Saturday 27 October 2012

Boredom/ Break Up Lines!

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Hope you are having a great Saturday.

P.S. This post was supposed to be posted yesterday  FRIDAY.

Thanks for all the lovely comments from the post. I feel the love and am loving them too. My is head GBOINZ @ the moment…

Boredom is unhealthy, o well this is what happens to some of us in our jobs and routine. 

So, listening to Celine Dion via Grooveshark and I am swaying to the lyrics,  going to dreamland and dancing in slow motion, doing all sort of moves that will most likely break my bones if it were in real life lol….

 Anyhoo, something popped in my head which is the classic break up lines and it got me thinking why chose those words. why!! Also some of the words are so recycled  o jare.

Line no1
It’s not you it’s me… #what does that even mean#?

Line 2
It just not working for me… #it’s so rinsed out#

Line 3
Irreconcilable differences #are you kidding me#? You didn't think or knew you two were different.

 In fact this  line 3, every tom, dick and harry uses it. Smh (shakes my head).

Line 4
I think we need a break. #raises eyebrow more like you want a break#

Line 5
I think we should stay friends… #why?

Line 6
I am just not feeling it?#ermmmm ok#

Line 7
You are too much for me, I don’t feel like I deserve you. # yimu# (scoffs).

Line 8
I have been so busy lately and I don’t think it’s fair on you. #right#, you can create time if you wanted.

There are prolly so much more that I have not mentioned nor highlighted. I just believe in communication so much and I recommend   face to face. If someone meant so much to you and you held them dear, I am pretty sure communicating how a thing is a great step. But then again, some relationships were not supposed to be deep. I guess it depends on the  individual and their motives.

Peace, Blessings and Joy.

God has an incredible sense of humour its unbelievable. lol. Love you G.

Have a great weekend.Oooo share your favourite break up lines or the amusing ones.

Will bring more randomness… heheh Lol. xx

Prolly- probably

Sunday 21 October 2012

Its a Buffday it.!!!

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Hello People,

I hope we are doing well oo.... Thank you to all that commented on the last post.. more coming your way. *winks* For the birthday wishes... thank you for your generous prayers and love... Much appreciated.

I am specially thankful to my awesomeness, wholeness, precious KING for another opportunity to experience life and share my talents and purpose. I pray I will not die and none will die but continue to live to declare and praise his name. I pray for as many of us as are seeking the face of the Lord  for anything that He will come to our need and aid...

I am also thankful to my special Mum for all that she has done and still doing. Nobody can ever understand a mothers love.. SHE IS ONE OF A KIND. A VERY RARE GEM. xxxx

Back to the gist, my birthday fell on a Saturday and am not gonna lie I have been thanking God before this day and I must say I feel I need to step up and grow up i.e. develop alot more and begin to LIVE.
I also must add, part of growing up is about learning and developing to be better than yesterday so therefore am planning on carrying out a deep research on me and begin to identify areas I need to work on.. This should be alot of work and fun too. I will keep you  lovelies posted.

How I spent my  B-day.

I dyed  my hair red and had a hair cut too(shhh it came out gingery red).lol..  I still like it, its not very bright because I didnt bleach the hair, am not sure I am ready for that i.e. the bleaching. I am supposed to be going natural sometime this year but am not ready o jare lol..  The look I have is definitely much older and possibly edgy...

I did hair thing on Friday, got a dress for the wedding for Saturday because the Taylor messed up again (this time she didn't even bother calling me or replied any of my calls ). Anyhoo, the devil you know is better than the one you dont know and No i havent paid oo.

You are wondering why wedding? Well one of my friend's sis was getting married in another city, I had been saying I will come oh I must come oh.. I didn't know the date was gonna fall on my bday... well I turned up and I met up with one of my craziest friend. I say crazy because she is indeed random. lol. We fight and make up. I was gonna blog about "us" sometime but I couldn't be bothered. Anyhoo we are now friends for now,  before she does another craziness on me.hahahaha.. She made sure I had a good time.  I applaud her for that.

