Friday 27 January 2012

Life in Stage: FACTS I have come to Understand.....

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Hello People of love,

So, I am doing a quick post on things/facts I have come to understand about life. Yes, everything no matter how small they are, it all happens in stages.

1) Studying to acquire a degree is not the hard part, but securing a GOOD job, being a graduate competing with many excellent graduates and  trying to make your stamp in this world.. That when it gets tough.

2) Being pregnant is not the hard part, giving birth to the child is not the hard part.Its caring for the child, nurturing  and ensuring they turn out GREAT now that when its hard....(cos if they don't its on you).

3) Falling in love is not the hard part, prepping and having the wedding is not the hard. Its staying married and HAPPY and working to keep the fire BLAZING now thats it is the challenging part.

4) Contesting/Campaigning for a position of authority is not the hard part, planning the ceremonies is not the hard part. It is occupying the position and actually delivering everything your manifesto says... NOW THAT IS THE HARD PART(cos if you fail, its on you)...

5) Doing your research to buy a house/car is not the hard part, doing the paper work is not the hard part. Its the constant maintenance of the house/car and ensuring they are fit for purpose at all times. NOW THAT THE HARD PART.

6)Being told you are dying of an illness is not the hard part, accepting you are dying is not the hard part. It is the leaving your loved ones behind, dealing with the issues of death and wondering what is on the other side. NOW THAT IS THE HARD PART.

Why is it the hard part you say: Because this is the time you get confused, time you question your abilities, the times you feel like am doing it right or wrong, times when things go wrong and you actually are lost for words and ideas, times when anything absolutely anything can happen and you find out you  are starting  all over again.. Times when you were trusted to fulfill a promise and you did not and times when you thought I will throw in the towel am tired yet people are relying on you and your ideas....(the list are endless).

Fact: THERE are many things in life people can't tell or unable to tell us, there is no MANUAL, you have to figure it all out as you go along.

So you have to enjoy each stage life presents, cos there is nothing greener on the other side, EVERYTHING IN LIFE comes with hardwork and expectations. You cannot say I wish this was like this and that was like that, cos even if you wish, it will still come with its consequences. Learn to appreciate the stage you are at, work with it and improve yourself.

As for am not intending on making this journey alone, God is at my front, Jesus on my side, Holy spirit behind me. And am sandwiched in the middle.. lol.. On a serious note, I am not and cannot rely on my strength its fragile and it can easily crumble..

God is love, love yourself and on others too.

This is my song for the Week..totally random btw

Thursday 26 January 2012

Five Awkward Moments Exprienced......

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Hello Blogsville,

I am tempted to write this posts due to what I  considered awkward today. I am sure there are times and situations that have presented some awkward moments for us and it just feels totally weird. Well, these are my five top ones that I have experienced and looking back  its hilarious...

 Aren't they cute... awww..

1) It one of those things, where you feel someone is calling your name and you keep looking around to find who they are i.e. to recognise them or answer back... No, it turns out its a group of people having a loud conversation and it just so happens what they are saying is either similar to your name or sounds like your name....

2) This is  when I see someone familiar from afar actually no, this is when I see someone that looks familiar from afar and I am all getting ready to say hello, although already smiling, they come closer and its turns it a total stranger. I remembered when I was much younger in boarding house hoping that my Mum would  visit,  I saw a lady that looked like her and she was wearing a native attire similar to my mum's.  As I ran  actually sprinting  to say hello  the closer  I came, the more the face that looked like my Mum began to fade away. lol.. It turned out it was a random stranger... (can I get aye aye if this has  happened to you). lol.

3) The moment when you intend on walking straight or  about to walk through a door and then another person wants to walk through and you two are  trying to figure out which way is best suitable. In the end, you end up playing hide and seek or better still catch me if you

4) Moments when people wave at you, actually random strangers wave at you and you are waving back. But it does not seem right cos the person is actually not giving you eye-contact, although your thoughts are  I do not know this person but maybe they know me or recognise me from some where.  Anyways, the closer you got, you do a side turn and it turned out they were waving to someone behind you all this while... Lol... Vice versa, you are waving at someone and the other person assumed  you were  waving at them and you are clearly not...(Awkward!!!).

5) What about the time you and your girls or friends are hanging out. Someone told a joke or said something funny and everyone is laughing and laughing real hard. Some random strangers are having their moments too, and it happened to be funny  and they were  laughing too.  Although you and your people are laughing at your personal jokes but they think you are laughing with them. But you clearly are not laughing with them but laughing at some jokes your friends cracked... lol. vice versa....

OK, random posts... share your awkward moments..

God is love, love on yourself and others too.

Sunday 22 January 2012


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Hello Blogville world,

 I have decided that from time to time, I will do  some short posts on  silly and amusing situations... This post is one of the first series (some posts might be fictions and some might be real, but I will let you know at the end).


Today, I couldn't wait to get to work, this is my 4th week and the excitement is still very much present, am shocked at this because I expected  it to wear off after a day or two, if anything  two weeks tops. However, it seems like I really like my new job so my excitement is very much alive.. YAY.

I got to work at 8:45  as usual, I said hello to the receptionist with a big smile and  I proceeded towards my table/desk. As I got there, I realised almost all the files, books and stationary's, including the computer, telephone was gone. I was still in awe when I saw my Manager approaching.

Manager: I hope you don't mind  your belongings been moved,  am sorry you had to see it like this, but it should have been carried out over the weekend. The guy that was assigned to carry out the task was  ill.

Me: (mumbling some sounds).

Two seconds later

Me: massive massive sobs pouring down my eyes. I was literally crying as in bawling... with tears, make-up ruined everything and I  kept staring at the floor too.

Manager: (stunned): erm why are you crying? is something wrong? am sorry? how can I help? If it about the desk, I mentioned it to you last week and you said it was OK...

Manager: Please is something wrong?

Me: No, nothing, dont mind me. Can I excuse myself.....

Truth is, am looking back now, am laughing and thinking why was I crying like a little child as if my toy had been taken away from me. I guess I had plans for the desk, I thought about different types of posters/painting I would put up around the wall and how I would decorate the desk to  suit my taste and I like the fact I was next to a window... So yes, I was crying because I had come to love the space.

I do not recall him telling he would my desk, but I remember he said something about the desk. I was to preoccupied. Anyhoo,  I am over it now...

