Friday 29 June 2012


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Hello People,

I pray all will be with you and your love/d ones. AMEN.

Quick update: My azonto is not that bad, well am trying, still working on it  sha.. I cant stop lol@ one comment I saw on Linda Ikeji's blog. Commentator "your future is dancing azonto with the devil". so random.. lool. that saying the devil dances azonto too..funny(dont doubt it ohh).

I am officially addicted to blogs.. I NEED TO STOP. MY eyes oh my eyes..

Back to the post.

You see the thing about bitterness is, its like a disease and with a disease (depending on its type) slowly erodes all the good and healthy part(if not treated early) eventually every parts is polluted if not permanently destroyed. Well that what bitterness is about, its like its starts of tiny and grows bigger and bigger and eventually saps every forms of positivity out of a person. Bitterness can occur from different aspects/circumstances  of life, it could be betrayal, distrust, to pain, disappointments, hurt, anger etc. Basically, the aforementioned factors and more can trigger  sadness, which can result to bitterness and an eventually an emtional disease. The emotional disease is fed and grows bigger, larger and eventually takes over the mind of the person. Before you know,  the person intentions is now eroded with bitterness  and  anything they do or say has an underlying tone of NEGATIVITY.

Bitterness can lead to a person being constantly jealous, envious, self pity, arrogant, constantly moaning/complaining, constantly moody, always finding faults in everything and I mean EVERYTHING, and can sometime be viewed as ENEMIES OF PROGRESS. This is what bitterness can lead to (if not treated early and properly). You know what happens with anyone that has a deep cut or a wound (again if not treated early and properly), it begins to smell and people will begin to turn their heads and cover their noses. This is how bitterness is,  people will immediately notice it in  your attitude which is a reflection of your mindset, that you are negative and you sometimes enjoy or derive some sort of pleasure  from "pouring sand in people's garri". You are never objective  although you convince you are, but your actions speaks otherwise, because your intentions is eroded with bitterness.  Sometimes,  when you aim to critique, you end up destroying if not hating the work of the other person. You don't see the good in anything but all the wrongs and the bad, even in  that you don't aim to develop the other person but to destroy their work and confidence. A bitter person is not fun to be with only around the  people that are as bitter as they are so therefore, they are able to feed each other's bitterness and the diseases gets bigger and more powerful.

The funny thing is: A bitter person sometimes do not see that their actions  are NEGATIVE and damaging, in fact if anything they like to convince themselves that its not their  fault, its the others person issues not theirs etc. This action exempts them to deal with their demons and confront the issues eating them up.

Eventually, the bitter person is forgotten by people and people simply ignore them and not listen to what they have to say because "its NEGATIVE". The thing is: alot of us don't know we are bitter about situations  we simply suppress things and bury them. You cant bury your demons forever they will grow fatter and bigger and come and get you even more. P.S  DONT be scared of your demons, if you are, channel that fear into positive thinking.

Dealing with bitterness is essential and the earlier the better. Like a disease needs healing, medicine, attention and proper care. So does a person with bitterness, you need to take a break and treat that wound, that emotional wound that has been there for so long, nobody sees it but you know what it is.  Whatever the situation was and is and still is YOU HAVE TO GET YOUR HEALING and you need it NOW. If you don't want to be the man or woman people run away from 5-20yrs down the line,  I  will encourage  if not admonish you to invest in emotional cleansing and healing. Pls lets stop BLAMING PEOPLE, blame is a massive contributor to BITTERNESS, inability to see your wrongs or understand the situation that has occurred. Basically, the situation  should be seen as an opportunity to learn grow and essentially build yourself up mentally, spiritually and emotionally(you never know, you could find yourself improving someone else's life too). You have get up and shake off the dark cloudiness, the insecurities you are battling with has to GO.  YOU need to learn to live a life of positivity and hang around people that have positive energy and outlook on life.  Is it easy? Nope. Nothing in life is easy or come easy, if it comes easy it will not last long.. trust me on this.

