Monday 26 November 2012

Observations in its Finest…… Part 1

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Hello sweetcakes,

Thank you to all my last comments on my post. It was nice hearing from you

This is post is about my interesting views or should I say ideologies.

As a thinker lol or more of a philosopher as I possess a lot of time thinking/questioning with  varied views  to show for it (pls laugh) lol. I have gathered some interesting observations which I often regularly display as my Fb status (bless fb) it definitely knows my banter never runs dry although I have a season when I can’t be bothered to update but there are days when am on it. *giggles* 

Back to the topic of today, I will be talking about some of my observations in its finest…

1)      Perfection: Ha, I laugh or smile at the mere sight of this word or name. I don’t believe in perfection because I think it’s flawed. It flawed because it does not allow room for developments, improvements, repentance, mistakes, failures and open-mindedness. As a result, when people say “nobody is perfect “, I sure do hope they mean we are all capable of falling and rising because in doing so, we find the deepest treasure which makes us who we are. Although, I  believe some of us  use the word as a form of excuse i.e. when we mess up (due to our own mere  foolishness or carelessness)  and we come up with the perfect excuse  "nobody is perfect". Yeah, I guess but it is not a validation to make ourselves  feel better when we have the opportunity to learn from it and avoid making such mistakes next time. 

2)      Laughter: Wow, it is awesome to laugh. Some of us find it unpleasant to laugh ridiculously loud or to allow ourselves to laugh with all our heart, mind and soul (but obviously you have to be aware of your surroundings). I don’t laugh easily but I love laughing as in love it. When an opportunity comes to grin my 32, I don’t hesitate on going for it. It not even about the medicinal wareva it does to your soul or mind (although it can be medicinal). I just think it amazing that we have the opportunity to LAUGH to free ourselves and mind.  I believe that is a blessing in itself (pls don’t get me started on why it is).

3)      Greediness: so we all try to justify why we are greedy and like to shine our eyes to what is not ours and will never be or what we cant afford etc. As humans lying to ourselves is a lot more palatable than to admit i.e.being honest. So when it comes to someone that constantly wants and wants wants, it becomes a call of concern. Why: is this what life is all about? WANTING… is this the legacy that should befit anyone (hmmm that person kia when he/she was alive they were so greedy now they are gone, there is plentiful) .Dust we came dust we will return. WOW that phrase is so true. Lets  understand everything stays here therefore, we should try not to be greedy, there is plenty for everyone (ministering to me btw when it comes to buffet kia..).

4)      WANT/NEED: Not everyone can actually depict the difference between those two words. It took me a while through (meditation) to actually gather what the difference is. Clearly, I have forgotten my biology lesson it was called integrated science when I was primary school in Nigeria (can’t believe I recall that lol). Besides, it took me a while for the Maslow theory to sink in after years of studying it and referencing it to my assignments (weird stuff).
Needless to say, the inability to clearly differentiate between the two words and their characteristics leaves me no room but to say WOW, what a sad life. Lol. If  we  think we need something instead of  admitting we want then we will find ourselves going around in circles seeking nothing but void, wasting time, energy and most likely plentiful resources  The ability to tell the difference and actually understand each characteristics is a better way to ensure we manage our resources respectfully that means we try to live within our means.
Besides, if  we as a individuals  want to be needed or wanted inform of a "need" i.e. your contribution is highly regarded, I think  as a person, I would recommend we first become  a  NEED. I believe this happens by  working on ourselves, our inner attributes, developing our talent, finding the virtue in us and practicing what we speak. It creates an immediate illusion that we are perfect lol. am kidding. It most likely people will be drawn to such amazing character and want to get to know such people more or be around them (not in all cases). Working on ourselves is a continuous process, it never stops so  Is it EASY?  HELL YEAH lol am being sarcastic, it is not easy but it is worth it. While we are at it, I find pouring our heart to our maker helps a lot(in my case God). One more thing, a need is something you can’t do without i.e. basic things like food, water/shelter and want lol (go check the Maslow theory).

