Saturday 27 September 2014


Hi Everyone,

Trust we are all doing GREAT!!

Wow, I have been gone for so long it does not feel like it. I am just missing from the world of blogsville.
I feel like I have left the community I used to be so part of.
Funny enough, I do still think about the people I got acquainted with Tolu, Atiola, Ibahde, Sykik and many more.
I have decided that at some point this year, it is  most  likely this blog will be closing down.
I do plan to start something new perhaps have a YouTube channel which I plan to link below we will see.I don't want to start something and then leave it halfway etc I would want to start and ensure I see through.

This  blog was born out of a reason that some of you may know and now I believe unfortunately 'Life In Stages' will be closing off. I feel so sad saying this but it is the sheer truth.
 I have been praying and hoping for the fire to come back but it feels as though am forcing myself.

I rather face the tune than keep running away.
I have come to accept this is the stage where my blog will stop for NOW!! It is too scary.

In the mean time, I have pictures to share.
My natural hair journey is still going well and I have reached one year mark! Whoopie


My Beautiful Mum and I.
As a birthday present, we treated her to a photoshoot which went well.

Looking Smoking HOT! If I must say Makeup by my Sis AramakeupandStudious
Highlight this year so far! Driving a car Y'all lol (It is the Lord's doing)
Going to Notting Hill Carnival for the first time!
Attending one of my friend's wedding
Going to Nigeria after plentyplenty years!
Getting a promotion (by faith oo)

I do believe there will be many more. I plan to share by his grace. Birthday is coming up Whoop Whoop!
I plan to share that.

I hope you are all blessed.
I miss you all so much you are in my prayers. xoxoxox

Thursday 22 May 2014

Natural hair journey so far....

Hello Everyone,

I am here again o. Well feeling motivated.
Thank you all for the loving comments including the private emails  greatly appreciated. Muahh. 
After watching this Youtube(I will include the video below). I felt motivated to actually update.
I do believe am in the process of diagnosing my problems yes o or maybe issues.
I am far too lazy, always giving excuses and way too much of a thinker(thinker in a sense that I don't get up and do but sit and over analyse). Watching the video did not only enlighten me but has helped me to come back to reality(I need to constantly remind myself to live in the now and not future).

At some point, I got to the stage where I felt like I no longer want to blog and that I had nothing to offer anymore.I felt that I started this blog because I was hurting at the time and blogsville was my family. Having a blog should be  more of a purpose isn't it?

We will delve deep some other time.

Journey on my natural hair so far.
Next month I will be one year Yippee!!!

Please indulge in the pics below.
My hair can finally do small  puffs.Yay! April/May measurements.

March/April pics. All twists outs.
Bantu knots first attempt. Not bad.

Results! And no am not pouting lol only mocking around.

Random. If you look closely I was defo pouting (posh though) lol. x

That is all. You are free to ask me any questions regarding my hair regime.
I hardly use products on my hair and I love it that way. 

                            As promised link to the video I watched.(Btw one of my hair icons).

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Paying a TRIBUTE!

Hello Everyone,

How are we?
I trust we are all well and buzzing.
Its been forever and a day. lol.
I can't apologise enough but I know by now alot of you might have  given up on me so...

I am here to pay a tribute to someone that means alot to my Mum.
My Mum is currently mourning the loss of a special person that she wished it was not too soon.
She lost her dearest Dad on the early hours of  May the 5th.
I will not forget the piercing sound I heard during my morning devotion. I knew immediately it had something to do with her Dad.

I recall going to see her after I came back from church on Sunday and she looked sad.
I asked her why she was sad,  she told me about her worries.
You see, her dad had been sick for a while infact a long while but this time it looked more serious than ever before.
She insisted over and over again that she didn't  want him to die now to which I responded, he is 87 would have been 88 in July, he has achieved and done well for himself. She insisted she wanted him to live to become  a centenarian that her spirit didn't want him to die yet. I smiled and said, she shouldn't worry but be proud of him. Its funny how she was feeling weird and the very next day she got the call that he had passed away.