The truth, we all have our low moments and high moments and just because some of us dealt with it better and faster does not mean we had it good all along. Nobody has it good (including  celebraties) even the animals have their good and bad experiences,  so you are not the only one. One more thing, its ok to mourn any pain you are feeling or situation but what is not good is to stay in that situation and never move on or fail to do something positive about it. In addition, whatever you think you are going through, or have been through pls be rest assured people have gone  through it even in double portions and came out strong so all hope is not lost. Doctor JESUS is always happy to help and support your healing process. It can be tough to deal with our innermost pain i.e. the cause of the bitterness but once we let go of that baggage, things starts to look up because we will begin to notice and give attention to the good things happening.

If anyone has a prayer point concerning this issue and You would like me to join you in faith.  You are welcome to email me @: Pls strictly prayers only or advice (not an expert yet).. eheheh.

God is love, love yourself and on others too.

Do I sound like some pastor am joking ohh. I want to be  a motivational speaker  and a counselor. I think its about time, I exercise my qualities/talents.  I love encouraging people, such a nice thing to speak positivity and life into someone's life. Applying the word from one of my fav books Proverbs 18 vs 21 (google it)

P.S.  apologies for the white lines.. it was not copied. ..

New jam btw... she is soo cool and I like her personality..

Monday 25 June 2012


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Hello Poeple. Happy Sunday.. xx

Yep, am on a roll today oh, man dem is on a

After Church we decided  well my friend that I waited for decided to pay  another church member that recently had a baby  a visit by a hiking a ride with another church member. So I tagged along and off we went. Cut long story short, ended up at a friends house, was left alone with her children ( boy and a girl) but they are soo adorable and not much of a disturbance. I was stuck in the kitchen too, imagine hubby and wife (both my friends) went off to others neighbours and enjoyed me playing nanny. I ended up cooking chicken, frying it all, and then cooking jrice too, took a pic below. I didn't think it was my best cos I missed out key ingredient I love my chicken knorr any day jor.

Back to the post of the today.

Ever wondered about what its means to have principles?? For some of us we actually have no clue what our principles are or what its about or involves (some of us need a time alone to grow and learn). Besides, principles is not something that becomes apparent, it takes people around you and circumstances to know you as a person. When I was much younger (teen years), people thought I was strict because I chose not to do certain things. Infact, I thought I was strict because I chose not to do certain things that I felt were morally wrong. To cut long story, I realised that its all part of principles, infact am not strict all, I just have grounded principles that guide my decisions and help me to reflect in areas of development.

Principles basically involves the fundamental truth you stand on and its forms or shapes your line of reasoning and decisions making process. In essence, its form a great part of our behaviour as its governs what we do and chose not to do.(you are welcome to google the rest). Moving on, principles are influenced by different factors from family, environment, education, society, friends, religions, experiences, work place etc. For some of us we have strong and clear principles about certain ideas, that is why some of us will not encourage an act or approve of a particular type of attitude (whether that is good or bad, its up to your conscience).

But my point is: Based on clear cut precise principles some people will chose to remain faithful to their partners not because they are not tempted or not willing to do it but because mentally their principles disapproves it and they are able to see the further implications, hence able to #renewtheirmind#. However, this illustration might not be applicable in all situations as some of have different mindsets and different ideologies.

Well, principles will encourage others to speak against injustice and do something about it even if it means sacrificing ones life. Principles helps  us to view the world around and interpret our behaviour and judge others too. Some of us we have healthy principles i..e its governed by good intentions, godly teachings that are of JESUS i.e. love thy neighbour as thy self. This is why, you have some Christians that are so loving and show  this love, in respect of your gender, race or culture. Sometimes you will find out that some people are willing to forgive despite all the wrong doings(grace also plays an important role here).

On the other hand, for some of us our  principles are polluted governed by selfish behaviour and unethical reasoning. This is why some of us will do anything absolutely anything i.e. wrong doings encouraged by negative intentions and not feel guilty because our core principles that govern our behaviour is not clear, clean and concise.

