Tuesday 26 April 2011

Life In Stages - Scenario on The Journey-

Dear Readers,
The story on the journey.

Man – So people are making it, God when is it my turn. When are you going to lift me up and make me shine ohh.. when oh when.

God- I have plans for you, perfect ones, I will take you places , show you wonders, inspire you and make you a living testimony for my Kingdom… I will  and I stand by words.
Fast forward 5 years later.

Man- So God this is oh,, I am ready to go NOW… enough is enough.

God- Son, people need you here, you are still very much needed here and I have plans for you here.

Man – hehe, you have plans abi, plans you have been telling me before and  after I graduated. I am still using the same GSM, still wearing the same everything, still sharing one room with 3 brothers, still hustling and selling pure water and lifting boxes…. So this is your plan abi.. Thank you very much, I have made up my mind am going abroad…  I want to go ohhh…

God- Son, I know its tough, it is not easy, it is not always easy sometimes to watch my chidlren go through tough times, but I am sending a mesage through them, I am God of signs and wonders and I want  people of the world to see my works through you. This trial is only for a moment of time, it will pass, you will forget all these struggle. The journey is still ongoing, this is not the end.

Man-  ha God,  it is the end ohh, incase you did not know, going abroad  is the New Heaven ohhh… I want to go to heaven ohh.. the journey ends there ohh..

Jesus- brother, God’s time is the best, it will surely come to pass, his promises regarding you and your family.

Man- Jesus, thank you ohh, very much…I appreciate your support. As we all know, you are my intercessor, so pls keep praying for this visa process to work ohhh….

Holy Spirit- Friend, the journy is not far, we have big plans for you. You don’t have to worry. I will be your strength, when you are weak. I will be your confidant when you have none. I will be your pillar of comfort, when you are weary. I will look out for you, protect and guide you. I will stand in for you, just wait a little longer.

Man- Wow… all these do me to stay a little longer in the land. Thank you very much, infact, (postrates on the floor).. I appreciate it. Let me think about this offer ………………….(ponders on it for a while). Have thought about it, Holy Spirit you are kind, sha incase you didn’t know, I am going to the New Heaven, there are plenty of holy people  there… I will be fine.

God, JESUS, Holy Spirit – Son, brother, friend, so your mind is really made up?. It is abroad or nothing.

Man- Yes ohh, it is the New Heaven or nothing ohh. I am too tired of this land and its whalala. I can’t take it any longer. Unless a miracle occurs in this country that will change my life for the best.(God, JESUS, Holy Spirit, lights up, he is beginning to have a change of heart, he is regaining his faith again..this is good, your perfect  thoughts and perfect plans towards him will begin to unfold before his very own eyes).
(Few mins later)

Man- hmmmm forget this miracle business jare. miracle for this country that one na impossibility +impossibliyt= double impossibility. In fact miracle go see the situation and commot quickly. Say wetin, the only miracle me I want na for that Visa to work ohh…..God I don talk my own, seeing that I am your faithful servant and you promised me that anything I ask for you will do,  I heard it clearly.. So, abeg ohhh do your part.

(Discussion amonsgt the Holy Trinity)
God- he has made up his mind, I promisied him so I have no choice. If only he knew what I am saving from, the HIV/AIDS he will contract in 3 days  and he won’t even know it, the family member he wants to meet with, in the UK is  not his family member, he is working for a drug dealer that will lure him to partake in an initiation that will supposedly protect him from being deported. He will get himself with the wrong crowd and in two weeks he will find himself in Nigeria and commit suicide because of regrets, pain, bitterness etc. This journey is an endless road with no hope and future.

JESUS- if only he  exercises  a bit more patience.

Holy Spirit- He was faithful servant to you with a promising attitude, he did all you told him to do and carried out all the tasks with a faithful heart. He had a geniune love for you and he still does. I propose we make one last thing.

Next Day(In the Morning, the day to collect Visa)

Man-Mamma, Pappa, ( with 3 brothers, 4 sisters and an Uncle gathered together) I have something to say, I have prayed and sought God, He said No, JESUS said No, Holy Spirit said No. But, I have made a decision to let God will be done. (Family chorus  Noooo, why, why, why now, why).  He took me on a journey and I don’t want to go through it in real life. It was a long dream, but pls thank him for me because am grateful he gave me one more chance.

2 Days Later
Phone rings, Company calls his phone

Man- oohgah oh na who dey call me ohh, I hope say na good news ohh, (sarcastic). Hello, who is speaking.

