Sunday, 8 January 2012

Yay I am Engaged..... continued.

At exactly, 6pm he was already at the door using the spare key I gave him to let himself in, I had to text him to do that. There was no way I would be ready at 6pm, when I am not a robot, which he knows lol. (a private joke we share). I could tell he was in the sitting room and me in the bathroom (I have been called athena for this, I can hear anything most especially within the home or a house or a small building, I am not entirely sure where I got this talent as I call it which can be good/bad sometimes). But, Dad says maybe because I was mildly blind as a child before my operation at five years old, I had to use my ears to sense alot of things. I knew he was already sitting down, looking around (he tends to do that, very nosey guy/curious). He notices anything new that has been bought either for decorations purposes or something else. He called out to say he was in and I should be quick, I could tell from his voice he was still angry and even more that I am still in the bath at 6pm.

By 6:30, I was ready and all fine to go and he was like I don't like your dress and am like who asked you. OK,  its not what you think, myself and Adefemisoke are straight talking individuals infact if there was anything that sealed it for me it was the 2nd date we went on and his approach to talking back struck me (in a good way).

 I will take you on a little memory lane.

I met him briefly at a real estate investment conference, where I was co-coordinating an event so I had to be everywhere helping out. I remember someone stopping me, introducing themselves and asking to speak with one of the key speakers afterwards and my response was, am sorry we are fully booked and it is not possible for him to speak with you nor anyone. I went on to say he is really busy, please come back next time we have another event such as this. He did not give up, he cajoled me, encouraged me, gave all the reasons in the world as to why he needed to see him asap. I remember replying coldly, I am sorry that you have been waiting this long, as I said he is busy and fully booked. He looked at me with so much hatred in his eyes and I smiled in his face and I knew that would hurt even more. (I can be very mean and I have told am mean as a brass, yes, when people do not understand NO and try to get a YES, NO is NO.   I have being fired from two jobs for being to over-generous and soft, all because I listen to petty stories etc). Having said that, I have never always been liked that, I was always soft, gentle and sweet but sometimes when life throws a stone at you, you learn to duck.

Back to the story, I did remember saying to him that I could have his card and book him for the next appointment which was barely 3 months away. He looked at me with this cold in his eyes and left. Later that day, I saw him speaking with that particular speaker and I was thinking how on earth did he manage to squeeze himself in (what I didnt know at the time and later realized is that, Adefemisoke, does not back down and the more you say NO/turn him down, the more he will fight). It turned out he is   friends with the speaker and had to pay him a surprise visit as he was in town.

Fast forward 3 months later, I went for a BBQ in my hometown  with my cousin to one of his friends who was celebrating his birthday/anniversary, he married his wife on his birthday (interesting). After much persuasion/nagging  from him on how much I work  and do not play much or relax, and how I love staying behind close doors all the time and my life is passing away with grey hair growing etc. I decided I had enough of the insults and I chose to go with him.  He introduced to the couple, congratulated them and excused myself to get me  some nice fries and nice beef burger.. hmmm food. I was eating munching on the burger when my cousin came with this rather dark nice looking guy and I thought nice, if only I knew (from afar he was smiling and I thought he has  nice teeth/smile, and as he got closer the burger in mouth started tasting funny and thinking is it me or the burger or the guy). It was too late I could not spit out the munched burger and  for some reason I could recall his face, out of all the people I come in contact with, is his face I can remember(smh). My cousin at this point was next to me and was telling me his name and his occupation and I remember him introducing me  saying  "this is my  beautiful cousin I was telling you about, the beauty and brain of the family". I just stood there with my mouth full of burger and watched how this dude was acting all gentlemanly, and shaking my hands and saying my name is unusual but nice. My cousin was asking if it was alright for him to give him my phone number and I wanted to say no but my head was nodding instead of shaking....(am sure you have been in one of those situations u meant NO but people think you meant YES because the signal was wrong or words fail you).

After that incident, I didn't receive anything or a call for two weeks (not that I was expecting it, in fact I prayed he had lost my number and I was free).Little did I know, there was more to come,  during the week I received a text saying he had been really busy and intended to call me but his family came to town. In my head I was thinking, right so what am I suppose to say. I did not reply to that text as I did not know what to say, but I left it and later during the week, he called me and my initial reaction was its him and I should not pick. It was too late my hand had already clicked on call button I said  hello and he said hi (my actions were failing me seriously, my brain thought and the signal received is wrong).

A mini scenario on how the conversation played out:

  He was still polite, and I thought is this dude playing me about, (I dont know what it is but I just always expect people to be mean or maybe because I can be mean sometimes I do not expect people to be nice in return). He actually was  nice and friendly and I kept thinking, why me and why are you nice and Yes I had to ask. Why are you so nice to me and he  said am I? I am like yes you are being nice, as in really polite and soft spoken and he responded ermmm that me I am nice and soft spoken. I said I guess you do not remember what happened few months back or have  you forgiven and moved on. He was like what are you talking about, I am like the conference. There was a silence on the phone and I said,  I actually behaved badly, I should not have, I was really stressed out. I apologised and he  said he it was cool. Its cool I find myself saying, and he was like yes its cool. That it, COOL???  He said yes that is it, it is cool, do you want me to say anything else. I said yes, as in say what your thoughts are of  me. He replied, I have no thoughts and I was aghast, you have no thoughts??. He said, can we please drop it, I have no thoughts, you were doing your job. I was desperate, a little too desperate that I was actually begging you to do this for me but fact is I knew the rule because I used to be a speaker at such conferences. When people over-book me I get really upset and stressed out. Yes, I should not have pressured you like that, I guess I was over-desperate and about those looks,  I do it when I want people to feel bad. I guess you didn't feel an ounce bad and went on to smile in my face (The truth was I felt bad and horrible, but I always put on a nice mask).

He said, instead of being upset, he was impressed, usually people would have given in under those looks. But I stood my ground and was firm, to him that was a first.  At this point, my thoughts were great I  have found myself in a awkward situation (lol,  but his attitude was so upfront I did not know how to challenge back and for the record, I was not like YAY he was impressed. I wanted him to say things like You are mean, you are so mean, that what am used).

Anyhoo, that was how we started talking and talking and kept on talking for days, weeks, months and after 2months. He asked me out to go on a date with him. I remember we decided to do a low key i.e. go to the Cinema.

Please I have to continue next time.

Thanks for reading.

Stay tuned.

God is love, love on yourself and others too.


  1. you're so funny.............THE ENGAGEMENT?
    i loved reading it a lot.....will wait for the next part. SHALOM.

  2. lol.... thanks for finding me funny.. Yes love, please wait ohh..

    Thanks for visiting...


  3. Congrats congrats! Thanks for leaving your sweet comment on my blog the other day! I am happy for you! Enjoy and bask in it my dear!


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