In a nutshell, before you and I pass any judgement lets think about our principles (what governs us and our sense of reasoning). So before I say some people are bad, I like to think their principles which governs their behaivour is already polluted and all of these manifests in their attitude and actions. All of which occurs from the mind set. It makes me wonder the type of thought process the person has in place or what they have fed their mind to come across like that. For instance, take the DANA AIR management or in fact the pilots that flew the plane, what were their principles?? money motivated or people i.e. humanity motivated. Am sure companies such as this will have visions and missions statement but what is the principles behind it?? Or do they communicate these principles to their staff. It not just Dana Air, its oil companies that have done damages too, causing havoc and issues for the indigenous people. It makes me wonder whether its robots that occupy the place or its human. Humans that are suppose to feel and understand the pain of others. Where is their principles? Again its stems from deeper roots and mental state.

All I can say is its essential we have principles, there should be a fixed non negotiable rules that should be in place and we should be accountable to. Lord, gave us our mind for a reason because he knew we are more than capable. So next time you do something silly most esp when its hurts others e.g. hitting your spouse, cheating, stealing etc don't try to pretend  its alright or that its acceptable,but admit that you have a problem and sort it out quick. Violence solves NOTHING. Hitting someone does not make it alright.

I will stop here, its important that we feed our minds with things that are good, healthy, noble, pure and of good reports. These things shape our behaivour and whatever we do today always ALWAYS has a consequence if you can see it now, you will either see it in the future or your generations will experience it.

To be honest, I feel like have lost the plot for this Apologies.  Hope you got the gist of it.. chai, when I had this ministered to me in my mind it was following well ohh... smh.

God is love, love yourself and others too. xxx

 some interesting looking patterns, some are more coloured than the others but I made sure I used omorgun to mix together thoroughly ooh.. xxx  argggghhh these white lines.. #smh#

Sunday 24 June 2012

Random Things I did as a Child.

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Greetings to you all.. xx

So I wanted to do a quick post about my childhood.

As a child I called spaghetti ... i bet most niaj kiddis did that. (Mum hated it and corrected me loads of times).
I called every domestic washing soap "OMO".
I called all  toothpastes "McLean" even if they were another brands.( Mum kept correcting me).
I said mummy o yo yo yo plenty times..
I hated jam dougnuts and still do.
I ripped all my food in pieces. I was not a neat eater at all... Loved eating with my hands...
I hated maths and hated doing homework.
I loved my mums armpit. I could sniff it all I lived under that armpit. I remember the times she would come home from work, I would lift up the arm and sniffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff... until am ready for bed. (it definitely was not easy going to boarding school).

I was a biter. I could bite chai... if you insist to look for my trouble then be sure my teeth will do nice tattoos on you. Lol. There was a song, they would sing for me "i cant even attempt it. my yoruba is that bad in writing ofcourse". Thank God for deliverance ohh, imagine doing that now with all the disease going around.. #shudders#.

The older I got, the more I was the leader of the making noise Not a good title..

Whilst in boarding house, after realising I had showered my bed with my own yep. I would get up early, get my wrapper, sprinkle water on the wet area and mop it till its dries, that way I don't get into trouble during inspection..hahahahha.... Nobody would know... *winks*. well expect me and the

I loved playing pregnant woman.. would stuff pillows in my belly and pretend to be in

One time in school, I lied , made up a story about watching a movie called "mayshwanu part 2". That me attempting to say "shut up" in ibo ( blunder!! I know) #sorry#. Well we didn't watch much naija movies as children (mum hated the whole witchy witchy part)so to  try and feel among I made up names (told the storyline too) lol. It turned out people believed it. It worked because some naija movies had stupid names and probably still do. anyway. I have more and will talk about or write about it some other time..     ( arggghhh again this horrid white lines)...(eyelashes)..

Meanwhile enjoy this some songs I sang and games I played.. ahahahah. I will not title it stupid songs sha, thot they were fun childhood songs.. ah. Listen carefully to the last sentence.. funny.

God is love. Love on yourself and others too...

Saturday 23 June 2012

RePost: When a Relationship is GOOD.

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Hello People...

I hope each and everyone of you is  well. I pray God's protection over your lives and families will wax stronger. Thank you to my new and existing followers and readers and visitors.. Love u loads. x (argghhhh the white lines wont leave oh... shrugs)

I have missed blogging so much and I have alot to say.

