Thursday, 26 January 2012

Five Awkward Moments Exprienced......

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Hello Blogsville,

I am tempted to write this posts due to what I  considered awkward today. I am sure there are times and situations that have presented some awkward moments for us and it just feels totally weird. Well, these are my five top ones that I have experienced and looking back  its hilarious...

 Aren't they cute... awww..

1) It one of those things, where you feel someone is calling your name and you keep looking around to find who they are i.e. to recognise them or answer back... No, it turns out its a group of people having a loud conversation and it just so happens what they are saying is either similar to your name or sounds like your name....

2) This is  when I see someone familiar from afar actually no, this is when I see someone that looks familiar from afar and I am all getting ready to say hello, although already smiling, they come closer and its turns it a total stranger. I remembered when I was much younger in boarding house hoping that my Mum would  visit,  I saw a lady that looked like her and she was wearing a native attire similar to my mum's.  As I ran  actually sprinting  to say hello  the closer  I came, the more the face that looked like my Mum began to fade away. lol.. It turned out it was a random stranger... (can I get aye aye if this has  happened to you). lol.

3) The moment when you intend on walking straight or  about to walk through a door and then another person wants to walk through and you two are  trying to figure out which way is best suitable. In the end, you end up playing hide and seek or better still catch me if you

4) Moments when people wave at you, actually random strangers wave at you and you are waving back. But it does not seem right cos the person is actually not giving you eye-contact, although your thoughts are  I do not know this person but maybe they know me or recognise me from some where.  Anyways, the closer you got, you do a side turn and it turned out they were waving to someone behind you all this while... Lol... Vice versa, you are waving at someone and the other person assumed  you were  waving at them and you are clearly not...(Awkward!!!).

5) What about the time you and your girls or friends are hanging out. Someone told a joke or said something funny and everyone is laughing and laughing real hard. Some random strangers are having their moments too, and it happened to be funny  and they were  laughing too.  Although you and your people are laughing at your personal jokes but they think you are laughing with them. But you clearly are not laughing with them but laughing at some jokes your friends cracked... lol. vice versa....

OK, random posts... share your awkward moments..

God is love, love on yourself and others too.


  1. It's so funny how many times I think that due to how immensely large the world is,some things happen to "just me"(not the tu-face song ofcourse)...I never knew anybody else would have experienced dt..oh "it's my mummy...ouch! it's not my mummy" feeling.

    My mum happened to be teaching in the same school where I "primaried"(There's no such word as this...i just have a little nutty habit of building huh?) and I was always used to popping into her class anytime the belly drum played my favourite tune...Yippee!...Food time(u get d gist)...On this "oooh it gives me the shivers just thinking about it" day,I was hungry and went mummy-hunting,checked her class she wasn't there...I checked everywhere,still couldn't find her until I "saw her" in another teacher's class wearing d exact same dress she had worn that morning..I ran across the class to go meet her pulling her hand with the beat lyrics.."Mum I'm hungry"..since i was so short(Then!),i didn't bother to look all the way up to the face that had the hands I was pulling...You know what happened next?/!....

    1. lool.. u sound cool from ur reply already..

      Funny... did the teacher dash you one on the face??

      awwww poor u...

      btw I like the conned word.. its so cool.

      U are welcome to my blog ad thanks for visiting.

    2. Thanks for the props..Fortunately for me,she was so caught up in her conversation that she didn't pay me any attention..I could imagine her frowning the Hunger out of me and she actually had one kind of akara tonned face..You know uneven layers of colours everywhere..So I finally noticed she was not my Mum and slowly back stepped away...It's a good thing I dnt have any physical scar to remember that experience...But the memories of it I have...*shivers* Mighty goose bumps*.

      The Other really funny and awkward experience I had was...STILL IN THE SAME SCHOOL OOOO! can imagine!.It's a good thing my mum didn't know abt this one..probably I would have been walking around now with a noticeable fore-head depression from the pressing and zealous hands of a deliverance minister who wd have wanted to deliver me from "Sleep walking"...Anyways here it goes..I had probably not had enough sleep the day before...Those days my mum wd wake me up around 6am!..I mean C'mon!..for an 8yr old kid 6am sleep was prime time sleep...anyway I found away around it -Break time(back then I used to call it breaking time) was nap time!Booyah!...but this particular day had something funny in store..I had started my closed eye journey and it ws really fun...then I felt pressed..*pause*.IN MY HOUSE the key to the toilet ws always kept behind the BEDROOM DOOR(take note of the upper case words)*play*...I stood up from my seat in CLASS..walked to the back of my CLASS DOOR and started earnestly looking for THE TOILET KEY..ofcourse I didn't find I just left without it ..I went through the door and out of my class passing everybody..ignoring everybody since they all seemed like dots of air dust just flowing across my face...It ws nt until i ws close to the staff room(Student's HellKitchen)that I snapped out of it to answer someone's question-Tony..Where are you going?..Loool.

      I have so many other awkard experiences maybe i'll share them later..'m sorry about the epistle..reaaly long I know.

    3. lool @ akara stonned face...

      Pls you are welcome to share your thoughts anytime ohh.... awww poor u sleep walking??

      I have actually never had anyone explain it in such detail. Wow.

      Thank God you snapped out of it b4 u find urself in another wahahlaa...

      jokes... thanks for visiting and sharing...


  2. LOL the post..
    The waving is just awkward, sometimes they are actually waving at you..I wave back and smile or sometimes i just stare...

    hahha the familiar face one i hate so much..It happened to me at a train station, i was screaming the guys name oh, bobo didnt send cos he didnt know

    1. Hello love... thanks for reading..

      lool @ d dude... i probably would have done the same as in give u d looks like " do I know you"

      The joy of look alikes heheh


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Comments, Views, Opinions, Expressions, Ideas etc etc are all welcome..