Saturday 4 August 2012

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Hello Beautiful people,

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As usual, I do random post on my fb and this is a copied version of what I wrote on there. xxxx

So  does it mean that once the HUBBY SAYS YES, he will not be attracted to another WOMAN EVER?

Likewise does it mean once wifey  says YES, she will not be attracted to another DUDE?

ahhhh u are living in mugu planet if that the case..

HUMANS emotions are  fleeting. We are dynamic in nature and  we are  product of our environment. It  means we are influenced by various factors be it family, religion, education, media etc.  We are generally unpredictable, and  the more time we spend time with  people on our level the more we take a liking to them.

 ATTRACTION is usually a process and it  sometimes  takes time to manifest.  ATTRACTION does not mean you LOVE THE PERSON.  It just means they tickle ur taste buds. In the case of married couple, ITS IMPORTANT TO RECOGNISE why you are attracted to someone else and DEAL WITH . Also communicate it to your spouse.

Attraction does not mean you have to leave your partner and go around cheating. IT MEANS DEALING WITH THE ISSUE, kill the  thoughts, renew your mind and avoid situations that will encourage awkwardness...

IS IT EASY.. HECK NO.. it cant be,  nothing is easy in this life jor... but NO MORE EXCUSES..... its not only a matter of binding the devil, it a matter of praying for wisdom and applying measures and boundaries.

God is love and love on yourself and others too.

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  1. You this smart girl
    You have come again...LOL
    I loved this

    I am married and I still get attracted to other people. Do I act on it? Hell No

    I assume my hubby sees women that he is attracted to also.

    It's natural I guess

    1. lol...thank u NIL...

      My head is getting BIG...

      Thank you for loving this..

      Yes o.... its natural to the core.....

      thanks for saying hello..

  2. This is a 'white-elephant-in-the-room' topic you discussed here.
    By the way, are you sure you did not grow up with an odede?
    You sense too much! :D
    Yes, as humans we still get attracted to people, even when married, but one has to be matured about it and let it fade away, by not acting on it.
    I and hubby have a good rapport, that we discuss anything, i mean ANYTHING. In that way, we help each other by talking and laughing about any attraction, thereby avoiding any chance of acting on it.
    Attraction is linked with LUST. When the lust is satisfied, hatred creeps in...and it is not advisable to encourage it.

    1. LMFO...... ahahahaha u always crack me up sha..

      Wetin be odede? i no know am ohh..

      Thanks hun.. yes u spoke well. I like it that you and hubby gist abrout it jor.. kill am and make jokes out of it... hehe.. x

      Yes it linked with LUST..

  3. Thanks for sharing this..I love where you said attraction doesnt mean you love the person, just dont act on it..:)

  4. You said it all and NMIL and SM rounded it up. :)


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