We were also suppose to jam another parry,  but it was starting late and the wedding finished too early.. We couldn't be bothered to hang around jor. So we went home, I stayed over till Sunday.  I am so grateful for the warmth, love and generosity I felt from her family... soo sweet.. I got cake, card, lipstick, money, wishes etc etc. Overall what a great day to spend the weekend. We definitely had loads of fun and laughter.. awww.. phew.. As usual, am told I can be a alot to handle ohh.. kai, but my friend can exaggerate.. hehe

Enjoy some of the pics.. Next year by God's grace am sooo doing/having a PARRY cos I will be a quarter of a century.. HALLELUJAH.. soo get ready for the gele's oh. hehe

                                     Apparently I have tiny eyes..  so they

Looks like one nollywood pose..hahahah

P.S. Thanks for reading and visiting.
P.S.S. Currently studying mandarin,  a Chinese language,  will keep you posted. 
Btw my sis speaks so well, infact she got a scholarship to study the language in China sef.. I need to record her oo.. lol.
P.S.S.S. keep safe, keep on keeping on. God will guide us through.. JESUS BEST. XXXX

Monday 15 October 2012

The One I met before 2

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Hello beautiful ladies and handsome lads…… 
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Welcome greetings to my new followers and greetings to my old followers. Kisses and hugs..xx

Back to the much anticipated continuation of the story  click HERE  for part 1.
P.S. The post is longish because I know you just want to read it all

Segun and I decided to go for the slow and steady pace type of relationship where everything happens in slow motion lol. Am kidding, we tried not to place unnecessary pressure on each other instead take each moment in. This was our motto “unravel the dreams and soak in each day”. We came up with the words together, wrote it together and tried implementing it. With our motto we were able to visit six different cities in the UK in three months, fundraised to reach targets for our respectful charities  and so much more. It was fun and we took advantage of every slight opportunity. The memories created were just wonderful, and I loved it all. 

I had initially felt something was not right with Segun but I didn’t want to say anything or felt it was all in my head. It was exactly six weeks before my final year exams when Segun called to discuss exactly what my doubts were.

The conversation which I remember vividly played out like this.
Segun: Hey,
Me: Helooooo, what’s good?
Segun: God’s goodness.
Me: (laughs). Ok o share the good news.
Segun: How’s your work going?
Me: Its good. So are you not sharing the good news?
Segun: Well, something is bugging me.
Me: (begins to somewhat sweat it) what is it?
Segun: Ok, this has been bugging me for a while but I have not said anything because a) I am trying to see how I can best articulate my points b) I have been trying to figure  out the perfect time and place  to tell you. I figured I should just say it now and get it in the open. I am not HAPPY.
Me: Ok.
Segun: Won’t you ask me why?
Me: No not really. You said you figured you should get it out in the open so..
Segun: Ok, fine it cool. I will go ahead and explain why anyway. Am sure you are just being stubborn as usual. Bisi mii, you know how much am down for you right? You also know how much I respect you and your values and you also know I value your place in my life. The reason why am not happy is because I can no longer wait or tell myself to wait. I am attracted to you and I know for a definite you are also attracted to me too. I feel we should go to the next stage now, seriously I feel punished.
Segun: Is that all you will say throughout the convo.
Me: ermm I don’t know. Am busy so mind is everywhere.
Segun:  I guess you are really busy. I will leave you to get on with your work.

 Well from the conversation you can pretty much guess what happened. It didn’t end there, just a week later we broke up and I did the breaking by text.  For reasons that were personal, I began to withdraw and recoil and felt it was unfair on Segun. I suggested we went on a break whilst I sort my head out. I didn’t want it to happen yet I wanted to wait but at the same time I knew deep down this break was not short it was going to be long if not forever.

The thing is, I didn't know how to tell him nor did I trust myself to tell him the truth. Time and time I have felt the need to say  what was on my mind it but the words just hung in the air and when I do attempt,  I utter  different words and make  comments  like “You are incredible” etc(which I mean). I cried my eyes out and I could not stop crying when I composed the three line sentences. It was painful but I had to hurt myself and hurt him to save him from further compilations. I am mean, I know, but hey life was mean to me and though it’s not his fault I rather protect him than tell him the truth for now. I knew this day would come where he would want to get sexually intimate but I could not offer it. I had to mentally prepare for my surgery which was due to take place in two weeks, this surgery, I was determined had to be my final surgery.

I had been doing a lot of fasting and praying believing and trusting God this miracle will be mine. I have never had so much faith or expressed my faith this much before. This time around I wanted it and wanted my life back. Years of surgeries and constant reconstruction has had it toll me in every way possible be it social, physical, mental etc. I wanted my healing since when I could remember the pain of constant surgery but I genuinely wanted to have a   testimony.

 There are times I blamed my parents and felt if only they were more cautious and actually tried to be more constant at home and not working long hours all the time, maybe things would have been different. They do try their best and all these surgeries ate up both their financial resources. I have watched them cry, scream, shout and try to console me and each other that things will get better.