5)      Humility: WOW although rare I can’t stress it importance. There is something and peculiar and irresistibly attractive about people that possess such quality, they are not stupid neither dumb but boi they have the greatest simplicity by letting go of their pride and   admitting to a mistake and taking responsibility too. Something that is very hard in the very least but to actually admit and be honest to yourself and others is cool. I myself have had to learn over the years (still learning) with the help of the Holy Spirit and maturity to develop this character.  This character is very helpful even when you don’t see it, other people see it  and will most likely appreciate your character, trust your judgement, excuse your mistakes and vouch for you. I think the most important thing of all; it builds your credibility and reputation. Not forgetting, God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. *winks*

6)      Credibility: Pls Google the word to get the exact meaning. How many people can say this about you? My P (pastor)  preached on parents teaching their children not to lie yet they exhibit the examples of a liar. For instance, a friend calls, you tell the child to pick up the message but should not mention you are around. Now, whilst my Mum taught us lying is WRONG, couple of times she did instruct us to inform the caller she is not around and I never thought it was a lie but I got the cue she didn't want to speak with the person. Looking back I suppose you can say it’s a lie and am sure she has her own reasons. What am I saying?
Children watch and emulate things from people around them and some children might actually think their parents are lying for denying they are not around yet they are told  to always tell the "truth" Contradicting in the very least but there you go. Although, whilst  you think saying a lie will not be of bother but to the children it pretty much works against your transparency  and authenticity to follow your league. I would  recommend always explaining  things to them that way they would understand your decisions no matter how little they are.

Besides, we can’t say the government, society etc are not credible when us the MAN/WOMAN in the mirror is lacking terribly in this department. In essence, as we are pointing the finger, the rest is pointing back to us  “ You HYPOCRITE first remove the PLANK in your eye before your remove the sprint in another person’s eye”(find it Matthew 7:5). Not that I think J sweet (my name for JESUS cos I think he is actually sweet) meant that we should not rebuke others but we should ensure that we are transparent and credible in all our dealings first/ and admit when we aren't,  that way we can teach or inspire  each other.

I will stop here. Hope to continue some other time.

P.s. Pls feel free to add more or suggest. xx

Christmas is coming…….. WOW, another grand traditional festive season is here, each person claiming to be celebrating love or birth of Jesus or just following tradition. I think for some others it a mixture of everything.

Stay Awesomely Wholesome (just coined it.. lol x).

God love is pure, holy, untainted and very warm too…. Hmmmm feels good… xxx

Tuesday 20 November 2012

In the Case of.....

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Hello lovers of life, destiny and beyond,

Ok, so I will make this post as quickish and short in comparison to the last one. I am truly learning to compose snappy/straight to the point post that is easy to read and understand. Pardon the longgggg posts in the past. Well done for reading it too.. kudos. lol.

Thank you to all that read my post/ glance through and scroll down and don’t bother reading lol. To all that read and comment. I appreciate. xxx

Quick intro into one of my weird personality and attitudes, I am very peculiar without a doubt.  I can’t place my finger on it but I can be very forceful in what I stand for and don’t stand for. However, am learning to change that method of approach or should I say be of less of a force and know where to direct and redirect the energy from within lol..(meditating as of now lol).

 There are times when people or should I say, I hear things and my immediate reaction is cut off, leave it and DELETE. Speaking of HARSH, it instances where people will talk about/mourn about a friend, colleague or a dude that they find annoying, rude or unpleasant and still stick with them. Whilst my immediate reaction is CUT THEM OFF, No excuses JUST CUT THEM OFF, that not always the solution. I realised sometime it doesn't not work that way all the time. Sometimes when people talk about the unpleasant  things  is cos they need to offload what on their mind and it’s your prerogative to ask them what they intent to do about the situation Rather being ah, cut them off, delete and denounce lol, etc etc. I keep quiet ask the person what they think the solution is and allow them to figure it out. I learnt doing things this way for once saves me a) Headache b) fuming/frustration c) understanding and able to gauge when to react and not react at all. If anything the person in question probably knows what to do about the situation.  I allow myself to sense where their line of reasoning is before I offer opinions and ideas if at all I need to do that (keep mute and nod).I also consider that life is a learning process and experiences is the ONLY teacher and character building  is the evidence.

