Tuesday 29 January 2013

Weekend, Busy, Food and Fun.....

Happy 2013!!!

Year of reaching Targets.

Hello My Beautiful people,

Have you missed me... YES.

I have missed you too, pls pardon my silence I have been busy and still busy sef but last weekend was not only tiring but it was fun. I hosted my FIRST DINNER. Yes, I did it in honour of my troublesome friend lol, it is her birthday next month and we thought why not do something small. I talked abit about her on this post Click here. x
 I guessed I also used the opportunity to put my cooking  skills to test nah. lol. We had fun and I must say hosting and organizing a parry for someone is hardwork. I doubt I will do this again except if am being paid or doing for my family. In a nutshell, I uploaded some pics of the day. Btw, I got a new camera and I would you to check out my new fb page.

Enjoy the pics and I will soon upload my other posts that I have been dreaming of writing. xoxo
I baked this luscious, delicious, scrumptious toffee layered cake, graced in cream cheese and decorated with chocolate curls for my friend. It was finished on the day.  She couldn't take none home. *Sad face*
                                                My friend and I. Weavebaybee

Dinner I made 

The efo elogusi was for my friend, I made this a day before the dinner ting. She loves it.  I also used spring greens not spinach.
Its funny how I said I will be eating less meats this year.. Until my doc friend told me that it not fatty oo and also need to watch the type of meat I buy. But Efo elegusi is not authentic without assorted meats in it. Alie. 

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Thank you for visiting.. LOVE you loads.
God is love. xxxx

Tuesday 15 January 2013

New Year Resolutions vs My view..

2013 Year of meeting Targets....

Welcome to my space, my zone, my chill out space, my banter room and my cool area. lol. x

Dear lovelies, 

I hope you are well and  taking on the challenges and the excitements 2013 has in store.. YAY.... Punches the air. 

Back to the post, so this post is about  the topic at the top lol. DUH. On a serious level, I am not a big fan of New Year Resolutions in fact am not a fan at all. I think I once followed the bandwagon, I can't remember what it was I said I would do differently but yeah, I tried it only because people were doing it. 

Whilst I advocate meeting targets, I think that the New Year Resolutions has a reputation for not lasting long. Haha. Its only happens in January and afterwards it all back to old school i.e. old habits. 

Personally, I advocate growth, learning, development, reflection, change for the best and above all being better than yesterday whether its in character, mentality, behaviour etc etc. So for me, because I know am keen on growing and developing, I rather term it "Another opportunity to learn". Seeing I belong to a school of thought that we can never get enough of learning, I chose to allow myself to adopt better strategies to improve my well being and mental state.

Whilst I don't  call this, a lists of things to do per say, these are core areas am keen to work on and develop for the better. I intend on maintaining  it too, not only because its good at the moment but because it is the right thing to accommodate and emulate as a result I am able to be an example not only to people around me but to my family yes ke, my little darlings (am thinking two sweetcakes and one adopted)YAY. I want hubby to also see that am a woman of actions not only by words.

P.S. THIS IS NOT A NEW YEAR RESOLUTION. Its an opportunity to learn and be better. Sorry had to clarify. x

In no particular order:

  • My posture: This is really harddd at the moment, but I would like to improve my posture. I slouch quite alot not because I want to, but because over the years my body has gotten used to it and having a blessed  front view i.e. boobs from a tender age didn't help at all, esp wearing the wrong bra that does not strap properly to adjust  to your shape and body.  Tips: Parents pls if your young ladies have started growing coco early (as they say in niaj), I will recommend investing  in good trainee bras and ensure they  feel comfortable with it plus monitor their progress not obsessively but encouragingly. Whilst my posture is not horrible, it can be better. Its hard work but sitting up straight is so elegant, makes my tummy alot flatter and far more rewarding to the spine and  in old age.
  • Tea: I enjoy drinking herbal tea, I think it has a lot of benefits all around, from cancer, to digestion, to all sorts, pls use Google  I currently drink green tea with different flavours, chamomile  ginger etc. I usually drank tea at work but now am taking it home with me. I must ensure my waistline is purged from all  sorts of impurities not only from the food but from wherever.. lol.
  • Vital supplements: Thank God for my Mum, who always insisted I buy cod liver and vitamin C etc. In fact, ever since I remember she always gave us this when its time for bed etc. I can't stress the magical power of these tablets. Its not expensive and its provides longer and better conditions for your body. I tend to have mine three times a week. Although, I was not keen on it in the past, now I ensure its part of my constant routine.
  • Fruits: I do eat fruits, but I can go for weeks  in some cases without having any. Whilst this is not always the case as I munch on little berries, banana and pineapple in my cereal. I eat wholemeal cereal with all sorts of goodies. I will attempt to have fruits at home to snack on. Its even more fun when I get creative with it. I aim to eat different types of fruits every month, and gradually increase to every week.
  • Meats: This I recently added to my lists, as I looked at my increase in waistline. I have decided that I will eat less meats yep, saturated or not. I am cutting down dramatically  lol. That is my observation and no more eating out for a while. We can't comprehend the amount of preservatives all these meats etc have, I think for me my body needs a break from it  all. I will incorporate more fish, more nuts,  healthy variety of different versions  to rice etc. 
  • Proactive: I believe I should be more proactive in what I do. In my faith, my lifestyle, my mental state, physical, spiritual, financial etc. I already put thoughts into all I do but I think I should constantly be aware of opportunities around me and aim to demonstrate key learning curves. 
Finally, I hope to make more impact in a positive light. I already do but I don't think I challenge myself enough but I am learning to cast down through the grace of God, all STRONG HOLDS from the mind.  Its about time we take charge and start fighting back what is ours. ENOUGH LIES, ENOUGH EXCUSES and ENOUGH BLAME. Get on with you and your life, time waits for no man (ministering to myself). x

One more secrets, its confirmed AMEN, I am going natural in July/August 2013 by His grace. 

Feast your eyes on these beauties. I love being creative with food.x If you want the recipe, let me know. x
I added shredded coconut, crushed chilli, cumin and paprika. It was delicious.. lol. 

 I am sorry, I look like a  mummy... lol.  One of our Sunday School children celebrated her bday. Boy, I could have posed better. Seriously, children grow really fast, I recall when she was still two years old. awww...

Be good to yourself. God is awesome. x

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