Sunday, 15 January 2012

Yay I am Engaged.... FINAL

As I raised my head and turned it to other side of the room, what I saw was a neat laid table  in red and red candles. The table was nicely dressed with napkins folded, and soft roses on the table. At this point, Adefemisoke was ushering me towards the table, he took my seat as a gentleman and positioned me.  I didn't know what  to say, I was just in AWE. It was a combination of many feelings rushing through me I was shocked, then surprised, then full admiration and wanted ask loads of questions but my words and my mouth failed completely. I would open my mouth and nothing and absolutely nothing was coming out. I stared into his eyes thinking should I be happy? or should be like whats going on? Like am not a romantic type of person but I guess I just was in AWE. The shock was yet to to wash over and just at that point,  his bro came in asked if we were ready order. I was like WHAT???

Me: are you kidding? what are you doing here?
Little Bro: (grinning and glancing towards Adefemisoke) errrm erm, would you like to place an order.
Me: We have been trying for many months to get you to cook for us and WOW you are here.....

The thing, Adeseyifunminyi, is a well renowned Chef, at just 24 this dude owns his restaurant  and he is a great cook and I love and love his food and he is a busy guy. Hence, seeing him was a shock and a really big one too. I know he takes his cooking to a different  level and I love it.

We ate all types of food, meals and enjoyed a nice dessert, it was just beautiful and I was beaming and beaming so much smile and I just could not remember anything and I was loving  the atmosphere, the moment, us everything just everything (its funny what a table/candles and good meal can do to you, wow). Yes, it was beautiful and I could not ask for more.

In the midst of our lovely dessert,  Adefemisoke told me  how I made him feel.

Adefemisoke: You make me feel beautiful inside and I knew what  he meant by that. He speaks in interesting ways. I remember our 2nd date, I was laughing so hard after all that had happened and he said your laughter tickles me. I was thinking how can my laughter tickle someone.  I have never known anyone that  uses expressions in the way he does. I later found out, my laughter basically arouses him and instead of  using the exact words,  he would  substitute with  other words which is interesting and new.

In this instance, when he said I made him feel beautiful inside it meant I complete him and make happy. He held both my hands  and said you are so incredible and so genuine and so real that sometimes I feel like I am in a dream but  the dreams aren't enough to show how  real you are  and words are not enough to express what I feel in the core and rawness of my inner being.

But I do know that you make me Beautiful, you make me Happy, I feel challenged and I constantly desire to be such a great person and be confident in my abilities that I can do better than yesterday and never make excuses but to learn and keep learning. This past  years I have spent and committed myself to you has been an utmost  and absolute adventure.  It  never ends, there is always something and special to always look forward to and that fills me up with joy. I can never get enough of you and I do not want to get enough of you but I really desire to make a life with you that is of great adventure and pleasant memories. I can imagine life without you and trust me it NOT PLEASANT...... for that reason I cannot imagine anymore but imagine that this life we have together will never die and will continue.

Adefemisoke: So Oluwamuinumidun,  as your name implies you make me happy and I am grateful to God and in awe of his love for blessing me with such a beautiful, stubborn, grounded, morally defined, well respected, independent, funny, open-minded, cool, hard working,  SEXY   and virtuous woman. I would like to believe I am worthy of you and worthy of our love and the beautiful foundation we have built.  I open my heart to all the possibilities we will experience together and what life has in store for us and I know we will make a fine couple, actually we do make a fine couple, we make an EXCEPTIONAL COUPLE.

Will you do me the honour of being my supporter,  advocate, helper and most importantly my WIFE.

I was in so much tears, I could not say anything other than WHAT TOOK you so long lol. No,  I did not say that. I said thank you ADEFEMISOKE for all the kind and beautiful words you have expressed and I feel so much for you in return. You are great guy with  a loving heart, you have taught me so much and helped me to relax and enjoy this beautiful adventure we have created. You are so unique and you tickle my taste buds every time and even when I make you angry you never turn away and that tells me alot about you. I am so blessed and so grateful that you compliment  me in every way possible. You are my never ending SUGAR, you accept me for me and although baffled at my ideas, you still respect me.  And YES, I want to be your supporter, I want to be your advocate, helper and WIFE.

(Exhales),so my people that was it ohh, it was fun, afterwards our immediate family came around, he had planned this all along and involved everyone apart from me. DAD and Mum congratulated and yes he asked for their permission first. It was so beautiful and  he planned everything including the dude that came to disturb me in the morning and  pulling my legs to tease me by suggesting I come to sleep over. It was part of the plan to make me stressful and yet end up with a massive smile.

NOTE: This is a fictional story and it is absolutely based on imagination. Any correlation with a real life story is pure coincidental.

I dedicate this writing to individuals that believe they will one day find their soul mate and the ones that have found them  already.  May we continue to believe.

God is love, love on yourself and others too.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by. waving with love...

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  2. NO way!!!!!!! I thought it was real...Arrrrrrrrrrrgh lovely story tho

  3. thanks hun.... i pray it will be real one day..

    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. ha!!! I hate you officially now!!!!! it is just fiction@ tsshrreewww..I was wondering na, with all those elaborate names. Did they every write Jamb? How did they manage to get the whole names into the boxes....:D

    1. LOOL... covers face... iknow... it should have been real now.. haha.. thanks for reading love.

      No they didnt write jamb oh, I imagined they were based abroad.. lool.. obviously, the imagination of the place is left to the reader. funny.

      i know though, weird names sha...

    2. Lol Honeydame, you are tres funny. Did they all write jamb? Haha. And Yes Daughter of her King- now this is just epic, good one!

    3. Thanks for reading miss tee and welcome to the DHK blog.... honeydame is just too funny.

      Hope to see more visit from you.. xxx

  5. awwwww am a hopeless romantic! am still waiting for the one and a happy beginning!

    1. Trust and believe it will happen one day.. xxx

      God bless and thanks for visiting..


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