Needless to say, my solution on how I deal with some issues is not something that is or will be applicable to other people solutions. Some people think deleting someone that is of no use to them/contributing  nather (nothing) to their life is considered rude whilst for me it so sane after all you and I both know we are of no use to each other so why the pretence. If we happen to be the in the future, Great, if we don’t GREAT. Either way, life is good.

It dawned on me (through meditation, *loves*) that forcing our ways on other people is not always the greatest step to take in helping. We should listen and search for cues that tells us whether or not the person in question is asking for advice or willing to take on the offer, if at all they are ready to do what it takes.

How do you approach a situation when you know you are right and the other person just decides to stick to their guns yet they come and mourn/complain? Or simply mourn/complain and you know nothing you say will do anything cos their mind is pretty much made up.   It can’t be easy though but prayer is key.

Thanks for reading.

Meanwhile, learning Chinese lang Mandarin is going well but kia my pronunciation  (according my sis is bad).lol.

Ni ri li ya in Mandarin... Guess which country? lol
JESUS IS LORD, KING and a friend. xxx

Friday 9 November 2012

To be NICE or NOT to be NICE.....

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Hello My People,

How are you and how body?

Well done o, its FRIDAY, TIME TO BOOGEY (not). lol .Perhaps time to relax and throw your legs up.  Hope you have had a lovely week and a nice stress free weekend is coming along just fine... hehe. xxx
Thankful for  life and  Thank God for the opportunity to be here. Congrats to OBAMA and his people  I pray he fulfills purpose in this forth coming years.

Thank you to my new and old followers xxxxxxx

Like most of my post, there are usually inspired by an event, a situation, personal experience, Holy Spirit, external stories etc etc. Today's post is no different although I had planned a different blog post.  I  felt compelled to write on this post.

I like to maybe elaborate or contribute on this TOPIC "NICE". One of the things I have come to understand in life is, it is very dynamic AS IN dynamic that my mind cannot comprehend. Each time or every now and then you hear stories that will not only send shock waves through your system but you leave you stunned for the rest of the day and just when you think you have heard it all, you hear another one that tops it. No wonder I am sometimes nonchalant because this sums it all " What has been will be again, What has been done will be done again, THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN" Eccles 1:9. However you chose to interpret this is up to you. But it plain to me that there is nothing new under the SUN and it is applicable to anything. Therefore, I try not to worry myself sick or drive myself insane when I come in contact  hear or see something that is absurd or out of place.

This post is not really about that, again I digress. This is about something entirely different and much more thought provoking or at the very least interesting. Lol. Kia, am so ermm whats the word CHARACTER. hehe.

Before we start the post: let me provide some definition?

What is NICE: According to my Oxford Dictionary, it means 1. Pleasant or Kind, 2. Precise or careful.

My own definition: It includes the combination of the definition above, but add in respect, good sincere heart, good spirit, clean motives, positive aura, friendly, generous, sweet, encouraging, humble, polite, helpful, supportive, grateful, thankful,  lovable and approachable. In a nutshell, to be NICE you to have posses really good qualities and willing to go the extra mile if need be. My summary if I say you are nice, I MEAN you have really awesome qualities that has summed up who you are.
Note: I make room for nice people to make mistakes, to have  mean sides although not horrible ones but manageable ones lol, nobody is PERFECT as long as they are HUMBLE to recognize it.. 

I think our idea of "nice" is subjective. some might think outspoken people are not nice (my friend thinks am not nice cos I told someone not to use their bare hands to touch my food)Yikes, I didn't think that was part of it, I guess I could  have been less dramatic sha or  nicely told them that I have a phobia with people using their unwashed hands to  touch my food in my face, cos you just touched your top and your hair to say the least, ewwww i prefer my own bacteria. thank you very much. lol.. Am random.