Ok, Quick Update:

I just came back from seeing my family, now I miss them.. (awwww sniffs).

I have also started wearing glasses actually its been a while now. I was in lecture (postgrad) when I found out my right vision was really blurry. But not to worry, thank God, off I went to the opticians and was told my glasses would cost £79 onwards. Me lia lia, when there are prescribed glasses online. Cut long story short, I ordered my new glasses for just £10. 95. It took only two weeks to arrive..Whoppi. I got to try it online too, so I had an expectation of what to expect when I had them(if  that made any sense lol). They also have 24hours online customer service which I asked loads of questions oh.. (u sabi ur girl nah... sounds to good  to be true). Check the website on here: Googles 4 U.  I particularly found them through a recommendation via TV breakfast.

Enjoy this quick update I wrote on my fb status.. Its copied.. xx

Relationships is good when its good.. Huh???

Well it means a relationship is great i.e. healthy when both partners involved are great with good intentions and clear prospect and are right for each other i.e. compatible. Its exciting, refreshing and absolutely gorgeous when both partners GET IT. They are honest, secure, understanding, seek to better each other, involved, caring, respectful, helpful and generous. Most importantly they both have the HOLY SPIRIT TO minister and admonish them to take their relationship to the next level.

#cute#who does not want to be loved....

Random pics... :)

              I love my Mumuma... she is a great Mumay.... wearing the same necklaces.
                                           Me loves me... lol..thank God.
  One of my many poses... (ah vanity).lol. took both pics whilst in a parry lining up to be served... ahahhahahah

God is love. Love yourself and on others too.. x

Wednesday 13 June 2012


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Hello People,

Soo quick post. This is comment I made on bella Niaja on this article I read: Understanding Women Beta.

I just like to clarify the silly misconceptions some of us carry around in our minds. The thing about men and women.

I get irritated from reading some articles that are soo stupid and senseless why: IT HAS NO COMMON  SENSE.. lol. But I still love my BN oh.

This was the comment made. I will do a post on this sometime. women and men we are just two different individuals but soo similar. PERIOD. I have tweaked the comment abit..

Tempted to say what a load of rubbish… not because am siding anyone but because. the idea of good and bad is sooo annoying.. NONE IS GOOD. PERIOD.
The difference: some of us have good motives that transcends into our character and some of us have bad manipulative conniving motives that transcends into our character..
Again I say ” to be boring does not make you good or bad” it just makes you BORING.
IF YOU ARE BORING YOU ARE BORING. PERIOD. It has nothing to do with good or bad.
The definition of “females”loving bad boys is sooooo outdated. Some females dont love bad boys they just love the thrill or the idea that fulfills their own fantasies it has nothing to do with anything but some “women are”.
As for the men that think being clingy is being a  good man ermmm it not, it just means YOU ARE CLINGY and some ladies can find that irritating *viceversa*.
Finally, some men are faithful and incredibly fun “i dont know what some women are looking for when they say they want someone interesting”. Cos I often wonder if these women are interesting themselves?? or understand the concept of interesting?? cos “I swear if you like someone you can rub off your energy on them”. DUH.. what century do we live on??.  But then again, some people chia they are soooo nooooottt interesting. lol. (very controversial issue, interesting is "subjective").

I think relationship is overrated.
MEET THE RIGHT PERSON AND YOU ARE FINE (well to an extent, you still need to work on it but its easier cos you two are compatible). PERIOD.


God is love... love on yourself and others too.. xxx hugs...JESUS HUGS

Wednesday 6 June 2012


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My heart is heavy.... heavy with pain of our forefathers that have fought and  died so WE CAN HAVE A BETTER LIFE. YET SOME OF US HAVE NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT??

what is DANA AIR SAYING???? WHAT IS THE MINISTRY in charge of the aircraft industry in Nigeria saying?? What happened to the RISK assessment??

BLAME THIS ON HUMANS ERRORS. It funny because this time about 2oo5 and further down the line,  something similar to this happened. YET, we felt Nigeria aircraft industry has improved maybe in one assessment but not all?

