Tuesday 6 May 2014

Paying a TRIBUTE!

Hello Everyone,

How are we?
I trust we are all well and buzzing.
Its been forever and a day. lol.
I can't apologise enough but I know by now alot of you might have  given up on me so...

I am here to pay a tribute to someone that means alot to my Mum.
My Mum is currently mourning the loss of a special person that she wished it was not too soon.
She lost her dearest Dad on the early hours of  May the 5th.
I will not forget the piercing sound I heard during my morning devotion. I knew immediately it had something to do with her Dad.

I recall going to see her after I came back from church on Sunday and she looked sad.
I asked her why she was sad,  she told me about her worries.
You see, her dad had been sick for a while infact a long while but this time it looked more serious than ever before.
She insisted over and over again that she didn't  want him to die now to which I responded, he is 87 would have been 88 in July, he has achieved and done well for himself. She insisted she wanted him to live to become  a centenarian that her spirit didn't want him to die yet. I smiled and said, she shouldn't worry but be proud of him. Its funny how she was feeling weird and the very next day she got the call that he had passed away.

She was hurt and still is.
Though I did not have a personal relationship with him, Mum did and she will miss him dearly.
My memory of him was of a calm person, Mum shares a  striking resemblance with her Dad that does make Mum happy. :)
Regardless whether I had a relationship with him or not am paying this tribute to him because he was amongst the key people that shaped my Mum's destiny and contributed to who she is today.

She is ever so thankful for the good education Dad gave her which helped her alot.
He was also a prominent figure to an extent and did his bit maybe if he had more chance he would have done even more.
So to Grandad, I hope your legacy carries on through your children, children and children.
You did your part and I can only pray that you meet with God.
Stay blessed and Rest In Peace.
I am grateful to come through a lineage of a an excellent worker like you.



  1. May your grandfather rest in peace. And may God grant your mum the fortitude to bear this loss.

    1. Hey hun,
      Thanks for visiting.
      I appreciate this.
      I will look into the advice. x

  2. And one more thing, I definitely know who your father is, and even your uncle. Maybe you should delete all the clues.

  3. I am sorry for your loss and that of your mothers.
    It's a celebration of life.
    His soul continue to rest in the bossom of GOD.

  4. So sorry about your loss....May God grant your mum the fortitude to hear the loss. Thank God his legacy lives on.....he's being celebrated today because he choose the path of honor.

    Bear hugs

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