I was exactly three years old when Mum found me, behind the broken chair in the laundry bleeding heavily. She didn’t know what to do, but she immediately took me to the hospital. Based on doctor’s report, the housemaid at the time had been sexually assaulting me under both my parents’ noses and they didn’t know. I can’t remember so much now but I remember the fear and pain and I was told I will be killed if anyone found out. It wasn’t just him, he had two friends too.  The damage was severe, the infection had completely spread, it had gotten worse and nobody noticed. Mum and Dad worked from morning into the nights. Victor was a quick fix, the house maid had left without notice, they needed someone that will be available on a temporary basis until they found a house girl (Female maid). Victor was quickly hired based on the gateman recommendation. No background check, Mum and Dad too busy chasing the deals. I was an accident baby so the opportunity for Mum to be at home with me was not part of the option.

Back to the surgery I wanted this to be my last. I found the Surgeon based on my GP’s recommendation. He was kind, he had outlined what he intended to do and how it will work but assured me there was no guarantee i.e.  it would not be perfect but I will be near normal.

I refused to hold onto his words, though they pierced my heart. I was holding on to GOD, my relationship with God has been off and on. One minute am on it, the next am not because I get so depressed I sometimes feel like what the point?   Until I read a testimony similar to mine and I saw the visuals too. Even with that I had doubts and questions. However, instead of being depressed, I decided this testimony will be mine too. I believed it and I prophesied it. I kept saying God use his hands and make me whole again no more surgeries.

I had to defer some of my exams but it was worth it. I am always amazed each time I go for a check-up and  the Surgeon is also amazed that not only  did I heal properly, I am so normal. It’s been mine own miracle and when I graduated I didn’t hesitate to work with a charity that dealt with rape victims and I got to share my own experience of my ups and downs. I also started projects across Africa to campaign against child molestation and rape and to put in place laws that will change the face of rape. I worked with medical associates willing to donate and help victims that have suffered severe rape and need reconstruction.

All this while, I had kept myself and could not stop thinking about Segun. Three years seemed like a long time but I was waiting for another miracle from my Daddy. I had to trust somehow that he was still out there waiting for me. I knew Tayo didn’t say anything to him other than “keep praying for her”.  He would rage, cry and get angry was what Tayo told me. Tayo was the only one that knew about me and she also didn’t understand and never questioned me. Her mum was the nurse that referred us to the hospital that helped treat the infection I had, at the time it seemed impossible to access the right medical treatements because most hospitals simply didn't have access to adequate and updated medical resources. Tayo’s Mum never treated me less and I spent more time at theirs than I did with mine.  

The following year I went to Nigeria to visit my family, cousins and nephews. It was during the visit to one of the restaurants that I saw my sweetheart again. We were about to place an order when I heard the voice of a man next to me and I was certain that deep voice only belonged to one person Segun. I turned around Lo and behold “It was him I saw and I was about to utter his name when petite pretty Asian lady came to stand next him. He placed his hand around her waist and I saw what I know to real a wedding band.  They looked lovingly into each other eyes and exchanged kisses. I was looking and feeling like a 110% Mugu(fool), I was numb and  I could only see the customer service assistant lips moving, it was as if everything was happening in slow motion.

 I immediately ran out and yeah started crying and muttering stupid stuff to myself. Bisi how could you be so stupid and foolish. You need to grow up and let the young love go. It is not to be. These were what I was telling myself walking to my parked car, as I approached my car, a hand grabbed me.I was about to approach the grabber with a Taekwondo style (Yes, I learnt martial arts to fight oh), I turned around to find it was SEGUN… WHAT..

I was stunned and unable to speak. He said he had been calling my name and at first he thought it was not me although I had changed  he was unsure but he had to catch up with me to be sure. He gave me a hug whilst I stood there gawping.
He said  he was in the car when he saw  me, his cousin and his wife wanted something to eat. He was still talking and I was looking behind him, watching his cousin approach us with his Asian wife, I later found out she is from Singapore. They looked so much alike himself and his cousin.

He explained they both get it a lot. Between that day and for the next 3 weeks we talked, we caught up and surprisingly there were no hard feelings. He said he knew something was not right but he didn’t know and he knew deep down I cared for him but he was deeply hurt based on the way I treated him etc. I was hurt too and I could not bring myself to tell you the truth. I could not bear the shame. Segun agreed that he dated twice after me and it didn’t feel the same. He too decided to hand it over to God and pray about things. He took a break and concentrated on building his life and relationship with God.