Bless my Manager, he thought he had killed someone lol... he was so scared and he kept on asking what was wrong. I had to tell him my hormones were acting up, it was that time of the month. It was not my hormones acting up, it was my emotions acting up. Surely I cant tell him its because he moved my desk or Can I?

Its cleared out  for wheel chair users so I cant be selfish..

Based on author's imagination...

God is love, love yourself and on others too.

Thursday 19 January 2012


Hey spicy people of the world....

"SPICY" instead of HOT(still the same)

I have decided to do a blog post on needs and wants.

As humans it is fact that we desire and need things and at the same time want things too, however I sometimes feel the degree of want is over-emphasized compared to degree of need. The needs are so much more important.

What is a need? it is basically something we can't do without. AIR, FOOD, WATER, CLOTHING, SHELTER etc.

What is a want? something you can do without but you desire because you think it will solve a thing or make the situation better.

What inspired me to start thinking about my needs and wants in more depth basically stemmed from what I read from my daily devotional guide. UCB Word for today. It is really good and I recommend it. It is a Christian devotional guide that addresses daily life struggles/issues  and its free for people in the UK and Northern Ireland. You can access the website here:

I read this particular post on Sunday and I intended on sharing it recently. But when I first read it,  this verse that featured in it ministered to me Philippians 4:19 God shall supply all my need according to his glory Christ Jesus (mum loves this verse lol, i digress). Note the word NEED, means all that you cannot do/live without, all that you need to live a life according to his glory Christ JESUS, he will SUPPLY.  As I read, I slowly digested the word NEED and slowly I was getting more and more juiced up (lol, understanding). For instance, our  needs vary on so many levels just like our wants but we sometimes confuse those two. Besides not knowing the difference we think our WANTS IS OUR NEED and  How easy it is for me to equate my need with my want.

Infact, due to this I realise some selfish prayer points I probably said/asked  due to lack of understanding and thought that God was not answering me or refuses to answer. It maybe I was praying for my WANTS not my NEED and with my WANTS I can do without them. Sometimes more like most times, when he is silent, it can mean alot of things but maybe just maybe what you and I are asking for are WANTS not needs (wants are mostly selfish some times, trust me check your motives) and because, he will supply all our NEEDS until then patience truly has to be a virtue in us  and part of us (so help me God).

I will share a testimony that comes to mind. It came to mind regarding need and wants

When I was applying to Universities I  applied to the top ones as in the big macho ones lol. I wanted to be seen as this person that graduated from this Uni obviously I had the intention of working hard and also wanted to challenge myself that I can do whatever I put my mind into.  It so happens that I applied and got an offer based on two  reasons: pass my MATHS with a B and clear out my UCAS point with 360. I knew it would be a challenge to get a   B in Maths  considering that I can only get a C (me and maths its another issue, but I was retaking the subject I should have passed in secondary level but did not). I felt if I worked hard and got a C, I would be use my faith and pray to get in.

Well let just say I did not get my C(four marks away though, kmt) and the University said NO, I cried went to my second choice they said NO. At this point, I had thought I won't be going Uni this year (painful thought). My sis encouraged me to enroll to a  College and study additional A levels and Maths (which I did). I was automatically in clearing which meant, one has been rejected in the Universities (1&2) of their choices and that meant you have to think fast and start calling other Uni that will offer you a place.

I remember my Mum kept saying (you will get to Uni this year, you will). I said ohh don't worry about it mum, I tried couple of Uni they said No. I prayed that God would touch their mind and they would change. Moving on, I don't know what prompted me to look at an old bag, but I did and found a letter, it was a letter that came with a prospectus I ordered from this particular University. (Btw, alot of people from my college were going there and I did not want to go there at all, and I felt it was ranked well at all). I told my mum about the letter and am not sure who suggested I call them. But I did and straight away I was offered a place on the course of my choice (business and marketing baybee lol) and I got to retake my MATHS and I got a C this time (best teacher I ever had, I actually for the first time I understood simultaneous equations. I did not understand it before ohh and in Niaj it was worse, I did not grasp it at all).Thank God.

In addition, not only did I study at this Uni, I got a scholarship  to pay for my feeding allowances as I had high UCAS points, I also got various roles and jobs within the Uni. Most importantly, I got a great degree from one of the best businesses school in the Country and currently at 7th place (and moving up).

Obviously, I did not know this at the time that the Uni was doing good and although its overall ranking might not be as great as other Uni, it is doing very well and striving so hard in the business faculty. I am grateful to God he granted me what I needed not wanted.

I wanted the top Uni but I did not need it.(I needed an education but other things too, which I believe God felt it was more important).

My point: We pray for things that we want because we think that want is what we need but when we pray or ask for things and we are given something entirely different it means that  God is satisfying our need not wants(lol, even myself took  a while to get used too, but I must say I did make attempts after my 1st year to move Uni but they said I will start from 1st year again. Besides, I will would pay additional fees and the course they offered was not  the same as the one I was studying for at the time).. Anyways am glad I stayed.

NOTE: The fact we need to understand our needs and wants  does not only apply to praying/asking, it about daily lifestyle too i.e. shopping, eating, time, relationships  etc.

If we are able to differentiate and place emphasis on what we need rather than want, I think we will make rational and best decisions.

I have learnt in everything I do now/ intend to buy I will ask myself do I need or want, this is because there are shoes and clothes and things that I have bought out of wants and trust me waste of my money. I bought some boot year ago (Useless). Nice  boots, but I didn't not need them and the ones I needed and bought lasted me till today after 4 years. In addition to that, there are situations and circumstances that will also warrant us to think do I need this drama. If the answer is NO, I beg you please walk away (in south east london accent lol).  On a serious note, always ask yourself do I need this or want it. Somethings we will always want, it is not bad but we should know the difference between a NEED AND A WANT. That way will give priority to things that are significant and necessary.

Share your thoughts..

I feel like I could have made this post different but this is how it flowed from my mind but I did want to make it different.(I am my best/worst critic).

God is love, love yourselfandothers too..

Thanks for reading and visiting.

My Beautiful Uniquely Weird Awesome Mother...

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Hello spicy people,

I decided to do a  post on my Mummy. I was inspired by a comment I made to a post (here:

In my family, weirdness runs throughout, what I mean by "weird" is not a negative connotation. I interpret it as how we do things that is strange,  full of amazement/out of character i.e. different.

