Thursday 22 May 2014

Natural hair journey so far....

Hello Everyone,

I am here again o. Well feeling motivated.
Thank you all for the loving comments including the private emails  greatly appreciated. Muahh. 
After watching this Youtube(I will include the video below). I felt motivated to actually update.
I do believe am in the process of diagnosing my problems yes o or maybe issues.
I am far too lazy, always giving excuses and way too much of a thinker(thinker in a sense that I don't get up and do but sit and over analyse). Watching the video did not only enlighten me but has helped me to come back to reality(I need to constantly remind myself to live in the now and not future).

At some point, I got to the stage where I felt like I no longer want to blog and that I had nothing to offer anymore.I felt that I started this blog because I was hurting at the time and blogsville was my family. Having a blog should be  more of a purpose isn't it?

We will delve deep some other time.

Journey on my natural hair so far.
Next month I will be one year Yippee!!!

Please indulge in the pics below.
My hair can finally do small  puffs.Yay! April/May measurements.

March/April pics. All twists outs.
Bantu knots first attempt. Not bad.

Results! And no am not pouting lol only mocking around.

Random. If you look closely I was defo pouting (posh though) lol. x

That is all. You are free to ask me any questions regarding my hair regime.
I hardly use products on my hair and I love it that way. 

                            As promised link to the video I watched.(Btw one of my hair icons).


  1. Is your hair soft that you can do without products?

    1. Hey hun,
      Apologies for the late reply.
      I won't say my hair is soft, more combination of 4a, b and c.
      However, I have never been a product person so that reflects in my hair regime too.

      I do use alot of oil and shea butter but not them Carol's daughter etc.
      Maybe I will sometime but not now.
      I did experiment with Eco styler in the past maybe twice but it wasn't for me.

  2. It's superior, however , check out material at the street address. jojoba oil


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