Why do innocent lives be traded for cheap money goods?? I dont understand the logic behind it? You want to cut corners and keep cutting corners at the expense of other lives?? and do you know what FUNNY? IF they had informed the current passengers the aircraft was faulty and to get on another plane pay extra ? Am  guessing some would not have minded. Regardless whether they did or not. Lives should not be messed with.

WHy did the pilots flew the plane ?? am sure they knew it had issues? They all talk right and inform each other. They should have  made a statement!! I suppose they felt they could take the risk which in this  instance meant gambling with the lives of people.

I BLAME the people and human error that caused this... I blame them cos they are paid to do their jobs and they failed terribly. I BLAME THE LACK OF INTENSIVE RISK ASSESSMENT in this industry or the lack of FINES GIVEN TO PLANES THAT ARE NOT CAPABLE OF DRIVING OR FLYING IN THE AIR. I Blame the MANAGEMENT that knew this was not fit to fly but APPROVED IT? I blame the fact they THOUGHT THEY COULD get away with it like they have in the past? I BLAME THE LACK OF INFRASTRUCTURE AND LAW that will not convict these people and give them what they deserve. A ROBUST FINE AND TERMINATION OF CONTRACT NOW AND FOREVER (will it make  a difference). BUT NIGERIA???? REALLY WILL THEY GO THE EXTRA MILE THE GOVT.?

As I type the lives of the people on the plane seemed it was mapped OUT. THE assessments dude nods their heads in shame and thought ""ooo poor you, flying this faulty plane"I better not talk before they assassinate me.

THE JOY OF BOARDING, ANTICIPATION AND EXCITEMENT AT the prospect of seeing family members. BOOM. PILOTS ANNOUNCES "the  PLANE is going to crash". AIR HOSTESSES PANICKS and tries to reassure people to wear their mask. PARENTS, FRIENDS, STRANGERS ALL HOLDS HANDS IN PRAYER, praying for a miracle. LIVES FLASHES BEFORE THEIR EYES, in few secs  we will crash?  SAY YOUR LAST PRAYER: EVERYONE PRAYS TO MAKE HEAVEN, PRAYS FOR THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS TO BE OK, PRAYS THEY SEE JESUS. IN a minute, the plane crashes and everything in flames, screams, shouts and everything going everywhere. In a few sec, the souls left the bodies and said goodbye to this DREADFUL PLACE WE CALL HOME.


LIFE GOES ON AS USUAL, people rush off to work, gossip about what happened. Shakes our head, blame all sorts. Back to the way things were, attend burial, try to block out the painful memories, console families and pray to God to help us.

We all go to our different places, and the holes, shock etc is still there. YEARS LATER, 2021 ANOTHER PLAN CRASH... NIGERIA?????




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I am sat here behind my lappy, reading the news on Nigeria and the accident. I first saw the news sometimes on my mobile phone and my reaction  was "nothing" I said a word of prayer and left it there. Later on, I went on Myne Whitman blog and again I saw a post and left my comment and went to have a nap. I woke up did abit of research, felt bad and thought hmmm Nigeria. Called my Mum, complained for abit and thought mmm Nigeria.

Then I read the post on BN, Bella Naija and my heart began to melt, maybe not completely because to tell you am Numb. I remember Sunday, teaching the children as usual, dancing when it came to thanksgiving offering because its thanksgiving Sunday. In the midst of my joy,  I am grateful that God kept me and my family till this month, there were souls and people like myself wishing the same and badly wanting  that. I was immune, I didn't think about it. Not one silence did I offer. Monday comes: danced again and celebrated QUEENS JUBILEE.... Now am thinking: this life. What happens in different parts of the world at different time is truly INCREDIBLE.

 I have  felt too emotional for too long now, news about deaths or whatever is like ok.. its life. It happens everyday. Is it because this is about Nigeria, that why am more upset. YES. TOO MUCH TRAGEDY THIS YEAR IN THIS COUNTRY... WHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???