My mum is a classic example of that, she is wired in such way  that amuses me, really!. She says things and does things that I can only say to her "MUM you are so weird". Aside from the fact she loves Youtube and likes this lady called britpopprincess. She always bugs me to go on fb and she wants to see this person and oh that person. I am like mum I don't even think about them on a normal day, I had to add people that I do not know or have an idea about because they are mum's people and she wants to see them i.e. pics. (she is beginning  to remind me of my grandma, they treat technology like a big deal, besides  when you get older there is a tendency to be very fussy).. I am fussy now, I cant imagine me in my old age(yepa). Anyways, she says I should add them and they should me "her daughter". I guess, I was quite shacked up too going on fb for the first time, as in linking up with old mates from back in the days yadahyadah.... She is yet to open a her own fb oooo.

Aside from many things, I have good memories of my childhood because of our mum. We spent most of our childhood growing up in Boarding House so time we spent at home should be mostly treasured (sometimes). But, I remember today some of  the quirky things mum did when we were growing up.

1)  Growing up, mum carved our pencils, wrote our names on them including  first and last names. She took our pen aka Biro, typed/printed our names on a blue looking paper, folded it and insert it into the case. When we started boarding house in Ogun State, mum would buy  packs of everything and put it in our separate boxes. I went to boarding house at the age of 4 (I did a post on it, a while back). Mum's marriage with our dad was breaking and she did not know how to handle it and at the same she wanted to protect us and didn't want us to get caught up in it. Some friend suggested MAYFLOWER and she shipped us there from Lagos State.

2) Mum would use needle and thread to write our names on our clothes including panties, wrappers, underwears aka singlets, bedsheets, pillow cases, mattresses, socks etc(all the stuff, we were taking with us to school). YOU CAN'T STEAL OUR STUFF, WE CAN TELL lol. Her signature was everywhere.

3) Mum would buy our provisions in BULK and carefully select each to their own(its only me and older sis). She would inscribe our names on them to know the difference. She bought us both equal things no cheating... I miss those days sha.

4)MUM bought us the same clothes and outfits.. people thought we were twins.. When we come home for holls she made sure we attended lessons and not stay idle at Home( the weird teachers lol).

5) Mum is a big softie, when she deals with us seriously,  she would cuddle us again.. awwwww

6)She used to give us kisses on her way to work when we were much younger... (she says, give mummy a kiss, and we would). Its probably the western culture she experienced that made her more Homely(Grandma, was not the kissing type lol, but she was sweet, will do a post on her too sometime)...

7)After school and during holls, Mum would get us to strip naked and she would look at us and ask has anyone touched you. No! we would say.. She tells us nobody she touch you there and there ohh.. if they do scream and guess most mums are over-protective).

8) She clipped our nails and toe nails before resuming school and when we came Home.

9) She always drops us off one week early before resumption date. I hated it, hated the fact that we were the only ones in school before everybody started arriving. We would beg her and she would say NO. It was best we got there early and settle  (her argument). Now, when am leaving the family home and am off to Uni a week earlier she would beg me to stay.. (shoo, now you want me to stay, after you made me like

10)She is the only person I know that buys us shoe children we polished our shoes it was deep (mum, worked in a bank, she always loves looking professional).

Above all, I love my MOTHER, she is so uniquely weird and I rate her so much for all she taught me and still teaching me... I am Grateful to God for her. I pray, I her treat as well as she treated me. She is so generous with everything time, money, emotions, help, wealth, wisdom, love, affection, discipline etc etc.

As we always call each other my BFF(BEST FRIEND FOREVER)....LOL.

                                My beautiful BBF with my older sis when she was a BABY...

God is love, love on yourself and others too..

Tuesday 17 January 2012

FIVE incredible FACTS about ME.

Hello People,

I hope we are all well.

I have been following the "OccupyNigeria" movement and I must say am PROUD OF EACH AND EVERYONE that protested, prayed, helped  and contributed to the decision of the oil subsidy. YOU HAVE MADE YOUR MARK AND IT WILL FOREVER BE REMEMBERED. WELL DONE.  I pray the govt will use this extra money to build the very much needed infrastructure in our NATION. AMEN.

I just thought to do a blog on me and reveal some of my personalities/qualities more like my weirdness lol.

a) I have an interesting HABIT/mentality this has stemmed from my childhood. Basically, what I do is talk to myself as in talk out loud as if am speaking to someone. I used to tell people I speak with imaginary friends lol (they definitely think am nuts, but not the case). I basically corresponds with my inner-being but I say it loud as if the person is with me face-face (pls am not obanje ohhh or possessed lol, i know this for a FACT). Its normal, but am just one of the extremes.. I really enjoy it too. It is very therapeutic, for instance,when someone upsets me and I want to say something to them asap, I can imagine they are in my face and I will say it to them, it releases alot of unneeded tension.

 I will share little random story, I remember one time in Niaj, as usual I was doing role plays, (mehn i love dressing up and pretending am a Newsreader and I love the mirror ohh.. mehn i love seeing my reflection). Ok, so this one day, I decided to polish all my mum shoes and mine too I think, I love polishing my shoes maybe sad but I like shoes to be SHINEY (lol, it is boarding house that has done this).  I sat outside in our compound (space around the house), I polished the shoes and shortly afterwards I created a scenario in my head that I was in a busy market place selling 2nd hand shoes to customers ( its called sherewere lol, i think). I was talking out loud, and trying to pretend to be a hustler/ seller etc. The next thing, mum was walking with a cane/long stick behind her back, watching me closely thinking "this girl will get the beatings of her life today"lol. I looked sideways, saw her and ran lol. She sort of  understands why I talk out loud but she does not understand why I over do it lol. She cautions me alot about talking to myself..

b)  I love DAYDREAMING, I am that  type of person I can NEVER BE BORED of my own space and company as long as my head function well AMEN. I can stay all day on my bed  and take myself to a different world and actually think about things. I have daydreamed about alot of things, it is really weird too. I have a vivid memories of some of them, being doing this since was a child so I can remember what I thought about at I think it came about from watching too much cartoons and reading novels and before you know it am daydreaming myself to sleep etc.