Back to the post, I have come to an observation because humans are generally unpredictable and  it is fair to say having expectations  can be good and in some cases healthy but it needs to managed respectfully if at all one chooses to have  expectations. Generally, some of us are of extreme nature where we over do it to the point where nothing much can be said whilst some of us are moderate. Extremism can be applicable to anything anything at all from eating to gossiping to fighting to insulting to helping to generosity etc etc lists are ENDLESS.

I have come across both moderate people and extreme people in certain areas, some people are nice to a fault, emphasis to a FAULT. It means they are nice regardless of all and people take advantage of them because they are nice, although some people with such quality (blessing at times) might complain and even rage that they will not be caught helping people again or someone in that situation but ermm give them few days and  they are quick to forgive and forget and are  helpful again. While this is a good trait(if not awesome), it can also have some damaging consequences that leaves the nice   person  to suffer terribly. As a result, some nice people might chose to be mean or develop a mean tactic not only to  avoid people that tend to take advantage  but to protect themselves and maybe some seek/take revenge. Some nice people that have been hurt due to doing good and being helpful sometimes find themselves becoming mean and more mean because people generally assume their niceness as a form of weaknesses and take advantage of it. I sympathize but   some nice people are also very unassuming and I think this is where my thin line comes in.

There is a difference between NICE and being a PURE MUGU(gullible), lol, sorry but its true. Some of us our niceness and innocent thoughts about people have led us to make wrong decisions or as a result found ourselves in a very awkward situation. The  assumption is generally placed when we see certain people appear in such a way that "you chose to ignore the warning  sign" cos YOU "ASSUME" or should I say "Like to think" such people are not out there to get you. WRONG. Once beaten, twice shy.  Not everyone is nice and some people have ulterior motives. Therefore, before we think its our niceness that landed us into trouble(partly) but  it probably largely attributed to our naivety,stupidity  in some cases and lack of discernment i.e. ability to be a judge of good character which comes with experience, wisdom, understanding and God direction.

If you are nice person with over generosity attribute or any great attribute, be sure people will not only look to take advantage but they WANT and WILL take advantage. Like a predator studies its prey that how some mean people with ulterior motives will study their victims. So before we get all soppy and full  of excuses,learn to follow your instincts if it does not feel right, IT DEFINITELY NOT RIGHT until proven otherwise.. DO NOT TRY to make up excuses, if all the actions are proving to be an unworthy situation in the end, take a step back and study that situation again with YOUR SENSES open.

The other thing I have come to observe is, there will always be MEAN PEOPLE, just like there will always be "RICH AND POOR". There are people that posses unaccommodating mean sides it just terrible i.e. UNBEARABLE at all costs. Some of us think not  showing niceness (some people consider "niceness" as vulnerability)   will eventually wade off people that are genuinely mean.
Well, WRONG.

Quick Definition
Mean to me means? Someone that lacks regard for other people's emotions, feelings, thoughts and welfare. Someone that is full HATE, full of evil thoughts and NEVER wish good for anyone or to those around them. Someone full of ENVY, JEALOUSY, OBSESSED with negative/evil connotations. Someone that takes  advantage of people whether poor, helpless or better of, someone that toils with other peoples emotions, someone that keeps long term malice in hope to punish other people for wrong doings, harbor unforgiveness, and enjoy wrecking/destroying lives. Someone that derives pleasure in seeing bad things happen to people that they ENVY and feeds of it. Someone that lacks respect  self control, regard to society, humanity, LAW, unrepentant etc etc. My lists goes on. Generally, someone that posses bad  and horrible traits with Ulterior Motives.

 We think  that  to stop being nice will make mean people hurt us less. WRONG. Have you head of this phrase" Watch out for false prophets", "They come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly they are FEROCIOUS WOLVES". Pls Google the word FEROCIOUS oo, kia. Matt  7:15. Sweet J, said it.
 From what I gather, it means anyone can pretend to be what they want you to see or what you would like to see (which is the outer appearance) but inside their hearts they have a plan, a very cunning, deceitful deep  plan and that their TRUE self.  Lest I forget, the advice works really well with this "The heart of man is deceitful above all things, and DESPERATELY wicked, "who can know it"? Jeremiah 17:9. What am I saying, our ulterior motives, if only we can see it. WOW, not even wicked,  it is DESPERATELY wicked, surely we cant comprehend PEOPLE'S THOUGHTS. We can try but that about it.

