Thursday 29 August 2013

He had a DREAM....!!!

Hello Lovely people,

I hope we are good in the land of the living....
I would like to share a little piece of gift, please read on.

Once upon a time,a child was born.
That child was born with hope but little did his  parents know he had a massive future ahead.

The child became a Boy, the boy became a Man and the man became a LEADER.
He had a dream, he was laughed at, ridiculed and spat on but he had a DREAM.

With his dream, he would work with other amazing people that would change the world for good.
He HAD A DREAM...... and his DREAM became everyone's dream including his enemies. HE HAD A DREAM....

This piece is dedicated to MARTIN LUTHER KING JNR...
Thank you SIR for walking in the destiny ordained for you.
Thank you that you helped every African American to stand TALL AND PROUD.
Thank you to all OUR FREEDOM FIGHTERS who fought with everything including their dignity, pride and shame.... THANK YOU.

Don't let your dreams die...

Piece by me..x

Thanks for reading and visiting. xxx

Sunday 11 August 2013


Hello Everyone,

Thanks for the love, comments and patience, much appreciated.

So what happened? Why the silence?

I admit I am not a regular blogger as much as I want to be, so I said to myself I will try to post as often as I can. Sometimes, I don't post anything because am not feeling what am writing or I have lost my trail of thoughts or in the middle of it and I give up because its not coming together the way I initially imagined.

In some cases,  I don't feel like blogging and these days if am being honest, there is a disconnection with my blog and the blog family. I don't know what happened or why it is so but I read less and less blogs these days.  It most likely a phase.

I think some of the factors that might have disconnected me from my blog:

1) Bored: I just get bored sometimes of reading in general, its just feels pointless.I find myself skim reading and getting to the end before giving myself a chance.

2)  Sleeping hours: I tend to read blogs in the evenings but I go to bed early therefore I don't read as much or cant be bothered too.

3) Watching: I do more watching these days than reading. I just want to watch movies or listen to music.

4) Laptop issues: Yep for almost a month my lappy would just randomly shut down. I had to hand it over for repair.

5) Blogsville: I liked reading certain blogs that I enjoyed but each time I check on their post its like a month ago or two months ago and for some reason I think it just demotivated me.

6) Google playing up: It felt as though I couldn't access my blog. there would be times I want to update and something goes wrong and am trying to fix it but end up giving up.

7) Depression: Some of us may know I have been job hunting for a while and I must say I was not motivated at all to read anything and I think that where the whole watching movies just kinda took over.

8) Victory: I have been meaning to share a little testimony with you blogsville family. In June, I had some marketing/ promotional ideas that came to me. I took these ideas and pitched to a company. Initially,  I didn't know what the outcome would be, but if anything I thought they would invite me for a meeting in their board room and I would elaborate more on the ideas.  I was nervous, prayed and told only my sister who encouraged me, "what is the worst that can happen"?Exactly, they will say NO and thank you. I did pitch, they liked it, they offered me a job and I am grateful to GOD.  I am encouraging someone if you have that creative idea GO FOR IT, "what is the worst that can happen?" Right?

Needless to say, work has been a major contributor to my schedule. I have also had weddings, visitors to host and my baking too.

I promise myself despite some of the jargons I have listed, I owe it to myself to do at least 2-3 posts plus a month if anything. I know some of my posts blesses someone so I shouldn't give it up or abandon my blog. I should also try to reconnect with blogsville. I know blogsville has helped me at some point in my life when I was really down. Blogsville family  were one of the things that kept me going.

 In the past, I have hated when people created blogs, leave it and not come back to it for weeks, months and years. I always told myself I won't be such person and I hate to think am now doing what I hated so please don't think I don't appreciate the sneak peak and every now then check ups,  I really do and  I thank you for your continuous love and support.

Am home for my Mum's birthday. I baked her a delicious coconut cake which she liked alot.Yay.
 I am taking her shopping and we are having lunch/dinner afterwards.


Stay blessed people. xoxox and Thanks for reading/visiting.

Friday 9 August 2013

I am still here!!!!

Hello Everyone,

Please please please I am so sorry for the late update.

I have alot of apologising to do.

Seriously, I have been  missing from blogsville its unbelievably unacceptable.
I bet most bloggers that visit me often have probably given up on me posting anything or visiting them back.

Please am sorry. I am  not done with my blog.

I have just been busy, tired and lazy with my blog plus my lappy needed TLC.

I will be back real soon to do better posting. I have quite to share.

Thanks for reading.

Side note, I hate that I don't blog often and I have drafts sitting collecting dusts smh.

Stay blessed and see you soon. xoxox

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