caring wife, great mother and a loving friend and I want to be more than that with you. I know we will develop, grow and make it together. Ok, so what am saying is please in your time, I would like us to pursue a godly relationship with a purpose to accomplish. I know I am talking alot. So please look up and say something. Obviously, I will not be a hurt if there is another brother, actually I would be but I will get over it.

Kemi: KK, i feel the same way. I guess am very shy.

I remember he came around me and gave me a hug and said I am sorry if that a step too far but I wanted to reassure you. I know it is a lot to take in, so I will take you home and give you time to think about it. So you know I was the guy that went to pastor am sure you guessed right. I am so shy you have no clue but am happy and I feel so relieved telling you this. It has not being easy but it was worth the wait.

During the car drive, I was so quiet I actually did not have anything to say but Kayode will not stop talking. It was as if he came out this shell that he was hiding in. He went on and on about other things and he would occasionally look towards me and smile and say am so happy telling you this. I just felt silly for not saying more I guess I was tongue tied and still processing all the things he said to me. What words can do to your emotions, it really is incredible.

I explained it all to my cousin and she processed it and asked me what I wanted to do. I said I believe I should pray about this first and commit it in God hands because words are easy but actions are different. She prayed with me and we left it.

A month later, we were both officially in  a relationship, after seeking God's face and discussing with our parents and pastor. We were finally in a courtship, which was quite exciting, new and different. But I will not dismiss the fact that I felt something was going to happen but whatever it was I had that assurance I would be fine. I just felt myself and KK would be tested in a big way but I had not clue what it would involve. We prayed about the feeling and left it in God hands. This was the beginning of a beautiful, fun, exciting, cool and totally God centered two years courtship.

I did not see his proposal coming..

I would have to continue next time. Please stay tuned...

God is love, love on yourself and others too.

May God continue to keep you strong and healthy this week and protect your going out and coming in. AMEN.


  1. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .common the suspense is too much na enjoying it so far

  2. Thanks for the mother's day salutation.

    continue next time???you this gal! i was thinking, this is it! And you.........ahahahahhhahaa.

    ok o! i would wait..but the suspense shaaa :D

    1. U are welcome hun...... yes ohhh wait

  3. Kai, you're such a tease. Oya next part jor.

    I usually dread long posts but this one had me longing o. Felt like i was reading one of Myne's WIP (which i badly miss *sob*)

    I love love soo much

    1. lol @ glad u are enjoying it ohh...

      As in this comment is making my head swell well well oh.. lol..

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    2. Happy Belated Mothers Day little mummy to be. Okay where we @ . Great one on the new job. Long interesting stories as usual with lots of suspense, signature of DHK. just browsing by (lol) and said i drop a note. cool weekend!

    3. lool@little mummy to be...funny.... thanks for the congrats.... U know me and my long thing....

      Finally u are have decided to surface... glad u are alive and kicking oh...

      keep coming to stop by and stay blessed..

  4. *Huge sigh*...first of,, I am a proud acting mummy...:D it is inate...
    Secondly, I love your story. In the weave of she said, he said, they said, it still manages to make its poignant scope. I am patiently anticipating the next post and hada deep respect for your allusion to your courtship being God centered. It is well with you.

    1. YAY@ proud acting mummy.... xxx

      Thanks for loving the story... another YAY.

      Thank you love....... i really appreciate the comment.

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  5. this is so nice...i really cant wait for d other part and i hope it is the last part

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  6. @daughter of her king or should i call you king's kid
    whoa!!...first of all i love your background theme, it's so lovely and cool. gives one that calming effect when visiting your blog and i guess i'll have to catch up with your story since this is my first time visiting your blog and i've added you to my bloglists on my blog.
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