Sunday, 8 January 2012

Yay I am Engaged.....

Hello People of Love,

There is this gist I have been keeping for days and weeks now and I am finally sharing it with you today.. YAY.

I have being dying,,,  as in dying with excitement to spill the beans  that I am officially engaged to my one and only ADEFEMISOKE. Like, seriously I am going to be a Wife and possibly a Mother, Daughter Inlaw, Sister Inlaw etc. This is like a new territory, a new beginning , a new lifestyle, a new whatever. It sounds exciting and at the same you cannot comprehend the possibilities and impossibilities regarding the journey marriage has in store..(wipes imaginary sweat off my forehead lol). It is truly a blessing to be engaged and set to my marry my incredible, unpredictable, spontaneous, intelligent, sexy, witty, romantic, kind, AWESOME AWESOME Godly and attractive friend/fiance.  He is like WOW and that all I can say.

How did he propose and what he actually did, well it started as normal  day, actually not that normal. I had been a on business trip to another State and it was a three days conference on consumer electronics, market etc. A massive conferences where all the employees all over the world that holds this position has to end. It was long,  dragged up three days and I was absolutely  knackered. It was not the event that actually stressed me out, it was the constant tasks that was given to me  by my Assistant Director that made it even more annoying and tiring.  I hated it and all I longed and dreamt for was my little, cosy apartment and my  lovely double bed with nice creamy bedsheets, my silky deep brown duvet. All in all, I just wanted to coil up and just sleep, like forever if I could. I was exhausted  and immediately I arrived, I went straight for my bed  actually the kitchen (i love food and sometimes due to work commitment like this, I eat at anytime during the day, what can I say,I burn fat/calories faster than the average person even when eating. Besides, my body is sort of used to it, but it is a habit that has to stop). Within 2 hours, showered, ate some gorgeous food made and dropped off by my Mum before I came home  and briefly spoke with my now FIANCE(it sounds weird calling him that(giggles).

I had said my goodnight although it was only 8am in the morning, I was to close my eyes and I did, and started to drift to dream land as in I was already seeing pony's dolphins, blue sky with rainbow.. Suddenly, all I could hear was loud banging, I didn't know exactly where it was coming from but my dolphins, pony's blue sky etc were all disappearing and I was thinking to myself  why why why. Then, I slowly drifted into reality i.e. opening my eyes to make out where the banging noise was all coming from, it turned out it was my apartment and my own door. I looked at the time, barely 9am on  a Saturday morning, it did not take me a sec to start mourning who was at my door and at this time and  I was not expecting anyone. I picked up my phone to check for any messages concerning who might be at the door. I quickly called   ADEFEMISOKE to ask him if he was at the door (that guy is unpredictable)... It turned out it was not him, the door was still banging, he encouraged me to go and check who was at my door. I used my peeping hole, I could not make out the face and it seems the person was hiding it too, from what I saw he looked like a  rough looking works man that had a massive green tool box. I proceeded to ask through my door, who he was and what he wanted. He replied, saying he was doing maintenance in the neighborhood and my house was next.

In my head, I was like neighborhood.... without any notice from the council or letter, I immediately replied wrong house, go away there is nothing wrong here. As I was talking to him, Adefemisoke was on the line and I immediately withdrew from my door to my room (can you imagine such insult, waking me up from my beauty sleep). As I walked to my room, Adefemisoke suggested I should come over to his and sleep over since this maintenance guy won't go away. Without hesitation, I turned down his offer and said no, sleep over nooo. I want my own bed and beauty sleep and if he does not leave, I will increase my music, at this rate I can sleep under anything. Adefemisoke, still insisted he wanted me to come over and he would pick me up straight away and I insisted with my NO. The truth is, I do not feel comfortable sleeping over at people's houses most especially guys, call me traditional but I just cannot/wont do it. I could go over and spend time there but sleep over, it was not in me. It is down to my upbringing, and its funny when I try to change that but I found out its  was not for me. He was always amazed at the fact that I could not sleep over at his, nor allow him to sleep over at mine. I told him its the way my mind is, I don't what it is but I find it extremely hard to sleep at people's houses or hotels or any other rooms. I am very mindful of people's hygiene, I probably could hack hotels, because it necessary, hence I would ask for a new bedspread or newly washed ones. Besides, my dad's warning against sleeping over at man's house still rings in my head. "Oluwamuayomidun, do not ever sleep in a man's house ohh, do not sell yourself short, I do not care if you are dating him, seeing him, relationship with him, do not sleep there, you are not his neither is he your husband" this is what my dad would say. I would answer what if there was an emergency dad, and he would look at me funny "that sort of look that goes emergency is not an excuse".

Need less to say, I have been abiding by this rule, how sad/weird  as it seems, all my sisters except for our middle that actually broken the no sleeping in a man's house code. It is not a big deal but I cannot do it. I have tried to explain this to previous ex's in the past and they always felt I had issues. I didnt care, I stand by my rules and that is that, I proceeded to remind Adefemisoke, who practically now recites the whole thing to me. Moving on, I insisted that I wanted to go back to sleep and he should leave him alone I said it in a harsh tone because I was getting all worked up by now, my brain was already screaming sleep sleep sleep. I went to sleep and yes I slept and slept and slept and slept until it was like 5:00pm when my  alarm's phone won't stop ringing . I was a little annoyed,  but I guess it was actually time to wake up, I picked up the phone despite it been switched off, it will still ring like no mans business. This particular type alarm was set to remind me of appointments, am always on errands and a reminder is life saver. I looked at it and it turned out myself and Adefemisoke had decided to go out this evening at 6pm.

I am going to have to continue this some other time.

Please stay tuned...

God is love, love on yourself and on others too...

Thanks for visiting and reading.

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  1. I am starting from here.....My respect is intensifying. Well done for standing for what you believe.


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