Friday, 27 January 2012

Life in Stage: FACTS I have come to Understand.....

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Hello People of love,

So, I am doing a quick post on things/facts I have come to understand about life. Yes, everything no matter how small they are, it all happens in stages.

1) Studying to acquire a degree is not the hard part, but securing a GOOD job, being a graduate competing with many excellent graduates and  trying to make your stamp in this world.. That when it gets tough.

2) Being pregnant is not the hard part, giving birth to the child is not the hard part.Its caring for the child, nurturing  and ensuring they turn out GREAT now that when its hard....(cos if they don't its on you).

3) Falling in love is not the hard part, prepping and having the wedding is not the hard. Its staying married and HAPPY and working to keep the fire BLAZING now thats it is the challenging part.

4) Contesting/Campaigning for a position of authority is not the hard part, planning the ceremonies is not the hard part. It is occupying the position and actually delivering everything your manifesto says... NOW THAT IS THE HARD PART(cos if you fail, its on you)...

5) Doing your research to buy a house/car is not the hard part, doing the paper work is not the hard part. Its the constant maintenance of the house/car and ensuring they are fit for purpose at all times. NOW THAT THE HARD PART.

6)Being told you are dying of an illness is not the hard part, accepting you are dying is not the hard part. It is the leaving your loved ones behind, dealing with the issues of death and wondering what is on the other side. NOW THAT IS THE HARD PART.

Why is it the hard part you say: Because this is the time you get confused, time you question your abilities, the times you feel like am doing it right or wrong, times when things go wrong and you actually are lost for words and ideas, times when anything absolutely anything can happen and you find out you  are starting  all over again.. Times when you were trusted to fulfill a promise and you did not and times when you thought I will throw in the towel am tired yet people are relying on you and your ideas....(the list are endless).

Fact: THERE are many things in life people can't tell or unable to tell us, there is no MANUAL, you have to figure it all out as you go along.

So you have to enjoy each stage life presents, cos there is nothing greener on the other side, EVERYTHING IN LIFE comes with hardwork and expectations. You cannot say I wish this was like this and that was like that, cos even if you wish, it will still come with its consequences. Learn to appreciate the stage you are at, work with it and improve yourself.

As for am not intending on making this journey alone, God is at my front, Jesus on my side, Holy spirit behind me. And am sandwiched in the middle.. lol.. On a serious note, I am not and cannot rely on my strength its fragile and it can easily crumble..

God is love, love yourself and on others too.

This is my song for the Week..totally random btw


Thank you for visiting.

Comments, Views, Opinions, Expressions, Ideas etc etc are all welcome..