Friday 14 March 2014

*Still Here*

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Its been  like forever but am still here yep a lot of things little things here and there but my blog is still part of my "To Do List". I do envy bloggers that are solely committed to blogging that is 'super cool' pls keep going strong guys and inspiring us the "so called bloggers" lol.

The month February  has been busy in a way, concentrated more on the cake business. I also went to Netherlands on nolls to see my sis who was there at the time. It was fun and alright sha. Friendly people and organised too.

I have pictures of hair update etc that I intended to share but I quickly thought it would be great to say hello. Its been foreverrrrr..

Let me leave you with a pic of my swaggerlicious self lol and a cute video.

Do you agree? lol

Enjoy your weekend 'Super Stars' 

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