c) I love my space..... I just like being by myself and just doing things I am used to. Again, as a child most esp on holidays I am always by myself we weren't allowed to play with other children  (my mum fears the teachings of the neighborhood children can be corrupt). When we moved house I was more isolated than ever cos we had a massive compound i.e. space and a GATE. Myself and sis did not get along much and she was alot more closer to our mum so I was always by myself most of the time. As a result, I am used to being myself and and I enjoy my space. Now as an adult, I am addicted to it, and I cherish it so much (God, help me ohh). You will not believe I am not a quiet person, am opposite.

d) I am a very DEEP person, like really deep. my mind is a stream of river it flows and flows and never stops. I think alot and sometimes I can stay on my bed and think all day and not be bored. I have thought about life, GOD, after life, existence, ANGELS, HEAVEN, DEATH,  humanity, animals, cruelty, THE BIBLE and the people that wrote it, forefathers, slavery etc. These are not one off thoughts that crosses your mind and you brush it off, I actually indulge in it.  I have taken myself to places through my mind I should never go just to see what its like  mentally. It can be very scary at times but now I am learning  to renew my mind and dwell on the things that are pure, good, holy and of good reports (before the DEVIL start manipulating my MIND, cos its starts from little non-harm thoughts and its goes deeper lol).

e) I am way too EXPRESSIVE. In everything, I do, I express. Now expressions can be interpreted in different forms. In my case, everything I do correlates, if am passionate about a topic, every part of me is talking my hands, eyes, ears etc are doing it with me. If I am reading, I will concentrate so hard it  most likely you can tell I have being reading because I will make a lot of references to what I have read most esp if it is significant. Besides that, I can publicly state what my opinions are and bold enough to tell you if I agree or disagree. This is something my lecturers, pastors, parents, friends etc can testify to. I AM NOT AFRAID TO AIR MY VIEW. Although, I am now applying what we call WISDOM and CAUTION.

There you go, there are still so much about me.  This post  sounds like recycled information broken into different bits and bobs lol.  I am  very dynamic and its interesting how my mind works but yeah do not be scared... lool.

Thanks for visiting and reading.

God is love, love on yourself and others too.

I love this song... Inspiration song for the WEEK.

Sunday 15 January 2012

Yay I am Engaged.... FINAL

As I raised my head and turned it to other side of the room, what I saw was a neat laid table  in red and red candles. The table was nicely dressed with napkins folded, and soft roses on the table. At this point, Adefemisoke was ushering me towards the table, he took my seat as a gentleman and positioned me.  I didn't know what  to say, I was just in AWE. It was a combination of many feelings rushing through me I was shocked, then surprised, then full admiration and wanted ask loads of questions but my words and my mouth failed completely. I would open my mouth and nothing and absolutely nothing was coming out. I stared into his eyes thinking should I be happy? or should be like whats going on? Like am not a romantic type of person but I guess I just was in AWE. The shock was yet to to wash over and just at that point,  his bro came in asked if we were ready order. I was like WHAT???

Me: are you kidding? what are you doing here?
Little Bro: (grinning and glancing towards Adefemisoke) errrm erm, would you like to place an order.
Me: We have been trying for many months to get you to cook for us and WOW you are here.....

The thing, Adeseyifunminyi, is a well renowned Chef, at just 24 this dude owns his restaurant  and he is a great cook and I love and love his food and he is a busy guy. Hence, seeing him was a shock and a really big one too. I know he takes his cooking to a different  level and I love it.

We ate all types of food, meals and enjoyed a nice dessert, it was just beautiful and I was beaming and beaming so much smile and I just could not remember anything and I was loving  the atmosphere, the moment, us everything just everything (its funny what a table/candles and good meal can do to you, wow). Yes, it was beautiful and I could not ask for more.

In the midst of our lovely dessert,  Adefemisoke told me  how I made him feel.

Adefemisoke: You make me feel beautiful inside and I knew what  he meant by that. He speaks in interesting ways. I remember our 2nd date, I was laughing so hard after all that had happened and he said your laughter tickles me. I was thinking how can my laughter tickle someone.  I have never known anyone that  uses expressions in the way he does. I later found out, my laughter basically arouses him and instead of  using the exact words,  he would  substitute with  other words which is interesting and new.

In this instance, when he said I made him feel beautiful inside it meant I complete him and make happy. He held both my hands  and said you are so incredible and so genuine and so real that sometimes I feel like I am in a dream but  the dreams aren't enough to show how  real you are  and words are not enough to express what I feel in the core and rawness of my inner being.

But I do know that you make me Beautiful, you make me Happy, I feel challenged and I constantly desire to be such a great person and be confident in my abilities that I can do better than yesterday and never make excuses but to learn and keep learning. This past  years I have spent and committed myself to you has been an utmost  and absolute adventure.  It  never ends, there is always something and special to always look forward to and that fills me up with joy. I can never get enough of you and I do not want to get enough of you but I really desire to make a life with you that is of great adventure and pleasant memories. I can imagine life without you and trust me it NOT PLEASANT...... for that reason I cannot imagine anymore but imagine that this life we have together will never die and will continue.

Adefemisoke: So Oluwamuinumidun,  as your name implies you make me happy and I am grateful to God and in awe of his love for blessing me with such a beautiful, stubborn, grounded, morally defined, well respected, independent, funny, open-minded, cool, hard working,  SEXY   and virtuous woman. I would like to believe I am worthy of you and worthy of our love and the beautiful foundation we have built.  I open my heart to all the possibilities we will experience together and what life has in store for us and I know we will make a fine couple, actually we do make a fine couple, we make an EXCEPTIONAL COUPLE.

Will you do me the honour of being my supporter,  advocate, helper and most importantly my WIFE.

I was in so much tears, I could not say anything other than WHAT TOOK you so long lol. No,  I did not say that. I said thank you ADEFEMISOKE for all the kind and beautiful words you have expressed and I feel so much for you in return. You are great guy with  a loving heart, you have taught me so much and helped me to relax and enjoy this beautiful adventure we have created. You are so unique and you tickle my taste buds every time and even when I make you angry you never turn away and that tells me alot about you. I am so blessed and so grateful that you compliment  me in every way possible. You are my never ending SUGAR, you accept me for me and although baffled at my ideas, you still respect me.  And YES, I want to be your supporter, I want to be your advocate, helper and WIFE.