She was hurt and still is.
Though I did not have a personal relationship with him, Mum did and she will miss him dearly.
My memory of him was of a calm person, Mum shares a  striking resemblance with her Dad that does make Mum happy. :)
Regardless whether I had a relationship with him or not am paying this tribute to him because he was amongst the key people that shaped my Mum's destiny and contributed to who she is today.

She is ever so thankful for the good education Dad gave her which helped her alot.
He was also a prominent figure to an extent and did his bit maybe if he had more chance he would have done even more.
So to Grandad, I hope your legacy carries on through your children, children and children.
You did your part and I can only pray that you meet with God.
Stay blessed and Rest In Peace.
I am grateful to come through a lineage of a an excellent worker like you.


Friday 14 March 2014

*Still Here*

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Its been  like forever but am still here yep a lot of things little things here and there but my blog is still part of my "To Do List". I do envy bloggers that are solely committed to blogging that is 'super cool' pls keep going strong guys and inspiring us the "so called bloggers" lol.

The month February  has been busy in a way, concentrated more on the cake business. I also went to Netherlands on nolls to see my sis who was there at the time. It was fun and alright sha. Friendly people and organised too.

I have pictures of hair update etc that I intended to share but I quickly thought it would be great to say hello. Its been foreverrrrr..

Let me leave you with a pic of my swaggerlicious self lol and a cute video.

Do you agree? lol

Enjoy your weekend 'Super Stars' 

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Peek a "BOO"

Hello Sweet people,

Its been a while.
I trust you all are well.

I know I was suppose to update ages ago but I couldn't log in when I tried but its all sorted out now.

I have been  busy with life, the thinking part, the reflecting and the not so good side of it at the same time I have been having fun. I guess it balances out in a way.

I got a new DLSR Nikon 3100. Whoop Whoop.

I just wanted to say hello really and update on my TWA. Its growing o. :)
Please check out the pics below. x

                  I think twist out is perfect for any occasion. I rocked "twist out" on my birthday.
   I have not done "twist out" in ages instead I put my hair in plaits and take it out.

When it comes to accessorising with natural hair, I find lipsticks helps to create a dynamic effect.
 I am a lipstick person and fortunately/unfortunately my voluminous lips loves it. With the help of my friend below btw, she is one of my bestest boo, she tells me off when I apply little. I tend to pile apply  it on till I feel great about it.

                                                   Myself n bestie...

Enjoy the rest of the week.
Congrats on Ibahde intro.. Whoop whoop. How I have missed her.
Be Blessed and Stay Blessed.
God is good, I can't wait to share my testimony by faith. x

Wednesday 1 January 2014


Hello Everyone,

HAPPY NEW YEAR. Whoop whoop.

I trust we had an awesome Christmas. YAY.
Thank God it went well.

I myself wasn't feeling well. Your dearest was sick with fever and cold. The virus during the winter month kia.
I only just got better with mild coughs. I am grateful it was not worse than this but it was bad in that I could not do things myself. My sister who  very rarely cooks, cooked and  fed me my breakfast to show I unwell I was.

I am better and am thankful for the grace to do things myself. My prayer is that healing mercies will find  many of us that desire it.

I hope this year will be BIGGER, BETTER AND ofcourse we ACCOMPLISH MORE.
Personally, I am motivated to accomplish plenty things this year including travelling, meeting new people, going to new places, staying busy,  networking etc.

There is a world bigger than my four corner walls and I want to EXPLORE IT.
I hope to be more PROACTIVE, push myself without being held back by ANYTHING.

I hope we all inspired to keep going and not look back.

Forget regrets, learn from the mistakes and believe you will even accomplish more than you had anticipated.
By the end of 2014 I just want to roll on the floor with thanksgiving, happiness and joy.
I want to feel content and the  fire to keep going.

My sisters and brothers, we will make it in 2014.
Lets not stop encouraging each other but elevate each other.

By the way, Happy New Year to Ibahde, NiajaMum in London, Unveiling Gold and many more beautiful bloggers that have either left or simply have not updated in a longgg while.
You are missed. Stay blessed.

Lots love from yours and only.

Welcome Back!!!

Thank you for visiting. Comments, Views, Opinions, Expressions, Ideas etc etc are all welcome.. Hello Beautiful People, How's ever...