My point is, we cant change our virtuous qualities because we want to disguise our  NICENESS or try to appear MEAN in order to avoid being hurt or taking advantage of. Newsflash, you are NICE. PERE(that it). It is what is it. However,  you are suppose to learn and understand that there are people who will show appreciation, people who would not even bother to say "Thank you", people that will even badmouth you after all you have done for them. Well, that where you learn to manage your expectations. Knowing fully well that humans are unpredictable and can surprisingly  appear  good and  convincing,  yet full of CRAP. lol. You need to learn how  to deal with it positively  and MOVE ON. You will not be the first person to fall for their culprit/conniving plans  and  certainly wont be the last. Aim to learn from the situation, think about it whether you allowed it, check yourself and gather courage and learn to build the character you were supposed to build during your encounter which such person or situation.

The thing is, you will always get the mean people once in awhile or for a long period of time. Whether they are your inlaws, family members or  colleagues etc.  In some instances, you can communicate your feelings with them,  some might understand, and sometimes you just have to  prayerfully learn manage their character and learn to deal with them respectfully.

As for me, I  dont like MEAN or  excessively mean people, I think they are WEAK and some of them are like that based on different situations whatever the reasons are.Besides,  it could just  be their own way of dealing with their own insecurities. Depending, on the severity of the crime that has been done or the pain afflicted, I am able to a degree see  beyond the pain a mean person has  inflicted. I suppose I analyse things deeper than the surface.

Besides,  I had my mean side too, although not extreme  in fact perhaps much more immature at the time. Need less to say,  I had a lot of anger in me, I had a lot of hatred for people that did me wrong whether  little or big. I kept strong hateful malice where I RESENT the person that has done me wrong even when they apologise (but I think that was a product of my environment, most Nigerians I know in Nigeria likes KEEPING MALICE alot, in fact they breed it,  and I think it is a  disgusting/vulgar trait to posses and we are all SUSPICIOUS of each other (i hate it).  Anyhoo, I traced my issue to my childhood and as a child I was blamed for most things that went wrong, my sis would do wrong and  blackmail me,  I was usually defendless and I took the blame. It was the same everywhere, I took the blame for the fear of the unknown and I hated my sister for that (we have settled it now). I became fierce and loud and a bully (not extreme bully sha but I can come across like that if I put on my harsh tone) but them days in Niaj I will pick on people that I knew couldn't fight for themselves cos that was what happened to me. People called me RUDE or this and that(that is not a good name).

In boarding house then, I would get punished for telling a senior about themselves (hahaha, I dont regret that one oo), still they will beat me and I will cry but my mouth was RAZOR. lol. I feel bad for the friends I tormented oo or  the people I terrorized. Now, I cant even keep malice, in fact I feel horrible when I have a disagreement with someone and we ended on a bad note even if its the other person @fault I still feel bad. But once we talk about it am good. It took  PRAYER, deliverance sef,( am not exaggerating) Grace, Maturity and Holy spirit.  Now if you hurt me, I will prolly cry if need be, clean my tears and MOVE ON. I like crying oo, cos it means am letting it out and not holding back, it helps with my healing process and forgiveness  Crying does not mean you are WEAK, if anything I think it means the situation has sunk in and there is no other way to express than through tears as words fail you.  In some cases, it just feels better to cry. I cry and I sleep like a baby afterwards lol so I forget the situation. But really, I do abit of everything to clear my mind which is praying, talking about it, documenting it and eventually learning from it and MOVING ON.

 It is  good to know about yourself because it not shocking when someone tells you are this or that, am cool with someone telling me I think am better than this and I will say yes, not only do I think it,  I KNOW IT. I am a very opinionated, there you go, call it PRIDE Yes, there is pride in a bit of us but for me am mostly teasing  hmm  ( let just say I  think I like to think am teasing lol).... I used to be very FULL OF MYSELF but am learning to calm down if not calm already, am much more humble and willing to listen to others and learn from others cos whether I like it or not they actually make some sense most times and it adds to my wealth of knowledge.. whoppi.  (Experience is not only the best teacher, IT IS THE ONLY TEACHER).