My prayer life has even slipped. I am the kind that would go on my knees and pray for people THAT I  know and dont know. For God to protect us and deliver us and teach US. But these days, I go to bed  late, wake up and muffle something  thanking God for waking me and my family up and giving us life to see today. I dont pray  too long, hence I miss some pray points for people that might be in pain or hurting cos I would THINK am running late for the things I have to do. Note: am not saying my prayer would have stopped this but it could have helped.... (I believe in prayer because it actually in some bizarre way not coincidentally  WORKS).

The thing is, I know I take time to pray about the littlelest detail concerning life but sometimes you are so preoccupied with your own business and you carry on as  usual.

Sometimes, in my own space, I feel like my body is here but my mind isnt. I tell myself , what right do I have to think about good things when others have not eaten. But I pray and move on.

I dont even know why am doing this post because it could have been me or my family.

All I keep thinking is: we are all going to die so its cool but its not cool. They didnt have to die if things were a little different.

I dont know for NIGERIA. All I know is PEOPLE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO DIE HORRIBLE DEATH BEFORE THEIR TIME. ITS NOT cool or fair for someone to pay large sums of money and the detailed risk assessment is MISSED.?? I DONT UNDERSTAND...?? 21st Century and minimal details are missing. God knows the amount of lives that have been saved on previous flights on that particular airline used or others before IT.For REAL...

The other thing:I cant imagine dying and having my pics circulated over the internet with comment such "ooohhhh rest in peace". "so tragic". "gone too soon". "oh no God"... I hate them. I understand why people should rest in peace??? what does it even mean, I say it and am like what does it mean? Cos how can someone rest in peace when they have being mishandled.?? Am not angry ohh.. #justsaying#

so becos I hate them, I dont like saying them. SO am gonna say what I would prefer someone to say about me.

"I didnt know many of you personally, all your capabilities and the plans you had". I probably would have gotten the chance to meet you in the future". I genuinely do not know what to say but I can say I hope you are all in a better place. I still do not know what to say but the legacy and lives you have touched will never remain the same. I also pray that the families left behind will get through this. but how???? do not rest in heaven, fight and torment those that failed to do their duties.   GOD, WHERE WAS THEIR GUARDIAN ANGELS??

All in ALL. I HAVE ALWAYS said it "life full of surprises" so always show gratitude and appreciate it all.


YOU KNOW THE beginning from the end and an end from the beginning.

You knew this was going to happen, and am sure in your way you sent signals for (correction)but it was probably ignored. You probably even told some us not to go. Or better still you felt it was best they all came home. Or maybe it was a combination of many things that needed to happen for a better structure to take place. I DONT KNOW.

 FACT:  WE ARE ALL GOING TO leave this planet and all that we call  our own will no longer be..


We will go off, still sleep and wake up and before we know it, this becomes history like everything else.  We will all go back to normal after a while.Just like people that passed away on the PLANE might have heard stories such as this, would have even said a silent prayer God dont let it be me or my family.

 THE CIRCLE OF LIFE BEGINS AGAIN, A child is born, a plane is sent out again, recruitment takes place to replace the loss, houses are built again, families gather for yearly remembrance. The souls of the departed will always leave us wandering  "it could have been different"...


I HOLD my head in my hands... pull my hair and cry my eyes out.. AGAIN NIGERIA??? WHY?

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Don't get HUNG UP.....

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Hello Readers,

Dont forget to leave a comment of encouragement. xXx. JESUS Bless.

I am posting one of my random thought process again on this platform. So it copied.

Wonders why: JLS is bigger than ALEXANDER BURK... Thought she was the winner of X-FACTOR.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Well that the thing about life. Its not the people that carry first that will always make it or subject to make it. YOU CAN MAKE IT IF YOU WANT TO.. DO NOT BE CAUGHT IN TITLE OR NUMBERS. BE CREATIVE,BE AMBITIOUS, STAY FOCUS, STAY PASSIONATE, STAY HUMBLE AND SHOW RESPECT...(Don't forget HIM.... GOD. and always pray too its does wonderds).

Having said that, ALEXANDER can decided to wake up and do something tomorrow but that not the point am making....

point is do not get hungup on numbers or titles..........


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HELLOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,,,,,,,..... PEOPLE.

Before the Continuation... UPDATE.