(Exhales),so my people that was it ohh, it was fun, afterwards our immediate family came around, he had planned this all along and involved everyone apart from me. DAD and Mum congratulated and yes he asked for their permission first. It was so beautiful and  he planned everything including the dude that came to disturb me in the morning and  pulling my legs to tease me by suggesting I come to sleep over. It was part of the plan to make me stressful and yet end up with a massive smile.

NOTE: This is a fictional story and it is absolutely based on imagination. Any correlation with a real life story is pure coincidental.

I dedicate this writing to individuals that believe they will one day find their soul mate and the ones that have found them  already.  May we continue to believe.

God is love, love on yourself and others too.

Thanks for reading and visiting.

Monday 9 January 2012

Yay I am Engaged.... 2 continued.

We had a great time and we actually had fun and I felt more comfortable around him (later during the relationship, I found a)he is like that around everyone and everybody, b)he is incredibly generous c)he likes taking responsibilities). 

He asked again if I wanted to go again and said Yes and he said I should  be nice to him ohh. I agreed. We met again, this time I made little bit more effort(yay, i was slowly warming up to him). It was time to pay and this time around, I insisted I will pay and not backing down, so I paid happily (I am used to treating myself and paying for goods, I do not want anything to change that, well that was what I thought at the time). We sat down and I started munching on pop-corns smiling and  excited about the movie. I noticed he was quite not laughing even toughing the mega pop-corn we were supposed to share. 
Me: Are you ok?
Him: yeah
Me: You do not sound ok, seems like you are upset.
Him: really, but am ok.
Me: are you upset at me?
Him: refuses to look my way.
Me: is it because I paid?
Him: Yeah.
Me: why? 
Him: my ego was bruised, and am nurturing my wound. But seriously, I had it covered.
Me: ohhhh...ok.
Him: ok to you too.
Me: (thinking how do you respond to this)? errmmmm i do not feel comfortable, you keeping quiet and sulking.  I think I should go.
Him: Ok then.
Me: really.
Him: Yes, its ok.
Me: Are u coming?
Him: ermmm no.
Me:Well I have just paid for a whole movie, I think I should get my money's worth.
Him: (shrugs).
Me: (exhales, thinking should I get up and move or should I buy into his emotional trap and just end this). I thought am not usually nice, let me just try. Do you want a sorry?
Him: Well, will you meant it?
Me: You actually want it?
Him: You offered.
Me: if it will make you feel better, ok, am sorry I paid eventhough you said I will get the bill next time.
Him(smiling, grinning, looked into my eyes and said thanks for saying sorry).
Me: smiles back..(thinking, absolute weirdo, where on earth did he come from ohh??, on a lighter note, it  actually does not feel that bad to say sorry, ok, STOP IT).

After the movie, the convo in the car  went like this:

Adefemisoke:  I should have kept to my word, but I really want to treat you but you are not giving me the chance. You are Miss Independent on me, I like it that your are supportive and considerate. You forget, that this is a date, I like you and I want to express that by taking care of the needs I have placed. Splitting the bill is good when we get married (my head was like huh), but splitting bill now makes it like two friends meeting up. I do not like to feel that way.

Me: ok, I get your point, but you need to understand I take care of my own needs and going all macho on me is not attractive. I like that you want to pay for me and treat me but I have worked hard for my money why I cant I treat myself and yes we are two friends meeting up well I think we are friends. 

Him: I will learn to understand your ways and try to be open-minded. Can we hug on that. 
Me: really? (in my head, hmmmmmmm interesting dude, time will tell if this is real or fake but I shall see).

Two years and 8 months later, it is real everyday, he is like that  with his family and friends and everyone comments on how weird he is about issues. He just likes to take responsibility way too much but during the course our relationship he has learnt to share because I had to put my foot down. He  also shows his emotional side its like are you kidding me? But we have helped each other to balance things out and  I am glad I gave us a chance. He has taught me so much about myself and I have done so in return.

Back to the car park, he decided we needed to cancel and go home, he was convinced his wallet was left at Home on the fridge to be precise. By this time, I just was not in any mood, so I could not be bothered to protest just went along.

We got to his and he told me he wanted me to close my eyes,  I said Nope. I want to eat and go home, and he said please just close your eyes and hold my hand I promise I will make you smile. I said, there is nothing that can be done to make me smile. He said will at least try, so I closed my eyes and I walked in and he led me into the sitting room and told me to open my eyes. At first I was like why so many candles??? within split seconds I looked down and saw rose petals, turned to the other side and saw......

I will have to continue next time.

God is love, love on yourself and others too.

Thanks for visiting and reading.

Yay I am Engaged.... 2


Waving with love.

Back to my story...YAY

When Adefemisoke said he didn't  like my dress(pouting his lips as he said it), my  initial response was who asked you  and I went on to say what do you mean. He replied saying, I apolgoise for saying I don't like the dress but I want you to wear something reddish he wants a DANGER look tonight. I laughed and laughed some more and said danger look ke, of all looks. He cajoaled me to go into me my room to and from a random place, he presented a  box and he begged me to just wear what was in there and ask no questions. In fact, I had to promise I won't ask any questions. I said something is fishy and it does not add up. I can't place my hand on it, and he looked at me and said I just thought I surprise you. I said with a red dress??? that is not even my favourite colour. His response, precisely I wanted you to try something different for a change. 

I wore the dress and YES it was gorgeous (now I know why my sister was bugging me about my opinion on the dress, she claimed she was wearing to a wedding that had red theme). Well, I looked nice, he complimented me and took my hand, headed for the door, we had already booked a table and we were going there. We got to the private car park, it was time to pay and buy a ticket, and Adefemisoke, was all checking his pocket for his wallet. I came out as I could see he was struggling and asked what the matter was and he said I can't find my wallet, I looked at him (with this flummoxed look) you cant find your wallet . Why, was my first reply(he is always on top of things, talk about someone with COMMON SENSE, he uses his initiative to the full max, so not having his wallet on him did surprise me) I went on to say how can you not find your wallet, maybe you left it in the car. He went checked and came out and said it is still not there. That when I offered to pay for the ticket (he immediately gave me the look: pls do not humilate me look, I can handle this). He has a lot of looks, he communicates mostly through his eyes when words fail him. (I have had to learn about that side of him). Adefemisoke, is that type person that likes to be in charge, not a control freak but likes orders and yes it can come across arrogant. Well, this particular look I learnt on the first date, we went to Cinema (we met up somewhere and he insisted he wanted to pick me up, infact he begged me). 
When he asked me out on the first date, I said I was busy which I was and when it was time, he asked if I wanted a lift and I said no, I will find me way there. He was like, I insist, I will pick you up and we will go together. I was  like no, do not bother, I will make my way there and then he said, are you being stubborn for a purpose? I said No, I am not, I will make my way there. He went on to say, do you want me to beg you to pick you up? My response: errrmmmmmm why would you want to do that? 
Adefemisoke: I guess I really want to see you and picking you up will make me more excited.
Me: Ok, so this is for your own benefit right?
Adefemisoke: I guess so, but I really want to pick you up to beat the traffic.
Me: You and I both know, my zone does not have much traffic, I know you itching to see more, but I will make my way there. In fact let  make a deal, will make my way halfway and you can pick me up.
Adefemisoke: why are you stubborn?
Me: I am not, it is you that does not understand I want to make my way part.
Adefemisoke: Ok, I agree you should make your way.
Me: Thank you.
Phone conversation ended.

