Thursday 2 August 2012

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Hellooooooooooooooooooooo Everybody,

I know, I know,  I have been terrible, no updates in like three weeks or more that is unlike me, most esp when I mentioned this year will have more regular posts.

I have missed blogging, blogsville family and I know some of us have missed me too (raises eyebrow).lol.

So here is me saying I AM SORRY for the long silence oh... NO VEX. PELE. HUGS AND MORE HUGS. Can you feel it?? well am giving you a warm, fresh hug. xxx

Thank you to all that came to check up on me.. me I felt important ohh. Simple Mee thank you my adopted Aunty for checking up on me always..LOVE..XXX

Quite a lot of things have happened really but my silence was mainly due to busy schedule.

 NEW THINGS that has happened to me so far:

I got a new job and as ever am grateful to God and to all that gave me encouragement in my last post, am grateful.. xxx. (I join my faith with as many as are believing God for one thing or the other, you will have every reason to rejoice and enjoy the blessing). AMEN.

I crushed on someone... YES OHH.. Looks like am finally moving on.. azonto I went for a wedding in London...yelz oh. it was fun. So I met an old school friend (well not really a friend, it was a dude that was very polite and we were  both civil to each other in school  but never kept in touch). I was surprised to see him actually.  I stayed at my friend's Jelony  apartment, her  flatmate a DUDE, invited couple of his friends over. So that was how I saw him. and he was very nice (I dont remeber him being very nice nice like that  but then again he was alot reserved then and he is still now). Anyway, I came out of the room to chuck some ice-cream package away. I was planning on avoiding the dudes right? (I can be antisocial sometimes, coversface). As I stepped out to the kitchen, I stepped into the dude. He was like (hey, with my name pronounced in  one strong BRITISH accent), anyhoo, I didnt remeber his, so I called him tobi or somethimg. But we gave other some warrrrrmmmmm #renewmind#.  We talked for a bit and caught up, I decided to stay after all, sha we all had a really good conversation. In the end, it was time to say goodbye, another warm HUG. I cant believe none of us didn't suggest to stay in touch.. or keep in touch. Cut long story short, we didn't keep in touch  and the feelings quickly withered away (which is good for me in a way cos ermmm i can get emotionally attached really quickly, although I can try conceal it). In fact, my mind will be consumed by that person I hate it and I love it). He was cute and sweet. and very very very polite. (You can tell the kind  of traits I like  in a guy lol). #

Side note: ermm there is time for everything..but I must  say am happy I crushed on someone else, feels like freedom in a way and there is hope lol..

Oh oh, I almost forgot to mention. am on twitter I know my adopted Aunty is not soo keen. So far its just there, still finding my way through it. But care to follow me: @Daughterofherking  

There are more, but my time is up  i.e. time to go back to uni work. so will let you ladies and gentlemen know next time.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. if you haven't seen me on your blog or I haven't  left a comment, trust that I will be  leaving some once I have plenty of

God is love, Love yourself and on others too.

                             On the train, on my way to the wedding.... random
                                  On my way to  an event in my Church.....loves.


  1. You look really good.

    *God is Love, Love loves me, I'm born of Love, I am Love*

    1. hey hun... welcome to DHK blog and thank you for the lovely comment.

      Yes ohh.. u are love.. xxxoxoxoxoxo.

  2. Congratulations on your new job. You look absolutely gorgeous.

    1. Hey love, you are welcome to DHK blog. thanks for the lovely comment.. awww sweet.. xxx

  3. Congrats on your job! hi 5!..

    Look nice in your pic, I like the first look alot..:)

    *clears throat* I see stars and moon and sunrise in the sky *dancing* lol..Yea lets see how it goes with Mr warmhugs? lol kkk UG stop..Keep us updated :)

    Thanks for checking on me..:))

    1. hey hun, finally a comment in ages.. glad u came by and u are well.

      Thank you hun.. the job is good too.

      Lol.. seeing stars and moon ati sunrise.. i dont know about that

      Will keep my blogsville family updated anyday jare.

      thanks for the love.. xxox and my pleasure.

  4. Congrats on the Job... we all know that real life comes first before blogsville, so you gotta do what you gotta do especially if you have a busy schedule. New Crushes are always nice. it puts an extra pep in your step. too bad it went just as fleeting as it came. take care of yourself.

    1. Hello LL4S, THANK u for the comment its much appreciated.

      Lol@real life.yep we do, I remember the times all I did was live and breath

      I know too bad. hehehe.. time will tell though.

  5. ahahaha. CONGRATULATIONS on your new job!
    so happy for you.
    Crushed on someone?.....o-k, o!
    Twitter?....ahahahaha, congratulation also..i might check on you are my fav friend...but first, i have to dig out my password...ehehehe
    You look lovely sitting in the train.
    As for the church look,,,,haba! what is with the L-O-N-G skirt nah?......ha! ha! 3/4 Length is says your blogger-aunty! :D
    Good to hear from you and wish you the best in your work will always find favour.

    1. Thank you sweets. I believe you are, cos you encouraged me so much.

      ah u are not amused I crushed on someone? oh no.

      YAY.. glad am ur fav friend.. awesome.....

      lool... @the church look.. noo ohh its fashion nah... ahahah seriously its fashion, skirts like that are in vogue.. mehn even 3/4 length sef I rarely own. I haven't uploaded my other outfits ni ohh.. but on a normal day me I wear dresses that are knee lengths too....

      Thank you hun and Amen. Favour plenty and I am thankful to God as always.. xxoxxox

      Thanks for the love and I emailed you ohh...

  6. Finally! Congrats on the job missy. Missed you around here


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