Happy DIAMOND JUBILEE TO OUR QUEEN.. (WE had a church BBQ  in honour of OUR QUEEN. It was fun... I danced mehn.. and ate loads too. I didnt take a pic of me cos I was busying merrying... but I did bake cupcakes sha.. my first time too. i..e. baking cupcakes. Icing not perfect, will get there with time...

Ok. Back to the story. Can I just say MASSIVE THANK YOU TO MY READERS, BOTH NEW AND EXISTING.. Thanks for reading. Although I haven't felt the presence of some of my core readers like Unvelingold, Simply Mee and Toinlicious. Hope you all are well. Miss you plenty. xxx..


Bamidele Continuation.

As I stared at her with the intention of saying something more meaningful I found myself looking for a decent word to utter. When I eventually did, she said, she would see me around, she's running late for a meeting(she said it politely). All my effort for nothing. Well, I thought it was nothing, until my Senior Manager informed me that there was a project myself and  her "you know who" will be working together on. I was pretty happy... as you can imagine.

I suppose that was how I really got the opportunity  to speak to her and got to know her. It was sort of awkward at first to work together,  but I soon found out she was so down-to-earth and very open and plain. We laughed about our first encounter at the gate and she could not stop taking the mick.  I later,  found out she was adopted at the age of five by her American Uncle who felt he could give her better life abroad. But on getting there, she found it difficult to settle and really wanted to be back home Eventually, she came back after a year. She is the fifth amongst six children.  Cut long story short, she worked hard, got a scholarship abroad and went on to study five different languages and still counting. At the time, she felt she needed something to stand out. She studied an accountancy related course but more passionate about PR and relationships building etc You get the gist. Obviously, this I didn't get a chance to know until, we had worked late into to the night to meet a deadline for a project. By the time we were done, we  were both famished, well I felt I needed food badly. I proposed for a meal in a restaurant  near our office but she said she wanted to eat real food.. I was like, what they sell over there is real food. She insisted this place she would like us to go not only sold  real food, but it was organic,  authentic, nutritious and back to basics original food that I would forever be grateful she took me there. I was contemplating, should I go or not. She mentioned we?? as in us... I should definitely take my chances. Besides, she seems keen for us to get dinner together soooo....what am I waiting for.?

I had no choice, "Ladies first", right?. I was not only curious but wanted to see this place and try this food besides, being with her was sooooo exciting..... hmmmm, I could smell her fragrance in the humid air of Lagos(it sounds like a novel right? but its not, I am really genuinely just expressing my attraction towards her). Off we went to this Buka, which I must say I am not a regular customer. I am  used to the restaurants in the City. Each time I had to take a client out, the first place that would come to mind is good lighting, good scenery, nice decorations, best chefs, you name it. The whole shabang......

We went entered into this place with me being open-minded and polite. Immediately, a very chubby looking nice lady came towards us and started conversing with her in (native language). She gestured towards me which I assume she mentioned I was a guest. Well she later told me all she said, and that  they should treat me very well. I sat down to what I call "the biggest meal of the day". It was a feast for a KING. The respect, the (e pele sir, e pele sir all the time was nice but at times  I was like,  "ok, could you please stop now". Surely I should be ok with it but it made me feel I needed to act mature or macho (I dont know). But,  in a good way, it felt like I was in  a palace somewhere in the village, very funny, but it was like that. Although, there were noise everywhere, we were able to sit in a quiet place, with mat laid on the floor, at first, I thought it was  a dream "Like, where is the table and chair??? I cant eat like this but I kept on telling myself, I had to be  "open-minded (during my NYSE, I didn't eat  sat on the floor, for bizarre reason, my mind is programmed to eat sat around the table in fact I had my table set, I  am a cutlery driven person) but I kept telling myself , must be  open-minded". She did ask me though if I wanted a table, she much prefers sitting on the mat and eating with both her hands. I was abit astonished, this is a lady (not to sound judgmental or cynical) but her professional look and appearance would make you think she ate on a plate of silver despite her diversity and ways of life. She was soo openminded and so welcoming and I was loving it..  I also found out she was single right from her mouth. Although, I heard from sources, I wanted to hear it for myself. I obviously asked on a sly.