5 mins later, my phone rang.

Adefemisoke: I will take you on the other offer seems fair. What time will you be ready?
Me: (grinning).
We went on the date as agreed, he was looking nice, even better than I imagined, I made an ounce effort but not much(to be honest, I didn't want him to know whether I was attached at this stage). He scrubbed up good, nice shave, hair cut, cologne... man was goooooooddddd... yet I did not show it lol.

We approached the till, and I brought out my card to pay and (the look on his face as in the HORROR, and then afterwards admiration and then compliment thank you, but I am paying( the worker at the till, please make a decision). Me: pls take my card. 
Adefemisoke: No, I am paying.
Me: Ok, we will both pay.
Him: No, I am paying. 
Me: Why  can't we split the bill?
Him: Ok, please can I explain something, (pauses and then smiles) I appreciate the fact you want to share the bill, I think it is considerate and sweet. But can I please pay this once and let go inside and enjoy the movie.
Me:Ok, fine, but I will get the next bill. deal 
Him: Deal.

I will have to continue next time.

God is love, love on yourself and others too.

Thanks for reading and visiting.

Sunday 8 January 2012

Yay I am Engaged..... continued.

At exactly, 6pm he was already at the door using the spare key I gave him to let himself in, I had to text him to do that. There was no way I would be ready at 6pm, when I am not a robot, which he knows lol. (a private joke we share). I could tell he was in the sitting room and me in the bathroom (I have been called athena for this, I can hear anything most especially within the home or a house or a small building, I am not entirely sure where I got this talent as I call it which can be good/bad sometimes). But, Dad says maybe because I was mildly blind as a child before my operation at five years old, I had to use my ears to sense alot of things. I knew he was already sitting down, looking around (he tends to do that, very nosey guy/curious). He notices anything new that has been bought either for decorations purposes or something else. He called out to say he was in and I should be quick, I could tell from his voice he was still angry and even more that I am still in the bath at 6pm.

By 6:30, I was ready and all fine to go and he was like I don't like your dress and am like who asked you. OK,  its not what you think, myself and Adefemisoke are straight talking individuals infact if there was anything that sealed it for me it was the 2nd date we went on and his approach to talking back struck me (in a good way).

 I will take you on a little memory lane.

I met him briefly at a real estate investment conference, where I was co-coordinating an event so I had to be everywhere helping out. I remember someone stopping me, introducing themselves and asking to speak with one of the key speakers afterwards and my response was, am sorry we are fully booked and it is not possible for him to speak with you nor anyone. I went on to say he is really busy, please come back next time we have another event such as this. He did not give up, he cajoled me, encouraged me, gave all the reasons in the world as to why he needed to see him asap. I remember replying coldly, I am sorry that you have been waiting this long, as I said he is busy and fully booked. He looked at me with so much hatred in his eyes and I smiled in his face and I knew that would hurt even more. (I can be very mean and I have told am mean as a brass, yes, when people do not understand NO and try to get a YES, NO is NO.   I have being fired from two jobs for being to over-generous and soft, all because I listen to petty stories etc). Having said that, I have never always been liked that, I was always soft, gentle and sweet but sometimes when life throws a stone at you, you learn to duck.

Back to the story, I did remember saying to him that I could have his card and book him for the next appointment which was barely 3 months away. He looked at me with this cold in his eyes and left. Later that day, I saw him speaking with that particular speaker and I was thinking how on earth did he manage to squeeze himself in (what I didnt know at the time and later realized is that, Adefemisoke, does not back down and the more you say NO/turn him down, the more he will fight). It turned out he is   friends with the speaker and had to pay him a surprise visit as he was in town.

Fast forward 3 months later, I went for a BBQ in my hometown  with my cousin to one of his friends who was celebrating his birthday/anniversary, he married his wife on his birthday (interesting). After much persuasion/nagging  from him on how much I work  and do not play much or relax, and how I love staying behind close doors all the time and my life is passing away with grey hair growing etc. I decided I had enough of the insults and I chose to go with him.  He introduced to the couple, congratulated them and excused myself to get me  some nice fries and nice beef burger.. hmmm food. I was eating munching on the burger when my cousin came with this rather dark nice looking guy and I thought nice, if only I knew (from afar he was smiling and I thought he has  nice teeth/smile, and as he got closer the burger in mouth started tasting funny and thinking is it me or the burger or the guy). It was too late I could not spit out the munched burger and  for some reason I could recall his face, out of all the people I come in contact with, is his face I can remember(smh). My cousin at this point was next to me and was telling me his name and his occupation and I remember him introducing me  saying  "this is my  beautiful cousin I was telling you about, the beauty and brain of the family". I just stood there with my mouth full of burger and watched how this dude was acting all gentlemanly, and shaking my hands and saying my name is unusual but nice. My cousin was asking if it was alright for him to give him my phone number and I wanted to say no but my head was nodding instead of shaking....(am sure you have been in one of those situations u meant NO but people think you meant YES because the signal was wrong or words fail you).

After that incident, I didn't receive anything or a call for two weeks (not that I was expecting it, in fact I prayed he had lost my number and I was free).Little did I know, there was more to come,  during the week I received a text saying he had been really busy and intended to call me but his family came to town. In my head I was thinking, right so what am I suppose to say. I did not reply to that text as I did not know what to say, but I left it and later during the week, he called me and my initial reaction was its him and I should not pick. It was too late my hand had already clicked on call button I said  hello and he said hi (my actions were failing me seriously, my brain thought and the signal received is wrong).