Caller- Hello, Good Afternoon, I am calling from Health and Science from Autrialia, your CV and personal details was forwarded to us from an unknown source.

Man- Good Afternoon ( no bi oyinbo be this, why dey go dey call me ohh, nah wetin I don do ohh, na who want kobahlise me now, I know wan trouble, I no be yahoo  yahoo boi, Holy Spirit speaks calm down and listen).

Caller- Hello, Are you still on the line?

Man -Yes, I am. I am listening.

Caller- We are calling to discuss your availability to start a job position we have for you, We are  part of an international company, with our headquarter in Australia, Sydney. We specialise  in health and science and we are currently building hospitals and research wards in five countries in Africa and Nigeria is one of them. We would like to offer you a position as a Project Management Officer that overlooks our building project currently taken place in Nigeria, Ibadan. We need you immediately to meet with our current Manager that will explain the proceudre to you and your requirements including training.

The company will take full reponsiblites of any financial suport you will need, we have a company house and company car awating you in Ibadan and anything you need will be made note of and on the company expenses. If you have any dependents', we will also cater for their expenses and everything that concerns them.  We like to take good care of our staff and their families, we believe a happy staff is a happy employee that will help the business to keep thriving.

This is not the end, once the project is finished, and based on  job well done, we will offer you a permanent position as one of our key managers that oversees the researh post  and  you will automatically become  a shareholder in  the company. There are many more opporunities we offer, please let me know your availability and we will offer you double  of your current salary, if  you so wish. So can I confirm when you can start?

Man- (still dazed, shocked, surprised), mouth opens, no words comes out

Caller- Hello, hello  Are you there?

Man- Yes I am here, errrmmmm yes I guess Ican start, when do you want me to start?

Caller- Can you start today?

Man- What??

Caller- Once we have your consent and availablity, we will process your application and send you current details. In the mean time we want you to visit our current office to process this information and get your personal belongings  to officially start Next week.. we know it is a short notice, but you are our only option.

1 month Later

In his office
Man- WOW…. God so this was your plan all this time, you really do have perfect plans for me after all. I am travelling next week with my own legal passport.. I am still dazed and forever will be shocked, but I will not keep silent of this testimony oh… Miracles still happen..
The purpose of the scenario is to get us thinking on one or two thing that GOD is still in the miracle business and still doing wonders, and if we already know about it, pls pass on the message learnt. It is very easy to get carried away from the troubles of life, but God listens and he knows… He still a miracle worker, so pls dont give up and hold on to your miracle..

Story inspired by the Holy Spirit.

You are welcome to share your  thoughts and what you have learnt.

God is faithful, love yourself and others too.

Note: Any correlation to  a real person is pure coincidental.

Monday 25 April 2011

Life in Stages -Honesty- Series 1

Dear readers,

I have often wondered why some people find it difficult to utter a word of honesty and why others find it easy to be honest. Generally, I know some people think humans are not capable of being honest and we lie most of the time. The thing is I am sure there are people that are honest, and yes maybe they have lied in the past but they are actually honest and practice transparency.

So what does it mean for an individual to be honest, for me it takes three steps to be honest.

a) It involves making a mental decision to aim to tell the truth at all times (even though sometimes we forget stuff).

b) To understand that telling the truth  can be done and it is done by having integrity and disregarding anything such as white lies or black lies or little lies etc.

c) Ultimately, the grace of GOD is needed to discern the purpose of telling the truth at all times and being honest in your heart.

Obviously, there are many other factors but these for me are the key ones, I know some people might say it is impossible to tell the truth, I say it is not. It is not because you make a mental decision to do whatever it is you want. Although, there are instances where people don't tell the truth but don’t lie either, ( i think it is often referred to as diplomacy). I love saying things on how it is in my mind and I love being honest, I believe it setting a different standards but it does not guarantee the best life on this earth either because people will still take you for granted and all sort.  Nevertheless, our treasure is not here but in HEAVEN.. SO I say whatever am doing is for God not for many and I see the significant of it is more than the evil.

However, I have found out that in this life most of the time we do not like the truth and we rather much prefer it when people lie. It amazes me why we would prefer lie than integrity but the world is full of evil so there you go.  I will mention that, when we lie it creates more pressure to think of another lie to cover the previous track which am sure is mental work, having to constantly recall what you have said before can be pretty difficult yet we can given a medal for it all...

God will help us but we also need to desire his help.

Note: This is one of many series.

Please let me know your views on honesty.

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