I will stop here, I didn't talk about myself to rub it on anyone faces (Even though it might across like that, I apologise) i said it  to give an example that we are all on this journey and we are dynamic in nature. We can learn together and be better together.  In conclusion, be NICE but learn to apply wisdom and manage expectations(keep praying for grace too xx).

Thanks for reading. HAPPY SMILES.

God bless you.. JESUS

What say you? 

Friday 2 November 2012

Learn by Precaution, and Live by IT!.

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Hello Everyone,

I hope we are well and great.

This post is somewhat a personal opinion and I guess am trying to make a contribution in my own understanding.

Ever since the story of the ALUU killings, I have said very little other than the occasional comments I make and the Watsapp conversation I had with my friends etc.

There are certain topics that go around I don’t like getting myself into because a)I don’t have an opinion mostly  and  b) I don’t understand the situation.

The purpose of this post is not a rant its just me making sense of certain things or maybe just contributing my own opinion.

I read a post on BN about the ALUU Killing etc. Click here.

Initially, I read and nodded in  agreement  with some of  the illustration used to highlight or emphasis   the points raised but again I can’t help but think or argue (this might come across ignorant) that it our responsibility to take precautions and be aware of our own safety and environment. Although, you mind your own business trouble still comes and meet you. I belong to many schools of thoughts, one of which is, observe your environment and don’t cross the boundaries.

What do I mean, growing up in Nigeria we hear a lot of stories every day and we are aware that some can be avoided if certain precautions are taken. Due to my upbringing mainly attributed to My awesome Mother, staying out of trouble was not a question it was a way of life, it was a lifestyle. This meant avoiding going to certain places that was or is known as a dangerous place; avoid walking by yourself at certain times e.g. after 5pm in fact Mum never sent us on errands  after certain times.  It also included avoid coming home alone (we were in boarding house most of the time), avoid talking to/with strangers, avoid eating or accepting anything without permission from Mum or a person of authority. Avoid getting into a verbal confrontation with anyone or have dealings with anyone that is not of your calibre (by calibre I mean mind sets or standard of thinking, yes our mental state differ greatly). This meant we rarely associated ourselves with people on our streets except Mum’s friends or people we knew from school. It was our way of life; we lived by it and are accustom to it.

Mum knew everything there was to know about her girls, she communicated with us daily letting us know about the “wishy washy hands of men”. At puberty, it was forbidden to sit on any Uncles legs, before she told me I was already self-conscious I was fast becoming a woman above my peers. We wore tights, singlet’s etc  at tender ages under each outfit (I can’t do without wearing them now). We were encouraged to be decent and walk fast on the streets. We encouraged not begging for food, borrowing clothing’s or borrowing from others; we were to be content with what we had and remain grateful.

 During those days, when we got something from Mum i.e. presents, we would go on our knees to thank her, pray for her and hug her. It was our lifestyle and I still do it occasionally today, during my graduation she really tried and was proud to have raised two grown women singlehandedly with God on our side.  In a nutshell, we emulate Mum and her dealings and I must say I really appreciate the way she brought us up. 

When we were much younger, we lived in block of flats (face me I SLAP YOU, lol am kidding it wasn’t that bad) we shared communal areas such as bathrooms, kitchens etc amongst other people.  Mum was never a gossip you would never catch her talking or gisting with anybody outside her house. In fact, she was much respected(mostly envied due to her conduct)  she minded her own business. She didn't tolerate any bad attitude from others including us.