 Its three years now and we are still going strong; the 2nd baby is on the way and am still thankful as yesterday. Miraculously I had my first naturally despite my fears and my doctor’s fears. It was not me it is God because I didn’t plan to, we had plan a C-section in place but the baby wanted to come naturally without much ado. I am truly blessed to have come this far.

I am even happier that am taking this journey with the love of my life Segun. It sounds cheesy but dreams do come true in big and small packages. We have our challenges but we are strong and we are courageous and that my friend is JESUS love.

This post is dedicated to anyone that has been through a lot and still going through rough patches that that there is more and your testimonies will come in due season.

This is a fictional story based on fictional characters; any correlation to real life incidents is purely coincidental.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, written by me..

God is good even we doubt his love and existence.

P.S. Excuse any typos. I think i have to go back to  grammar school (not kidding, lol).
P.S.S. It my birthday this SATURDAY, YAY me is turning ermm.. 
Thanks for the pressies in advance. 
I thank God for life and grace to be here. xxx 

Tuesday 9 October 2012

The One I met before

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Hello Blogsville,

Its been a while since have done a post on interesting stories... hehe.. so am bringing you the latest..

Relax with a cup of cocoa... actually Milo to be precise and enjoy.. xxoxo

This is the story of Bimpe  and Segun.

I am naturally not someone that likes to talk or entertain stories from random stuff.  That a little intro about me.  I recall when and where  Segun and I initially met and I  would not call it love at first sight..

Rewind back to my college days during A levels. I have a really close sweet friend called Tayo. We call her T, we have been friends since childhood. As the only girl  amongst four boys and  the baby of the house, it can often get lonely and boring although I like my space it can get really BORING.This time around, I decided to spend my Easter holls with my bestie.   We had already planned what we would do and things we will get up to. I was more than looking forward to it, ever since our move outside London, seeing my friend Tayo has been zero due to busy  schedules and tight deadlines. This time around we were  going to make the most of it.

The plans was to stay for 2 weeks and just have fun, fun, fun and a bit of studying. A particular night, I think it was on a Thursday to be precise. Tayo's younger bro wanted chicken and chips and would not stop bugging us. We decided to go to one of their favourites locals. In London  there are so many chicken and chip shops  its quite a miracle   that all of them are still in business despite the increased competition.

We got there  and placed our order,  as we waited, a car drove past, reversed and stopped right in front of the chicken  and chips shop. The dude that  came out of the car,  turned out to be Tayo's friend from school  in fact he was her senior back in Nigeria. He was staring  intensely at Tayo, which  irritated and provoked her to give him a long hard stare, only for her to start giggling and calling his name. Before I could ask why she was giggling, they were both giggling, hugging and talking too. My first impressions  of him were  he  looked I cant stand dudes that sag, it so off putting. She introduced us and I barely gave him any eye contact.

That was it for me but Tayo would not stop going about him and how humble he is and how  respectful  he was toward ladies blah blah  at school back then. Now, he is at Imperial Uni studying Engineering blah blah. I was totally zoned off. It comes across as if I am uptight well I am actually. I come from a family that first impressions count  and failure to make a positive impression within split seconds, well  let just stay that the person will not be taken seriously. My Dad and Mum brought us that way and it instilled that in our  systems.  Although I try to think am more open-minded.

Back to the story, within the couple of days I had left, Tayo was totally catching up with her new buddy etc  whilst I focused on catching up with revision. Two days before I left for home, Tayo mentioned how  his friend wanted to see us again and that he would like me to be there. She mentioned he said something about me being beautiful and he would like my phone number if I didnt mind. I completely declined without any  further thoughts at all. In fact I was so  keen to get home asap. Tayo on the other hand,  was just so happy to see a friend from her local school and meeting more of them.

It was a year after that episode and off  I went to University and was excited to start and enjoy the experience. Again, this dude was still lingering around and  had asked on several occasions to have my number or facebook name etc. Which I declined, I simply didnt want him  to entertain him maybe there other factors at the time I could not be asked. . But everything changed when I needed his help. I had been struggling with one my modules and it was quite tough I remember discussing my frustration with Tayo who mentioned she will find out if she could help. She later  suggested her friend could help during our conversation. I demanded who the friend was and it was the dude I met last time. I was adamant and completely declined (I could not be asked was my excuse). I really felt I could this and would do it, despite all the help from the lecturers and class mates I just felt my work was not good enough. Two days before the due date, I could not longer contain the stubbornness  I went on facebook looked for him, messaged him and gave him my phone nymber. He didn't call but he replied saying he was busy.

