Wednesday 6 June 2012


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My heart is heavy.... heavy with pain of our forefathers that have fought and  died so WE CAN HAVE A BETTER LIFE. YET SOME OF US HAVE NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT??

what is DANA AIR SAYING???? WHAT IS THE MINISTRY in charge of the aircraft industry in Nigeria saying?? What happened to the RISK assessment??

BLAME THIS ON HUMANS ERRORS. It funny because this time about 2oo5 and further down the line,  something similar to this happened. YET, we felt Nigeria aircraft industry has improved maybe in one assessment but not all?

Why do innocent lives be traded for cheap money goods?? I dont understand the logic behind it? You want to cut corners and keep cutting corners at the expense of other lives?? and do you know what FUNNY? IF they had informed the current passengers the aircraft was faulty and to get on another plane pay extra ? Am  guessing some would not have minded. Regardless whether they did or not. Lives should not be messed with.

WHy did the pilots flew the plane ?? am sure they knew it had issues? They all talk right and inform each other. They should have  made a statement!! I suppose they felt they could take the risk which in this  instance meant gambling with the lives of people.

I BLAME the people and human error that caused this... I blame them cos they are paid to do their jobs and they failed terribly. I BLAME THE LACK OF INTENSIVE RISK ASSESSMENT in this industry or the lack of FINES GIVEN TO PLANES THAT ARE NOT CAPABLE OF DRIVING OR FLYING IN THE AIR. I Blame the MANAGEMENT that knew this was not fit to fly but APPROVED IT? I blame the fact they THOUGHT THEY COULD get away with it like they have in the past? I BLAME THE LACK OF INFRASTRUCTURE AND LAW that will not convict these people and give them what they deserve. A ROBUST FINE AND TERMINATION OF CONTRACT NOW AND FOREVER (will it make  a difference). BUT NIGERIA???? REALLY WILL THEY GO THE EXTRA MILE THE GOVT.?

As I type the lives of the people on the plane seemed it was mapped OUT. THE assessments dude nods their heads in shame and thought ""ooo poor you, flying this faulty plane"I better not talk before they assassinate me.

THE JOY OF BOARDING, ANTICIPATION AND EXCITEMENT AT the prospect of seeing family members. BOOM. PILOTS ANNOUNCES "the  PLANE is going to crash". AIR HOSTESSES PANICKS and tries to reassure people to wear their mask. PARENTS, FRIENDS, STRANGERS ALL HOLDS HANDS IN PRAYER, praying for a miracle. LIVES FLASHES BEFORE THEIR EYES, in few secs  we will crash?  SAY YOUR LAST PRAYER: EVERYONE PRAYS TO MAKE HEAVEN, PRAYS FOR THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS TO BE OK, PRAYS THEY SEE JESUS. IN a minute, the plane crashes and everything in flames, screams, shouts and everything going everywhere. In a few sec, the souls left the bodies and said goodbye to this DREADFUL PLACE WE CALL HOME.


LIFE GOES ON AS USUAL, people rush off to work, gossip about what happened. Shakes our head, blame all sorts. Back to the way things were, attend burial, try to block out the painful memories, console families and pray to God to help us.

We all go to our different places, and the holes, shock etc is still there. YEARS LATER, 2021 ANOTHER PLAN CRASH... NIGERIA?????




  1. its painful but its well. May their souls continue to rest in perfect peace.

  2. My sistah
    I feel your pain but I have to confess that I feel we dont learn from mistakes.
    History keeps on repeating itself. Nothing changes.
    While other countries would review all that went wrong and seek to put safety measures in place.....Nigeria is likely to sweep everything under the carpet.
    Corruption is so endemic that no one is accountable for their actions

    1. Hello NIL, Its disgusting what we go through... how stupidness has eroded the common sense of individuals. We just do not get it. or some of us get it but do nothing tangible about it.. Nigeria is a place where we are rich in knowledge but show nothing for it. I dont understand how something like this can be deemed as nothing and swept under the carpet. Regardless of corruption, every nation is corrupt but corruption is sooo extremeeee In NIGERIA.

      We pray, we fast, we bind, and we do all sorts. But the problem is not the devil or God. THE PROBLEM IS US THE INDIVIDUALS that fail to do something about things.

      Anyway, let me not over rant.

      But there is a niche in the market, risk assessors should start having businesses in places such as this. Company or individuals we should join focres and not fly with planes that do not produce authentic risk assessment or review.

      Thanks for commenting love. xxx


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