 She definitely spared the rod on us, I was around 3 or 4 years old when our maid had left us downstairs playing with the only people Mum would recommend to play with. The Maid hadn't fed us our lunch. I was famished, that hunger I couldn't contain it, there was a bowl of “puff puff” or “bonce” (I can’t recall) were outside the neighbours flat, which she sold. I couldn't resist, they were steering at me, calling my name, lol. I probably tried to look for the lady that owned the food stuff, but I don’t think I found her. Anyway I took one and looked at my childhood friend who I offered and she declined, I ate it secretly and I enjoyed it( I knew it was wrong because I hate it secretly and cleaned my mouth too lol).  My childhood friend, (big mouth but thank God for her) told my older sis what happened, and of course my sister will not keep quiet. Our maid eventually came back and we had a nap, (we always napped as children and going to Mayflower didn’t help cos we had naps each afternoon in primary school).

 I  was awakened  by lashes of cane (my Mum rarely hits us but when she does, it means you had done something  bad as in really bad, she hits or should I say flog us only once a year which is a healthy record in my household compared to some people). Going to boarding house and spending time with relatives obviously helped too(i.e. not getting flogged often by Mum). Besides we weren’t exposed to extreme violence in comparison to some other people.

 Back to me, kia Mum  flogged me  ehn and I had to confess I had eaten the food, she asked me why and I told her I was hungry, she blamed the Maid but still I got it bad. Cut long story short, she paid for the stolen “puff puff or bonce”and I never ever stole again.  I was taught before you take, ask politely first.  My perspectives changed dramatically, from then I knew there was consequence for every action if it mean flogging, I will not steal.  If I wanted something, I ask and the person says no “I renew my mind and move on”. Besides, (whilst in boarding house, Mum tried to ensure we were comfortable not to go begging around which she hated but I begged oo kia in fact I had rather picked from the leftovers or floor that steal lol MAYFLOWER times).

Therefore, when I was in school and people were beaten for stealing I didn’t think it was wrong in fact I felt if you hadn’t stolen then surely you wouldn't be beaten(charity begins at home).  I also thought it stealing  was not cool and one’s reputation would be tarnished by it. Obviously, it is not everyone that has the luxury to afford the goods others have but does that justify the stealing?(that greediness in my own opinion,  maliciously eyeing something that you can’t have). Also some of us do not have anything but we still try not to steal and  for some us we simply don’t have anyone to  admonish us or people who could. Beside, some parents  turn  a blind eye or are thieves themselves.  Having said that, there are poor children/ people  with no parents and loved ones and all they  want is to eat something, I will still say  ASK don't steal.  In asking, some  might give more than you hope to steal sef.

 My point: how much do parents invest into the life of their children mentally or children in their care?  How much time do we take to talk or communicate with our children or people in our care? People take things yeah I get,  but stealing big or small stuff and keeping them I find very unlawful and unkind to the other  fellow that has suffered to purchase the products to start with (although some people might have stolen  the goods that is now stolen, call it law of karma or what goes around comes around etc). I don’t know about you but am provoked to think many of the things we do or chose to do especially when we have a choice is why do we do it? (Life is a learning process and journey of discovery nonetheless).

 Although I don’t encourage deaths or killing of another human except for exception reasons of which are many (Jesus preached repentance and forgiveness). I have been raised in a society where consciously there are consequences for every bad actions and it is said that "charity begins at home". If they don’t teach you or train you well @ home then you will be trained outside. This mentality has stuck with me and I must say during the times people stole in school I have felt they deserve the punishment admonished (although in some cases extreme).  At the same time it is assumed the punishment is a lesson that will teach the child not to misbehave any longer and also a lesson to other potential thieves.

I think as individuals we should be self-disciplined and try to avoid issues if we can and live by responsible codes of conduct. It does not mean things will not happen to us or we won’t jam lunatics in form of humans but we need to maybe take deep breaths and think about our attitudes and dealing in response to the situation.

 One of my purposes in reaching this new age is prayerfully seeking wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I have never been hungrier for the wisdom Solomon prayed for. I want it, I need it and I want to live by it and do right by it.

Wisdom is a great blessing and I join my Mum in this aspect cos that woman is blessed with divine wisdom which I yearn for and pray for, spirit of discernment and ability to do what is right and pleasing to God.

God will continue to admonish us in way to live right and advocate justice. JESUS BEST.

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