Initially, I thought it was a tactic  but he said he was genuinely  busy. I  had to stress that I desperately needed his help and it would be appreciated and  that my deadline was 42 hours away and am  yet to write something substantial. He eventually called me and we talked, it was kind of weird but anyway we talked, he helped me, I passed and I got a 1st in that assignment and module. I called him, told him the news and decided to treat him to a dinner for helping. I was nervous on the day and that was when I knew I could either have a crush or something is up. We talked about a lot of things, weirdly enough I was relaxed, I really thought I would be uptight and but I was not. We shared a lot in common, he reads, I love reading, he  loves watching movies, he loves comedy, he loves collecting comic books, he loves trebbo lol and I do too.  He  loves mangos, he loves tennis, he loves learning new languages, cashew nuts, etc. In fact, we spent the time talking about our favourite things, movies   and actors and life in general.  It was fun and that day was the beginning  of an amazing friendship.

In my second year of University  he asked me out over a romantic meal on my birthday. I said Yes and it was lovely and we had the most amazing time together. Can I just say my first impression of him didn't change immediately but with time and communication we got there. He didn't sag when we met afterwards and said he was only trying  to do boy boy on that day lol. Whatever the case, I allowed myself to see past that and I felt good about us. I actually took some time out to do some research and prayer. Yes o.  He  opened up to me too and  he thought I was stush and very much on a high horse (I am) lol but he said the time   he decided to hand it over  i.e. the pursuing  was when I contacted him. Nice.

I was in my final year about to start exams when things began to change. Why!! is the question that keeps coming to mind.

I will have to continue next time.

Thank you for reading.

God bless you, JESUS BEST and love best.. xxx

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Notions Continue........

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Hello Lovely People,

Notion 2:

I think I have heard many women say that CHRISTIAN BROTHERS are boring.. LMFO.. ahahha  I don’t know about you but some Christians  brothers are not boring including the SPIRIT  filled i.e. spiro spiro ones. Some of them may appear boring based on their looks i.e. clothes but if you get to know some of them they can be witty and fun. It all depends on what you consider as fun lol.

CHRISTIANITY does not stop or impede anyone from having an amazing personality, although you aim not to be of the WORLD (which I think that’s why some people say Christianity is boring). But there are  many Christian activities  that one can engage in and  can find stimulating e.g. reading groups, bowling clubs, football etc etc. You can even invent your own and make it fun for other people to feel comfortable Christian or no Christian. 

Notion 3:
Materialistic world:  is the current world we live in in case you didn’t know or are oblivious. Practically every prayer point is about getting more cars/bigger cars, multiple houses, a bigger EVERYTHING. It is Not about saving the world, sharing the gospel,  saving the poor/dying children, inventing a new medicine to cure cancer, inventing strategic ways to tackle  unemployment/poverty/disease  etc etc.

This is a world where if you don’t have the latest thing you are probably ermm ancient. Consequently, for some of us we love to compare ourselves with other PEOPLE, as a result our motives behind our prayer  points is associated with MORE  and MORE material things to oppress so and so.  It no longer has anything to do with God, celebrating the light in us etc etc. We are too busy comparing, contrasting and counting other people blessings that our own qualities and beauty suffers because as far as we know our little minds cannot dream big and appreciate our worth. Not only do we pray selfish prayers, we also look to other humans as gods to reach out to. Does this make sense?

Well let me elaborate, for some of us, we are moved by what we see hence we want it NOT because it is good for us but because we see it, our eyes WANT IT and so we will GO out of our way to GET IT. In doing so, we fail to anticipate or simply * disacknowledge * the costs, the consequences and potentially the hidden truth that is often not discussed.  When we get there, it sometime becomes too late to get OUT.

 You do not understand?

Some of us are JUST PLAIN GREEDY AND WE LOVE IT (But it’s sad because there are always consequences for EVERY ACTIONS be it indirect or direct).

Note: Am not saying we should not ask God for blessings. The thing is, well my believe is, he has already blessed us maybe a) We need to change our mentality, blessings does not have to be in form of material things. b)Maybe all we need to do is just ask for  direction from the Lord to use our talents and qualities to attain the riches he has promised us (knowing fully well that his riches are everlasting and it can never finish).

P.S. : Disacknowledge is a made up word… lol.

In conclusion, life is a learning process, NOBODY has it EASY.

God is good in the good times and bad. 

Welcome Back!!!

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