So we got down, she showed me how it done, wahking the amala down her throat in a simple style. It was so much fun, we laughed at me and at my lack of experiences in  places like these. We talked about everything and anything and I felt sooo happy and proud for going. We did this for a couple of nights, until my tummy could not take it anymore. I had to call in sick three times in a row, lets just say my immune system was not strong enough to handle some serious differences in ways of cooking. I was a wuss but I kept on

Need less to say, I was drawn to her character, it was just plain easy like she was real, she is who she is and proud of it. She is a goal getter and never gives up. I like the fact she does not hide it, or pretend its not there. She knows she carries an air about her, like a positive glow that whomever she meets with they all go away feeling happy. But there are some coworkers that are obviously  jealous of her, she does not consider as threats but as humans going through emotions but instead of channeling that emotions to their own improvement they do it to own detriment. Whilst they think they are punishing the other person but in reality in need of a much needed therapy on  titled "CHANNELING YOUR ENERGY INTO YOUR OWN PROGRESS".  I suppose am with her on that one, in fact I know they are people that are envious in fact, I think to be envious is healthy depending on your motives, after all its an emotion that God created its good right? If only people understood that being envious should not be an excuse to destroy another person progress instead, turn into to a positive energy to feed your own creativity and prove your worth like the person has done. We would have conversations like these and go deep. I really liked her positive attitude and concise way of handling situations without getting emotional. For me that is huge.

 I was completely smitten for her all round package. But I could not get that doubt out my head that niggling fear of "she might do this and that". She might hurt you just like in the past. She might change. etc.  I remember taking my best friend Jide to the Buka and we had a conversation about this. It played out like this.

Jide: So, this new babe in your Office.. what going on?
Me: Mehn, She gets my blood churning for good purposes. She is incredible. I think am falling for her.
Jide: Ok, calm down. You look and sound like a hungry cat(laughs). So are you asking her out?No, is she the one?
Me: I dont know but I really want to be with her. In fact, if I can have her for life, I don't see
the  need to get closer and closer and not get her. That is time consuming and wastage. She has to be the one. I have prayed about it, I feel like she ticks all the qualities and more I am believing   God for in a  wife.
Jide: Sounds nice....... so you have prayed, now can you be a Man and do the asking.
Me: I am not too sure, I feel like am threading on ice, considering what I have been through.
Jide: Omo wise up jor, that was years back. Now you are different, you are  a grown man, you can take a calculated risk. That is what your job involves. Ask her before someone else takes her right away from under your nose.
Me: My job and my heart are two different things. I should talk with my pastor again. I mentioned it before and he prayed with me. He confirmed that Lord will direct our plans and everything will fall into place.
Jide: Shoooo, after Pastor don talk this one. You wan go ask again.? Na pastor you go marry abi na woman you marry. You sef, you don forget wetin bible talk. "He who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord" Proverbs 18 vs 22.
Abeg, tell baba God, leave matter. Ask her out. If you no want. Leave her. Abeg this amala is getting cold.. haba..

That was it, I had no choice but to pluck the courage, pray about it and ask her out not only as a companion but to  be my wife. Boy, am I glad she felt exactly the same way. In fact, she told me she was asking God if HE was sure, cos I was taking too long. Funny.

In the next few weeks, I will be getting married to my Omotolani Ajoke Owo. I cant wait to be a your amazing husband and to show you what a Man God has called me to be in your life. Your beauty and fear knows no bound. I am glad God has blessed me once again despite my faults and situations, he saw through me and gave me a 2nd chance. I pray we will grow old together in CHRIST, LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS, HEALTH, WEALTH and so much more. Thank you for following me HOME.

This is to encourage us that we as humans are not perfect, we are flawed in alot of us ways, although some of us are extreme than others we are still flawed. The mystery to this, we don't understand how God can still turn someone else pain into joy although  there are times we might  feel the person doesn't deserves it all. But JESUS did die for everyone no matter how we see it. He did and his blood covers all.

This is a fictional story inspired by the Holy Spirit. Any correlation to real incident is purely coincidental.

Thank you for reading.

God is love. Love on yourself and others too.. xxx

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