A mini scenario on how the conversation played out:

  He was still polite, and I thought is this dude playing me about, (I dont know what it is but I just always expect people to be mean or maybe because I can be mean sometimes I do not expect people to be nice in return). He actually was  nice and friendly and I kept thinking, why me and why are you nice and Yes I had to ask. Why are you so nice to me and he  said am I? I am like yes you are being nice, as in really polite and soft spoken and he responded ermmm that me I am nice and soft spoken. I said I guess you do not remember what happened few months back or have  you forgiven and moved on. He was like what are you talking about, I am like the conference. There was a silence on the phone and I said,  I actually behaved badly, I should not have, I was really stressed out. I apologised and he  said he it was cool. Its cool I find myself saying, and he was like yes its cool. That it, COOL???  He said yes that is it, it is cool, do you want me to say anything else. I said yes, as in say what your thoughts are of  me. He replied, I have no thoughts and I was aghast, you have no thoughts??. He said, can we please drop it, I have no thoughts, you were doing your job. I was desperate, a little too desperate that I was actually begging you to do this for me but fact is I knew the rule because I used to be a speaker at such conferences. When people over-book me I get really upset and stressed out. Yes, I should not have pressured you like that, I guess I was over-desperate and about those looks,  I do it when I want people to feel bad. I guess you didn't feel an ounce bad and went on to smile in my face (The truth was I felt bad and horrible, but I always put on a nice mask).

He said, instead of being upset, he was impressed, usually people would have given in under those looks. But I stood my ground and was firm, to him that was a first.  At this point, my thoughts were great I  have found myself in a awkward situation (lol,  but his attitude was so upfront I did not know how to challenge back and for the record, I was not like YAY he was impressed. I wanted him to say things like You are mean, you are so mean, that what am used).

Anyhoo, that was how we started talking and talking and kept on talking for days, weeks, months and after 2months. He asked me out to go on a date with him. I remember we decided to do a low key i.e. go to the Cinema.

Please I have to continue next time.

Thanks for reading.

Stay tuned.

God is love, love on yourself and others too.

Yay I am Engaged.....

Hello People of Love,

There is this gist I have been keeping for days and weeks now and I am finally sharing it with you today.. YAY.

I have being dying,,,  as in dying with excitement to spill the beans  that I am officially engaged to my one and only ADEFEMISOKE. Like, seriously I am going to be a Wife and possibly a Mother, Daughter Inlaw, Sister Inlaw etc. This is like a new territory, a new beginning , a new lifestyle, a new whatever. It sounds exciting and at the same you cannot comprehend the possibilities and impossibilities regarding the journey marriage has in store..(wipes imaginary sweat off my forehead lol). It is truly a blessing to be engaged and set to my marry my incredible, unpredictable, spontaneous, intelligent, sexy, witty, romantic, kind, AWESOME AWESOME Godly and attractive friend/fiance.  He is like WOW and that all I can say.

How did he propose and what he actually did, well it started as normal  day, actually not that normal. I had been a on business trip to another State and it was a three days conference on consumer electronics, market etc. A massive conferences where all the employees all over the world that holds this position has to end. It was long,  dragged up three days and I was absolutely  knackered. It was not the event that actually stressed me out, it was the constant tasks that was given to me  by my Assistant Director that made it even more annoying and tiring.  I hated it and all I longed and dreamt for was my little, cosy apartment and my  lovely double bed with nice creamy bedsheets, my silky deep brown duvet. All in all, I just wanted to coil up and just sleep, like forever if I could. I was exhausted  and immediately I arrived, I went straight for my bed  actually the kitchen (i love food and sometimes due to work commitment like this, I eat at anytime during the day, what can I say,I burn fat/calories faster than the average person even when eating. Besides, my body is sort of used to it, but it is a habit that has to stop). Within 2 hours, showered, ate some gorgeous food made and dropped off by my Mum before I came home  and briefly spoke with my now FIANCE(it sounds weird calling him that(giggles).

I had said my goodnight although it was only 8am in the morning, I was to close my eyes and I did, and started to drift to dream land as in I was already seeing pony's dolphins, blue sky with rainbow.. Suddenly, all I could hear was loud banging, I didn't know exactly where it was coming from but my dolphins, pony's blue sky etc were all disappearing and I was thinking to myself  why why why. Then, I slowly drifted into reality i.e. opening my eyes to make out where the banging noise was all coming from, it turned out it was my apartment and my own door. I looked at the time, barely 9am on  a Saturday morning, it did not take me a sec to start mourning who was at my door and at this time and  I was not expecting anyone. I picked up my phone to check for any messages concerning who might be at the door. I quickly called   ADEFEMISOKE to ask him if he was at the door (that guy is unpredictable)... It turned out it was not him, the door was still banging, he encouraged me to go and check who was at my door. I used my peeping hole, I could not make out the face and it seems the person was hiding it too, from what I saw he looked like a  rough looking works man that had a massive green tool box. I proceeded to ask through my door, who he was and what he wanted. He replied, saying he was doing maintenance in the neighborhood and my house was next.

In my head, I was like neighborhood.... without any notice from the council or letter, I immediately replied wrong house, go away there is nothing wrong here. As I was talking to him, Adefemisoke was on the line and I immediately withdrew from my door to my room (can you imagine such insult, waking me up from my beauty sleep). As I walked to my room, Adefemisoke suggested I should come over to his and sleep over since this maintenance guy won't go away. Without hesitation, I turned down his offer and said no, sleep over nooo. I want my own bed and beauty sleep and if he does not leave, I will increase my music, at this rate I can sleep under anything. Adefemisoke, still insisted he wanted me to come over and he would pick me up straight away and I insisted with my NO. The truth is, I do not feel comfortable sleeping over at people's houses most especially guys, call me traditional but I just cannot/wont do it. I could go over and spend time there but sleep over, it was not in me. It is down to my upbringing, and its funny when I try to change that but I found out its  was not for me. He was always amazed at the fact that I could not sleep over at his, nor allow him to sleep over at mine. I told him its the way my mind is, I don't what it is but I find it extremely hard to sleep at people's houses or hotels or any other rooms. I am very mindful of people's hygiene, I probably could hack hotels, because it necessary, hence I would ask for a new bedspread or newly washed ones. Besides, my dad's warning against sleeping over at man's house still rings in my head. "Oluwamuayomidun, do not ever sleep in a man's house ohh, do not sell yourself short, I do not care if you are dating him, seeing him, relationship with him, do not sleep there, you are not his neither is he your husband" this is what my dad would say. I would answer what if there was an emergency dad, and he would look at me funny "that sort of look that goes emergency is not an excuse".

Need less to say, I have been abiding by this rule, how sad/weird  as it seems, all my sisters except for our middle that actually broken the no sleeping in a man's house code. It is not a big deal but I cannot do it. I have tried to explain this to previous ex's in the past and they always felt I had issues. I didnt care, I stand by my rules and that is that, I proceeded to remind Adefemisoke, who practically now recites the whole thing to me. Moving on, I insisted that I wanted to go back to sleep and he should leave him alone I said it in a harsh tone because I was getting all worked up by now, my brain was already screaming sleep sleep sleep. I went to sleep and yes I slept and slept and slept and slept until it was like 5:00pm when my  alarm's phone won't stop ringing . I was a little annoyed,  but I guess it was actually time to wake up, I picked up the phone despite it been switched off, it will still ring like no mans business. This particular type alarm was set to remind me of appointments, am always on errands and a reminder is life saver. I looked at it and it turned out myself and Adefemisoke had decided to go out this evening at 6pm.

I am going to have to continue this some other time.

Please stay tuned...

God is love, love on yourself and on others too...

Thanks for visiting and reading.

Saturday 7 January 2012

Hair Update and New Cut......

Hello People of the Word,

Hello people of  the world, spice up your life, every boy and every girl.. spice up of ur life ahhhhh Hold Tight.. lol thats a song lyrics from Spice Girls.. it was in my head.. funny.

Ok to a much serious note, I have had an hair cut (YAY), its a bob but I had a different picture of what I wanted compared to the one I have now, but  he sort didnt get it but I like this look so I will just move on.

I will update you on how far the hair ripped has grown and I will just pics of my new cuts..
So Please enjoy...

August 2011               December 2011                         December 2011

You can pretty much tell most of the hair grew back. I had my hair in kinky twist from October -December 2011 (not good, it ripped out some of my baby hair in the front. It does not matter it has grown back now).

January 2012


 New Hair Cut 2012
And this Rihanna hairstyle was what I wanted or similar...

That all for was so annoying uploading these pics cos I wanted to put more but this blog was not giving me that opportunity more like the presentation was not coming out the way I like..

Enjoy this Spice Girls song....

God is love, love on yourself and others too...

Thanks for visiting..

Monday 2 January 2012

My hair promised.


Waving with love.

I am uploading some images on the current state my hair was  in 2010 and 2011 and I am yet to upload what it looks like now, cos I do not have my usb stick on me. I am currently in spending time with my family in our family home.

I said in my last post, my hair ripped off badly, it was affected by stress and lack of care caused by alot of things e.g. the break-up, work etc.

Warning: some of the contents contains some disturbing images.

The hair rip, as I call it, went around my head sort of, it was as if someone had a pair scissors and cut my hair, I have never experienced such before (for time for everything hehe). Besides, I blame the weave, I kept it on for far too long and that coupled with stress, I could not see myself and the damages happening to my hair (i have learnt from experience now).

This pic was taken in December 2010 after relaxing,

January- Feburary 2011

Feb 2011  most likely relaxed.

I rocked this style though. I basically, combed up my hair forward, and pinned it down.

I also rocked this style/look.
 I think I look about 25 in this pic... yepa.

March 2011

 This one too, i dont like the pic, but its here for hair progress reasons. I was on my way to Church.

There are more to uploads.... so stay tuned.

I did not put my hair in weave or plaits in almost 8 months. I wanted the ripped hair to grow and it did.

Thanks for reading.

God is love, love yourself and on others too.

Sunday 1 January 2012

Blog Update 2012

Hello Blogsville,

I have plans for my Blog and determined to take it more seriously and actually more posts (so help me God).

Things to watch out for this coming Month 2012.
a) Update picture on my hair and the state it was before (I did try to do it but Google Chrome crashed).
b)Post a series on my hair cut (if i do have one).
c)Release  a series on one of my stories (I have been working on).

Well that its for now.

I am determined to stay on top of my blogging activities..... YAY.

In the mean time: Enjoy some of my fav songs from 2011.


God is love, love on yourself and others too....

Happy New YEAR its 2012.... YIPPIEEEE...

Hi Blogsville,




THANK U AWESOME KING.................

I am obviously over delighted and expressive for this New

Why not: I have a lot to be thankful for and I am determined to make this year my own.... YES MY OWN. I am going to make sure it takes me a step closer to my destiny... YAY.

I spent mine NEW YEAR IN CHURCH.. yes it is a tradition in our family to do so, besides am so used it I can't imagine not breaking into the New YEAR in Church.. what?? Most importantly, I have a believe in JESUS and power of declaration and  I am so grateful despite all the enemies handiwork to attack my faith last year.. I will not be moved or shaken.

My Blessings for you:  I declare into this year that all that is good, great, golden, pure, blessed and clean is forever yours. You and your family will not know any sorrows, pain, regrets, failures, disheartening news or anything negative.

Every plans of the enemies concerning your life this  YEAR is frustrated in JESUS NAME.
Each month will count for a bountiful purpose and greater achievements.

You nor your household will die of any infirmities, afflictions and sicknesses.

I join my faith with as many as are believing for anything either healing, job employments, open doors, breakthroughs, deliverance, the fruit of the womb, a better and stable marriage, the bone of your bone, promotions, better relationships, fulfilling purposes etc anything at all you are believing God that is of good report and virtue, it is done in his name. I pray this year will be your year of declaration and testimonies.

Be blessed.

Yes I pray ohh... dont try

God is love, love yourself and on others too...


Our lives will forever be HAPPY come what may.

Can I get an AMEN........


I definitely sound like some sort of minister lol...

I am just a lady blessed with FAITH... THE POWER OF DECLARATION.. Never Underestimate.

Welcome Back!!!

Thank you for visiting. Comments, Views, Opinions, Expressions, Ideas etc etc are all welcome.. Hello Beautiful People, How's ever...