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I have decided to do a blog post on needs and wants.

As humans it is fact that we desire and need things and at the same time want things too, however I sometimes feel the degree of want is over-emphasized compared to degree of need. The needs are so much more important.

What is a need? it is basically something we can't do without. AIR, FOOD, WATER, CLOTHING, SHELTER etc.

What is a want? something you can do without but you desire because you think it will solve a thing or make the situation better.

What inspired me to start thinking about my needs and wants in more depth basically stemmed from what I read from my daily devotional guide. UCB Word for today. It is really good and I recommend it. It is a Christian devotional guide that addresses daily life struggles/issues  and its free for people in the UK and Northern Ireland. You can access the website here:

I read this particular post on Sunday and I intended on sharing it recently. But when I first read it,  this verse that featured in it ministered to me Philippians 4:19 God shall supply all my need according to his glory Christ Jesus (mum loves this verse lol, i digress). Note the word NEED, means all that you cannot do/live without, all that you need to live a life according to his glory Christ JESUS, he will SUPPLY.  As I read, I slowly digested the word NEED and slowly I was getting more and more juiced up (lol, understanding). For instance, our  needs vary on so many levels just like our wants but we sometimes confuse those two. Besides not knowing the difference we think our WANTS IS OUR NEED and  How easy it is for me to equate my need with my want.

Infact, due to this I realise some selfish prayer points I probably said/asked  due to lack of understanding and thought that God was not answering me or refuses to answer. It maybe I was praying for my WANTS not my NEED and with my WANTS I can do without them. Sometimes more like most times, when he is silent, it can mean alot of things but maybe just maybe what you and I are asking for are WANTS not needs (wants are mostly selfish some times, trust me check your motives) and because, he will supply all our NEEDS until then patience truly has to be a virtue in us  and part of us (so help me God).

I will share a testimony that comes to mind. It came to mind regarding need and wants

When I was applying to Universities I  applied to the top ones as in the big macho ones lol. I wanted to be seen as this person that graduated from this Uni obviously I had the intention of working hard and also wanted to challenge myself that I can do whatever I put my mind into.  It so happens that I applied and got an offer based on two  reasons: pass my MATHS with a B and clear out my UCAS point with 360. I knew it would be a challenge to get a   B in Maths  considering that I can only get a C (me and maths its another issue, but I was retaking the subject I should have passed in secondary level but did not). I felt if I worked hard and got a C, I would be use my faith and pray to get in.

Well let just say I did not get my C(four marks away though, kmt) and the University said NO, I cried went to my second choice they said NO. At this point, I had thought I won't be going Uni this year (painful thought). My sis encouraged me to enroll to a  College and study additional A levels and Maths (which I did). I was automatically in clearing which meant, one has been rejected in the Universities (1&2) of their choices and that meant you have to think fast and start calling other Uni that will offer you a place.

I remember my Mum kept saying (you will get to Uni this year, you will). I said ohh don't worry about it mum, I tried couple of Uni they said No. I prayed that God would touch their mind and they would change. Moving on, I don't know what prompted me to look at an old bag, but I did and found a letter, it was a letter that came with a prospectus I ordered from this particular University. (Btw, alot of people from my college were going there and I did not want to go there at all, and I felt it was ranked well at all). I told my mum about the letter and am not sure who suggested I call them. But I did and straight away I was offered a place on the course of my choice (business and marketing baybee lol) and I got to retake my MATHS and I got a C this time (best teacher I ever had, I actually for the first time I understood simultaneous equations. I did not understand it before ohh and in Niaj it was worse, I did not grasp it at all).Thank God.

In addition, not only did I study at this Uni, I got a scholarship  to pay for my feeding allowances as I had high UCAS points, I also got various roles and jobs within the Uni. Most importantly, I got a great degree from one of the best businesses school in the Country and currently at 7th place (and moving up).

Obviously, I did not know this at the time that the Uni was doing good and although its overall ranking might not be as great as other Uni, it is doing very well and striving so hard in the business faculty. I am grateful to God he granted me what I needed not wanted.

I wanted the top Uni but I did not need it.(I needed an education but other things too, which I believe God felt it was more important).

My point: We pray for things that we want because we think that want is what we need but when we pray or ask for things and we are given something entirely different it means that  God is satisfying our need not wants(lol, even myself took  a while to get used too, but I must say I did make attempts after my 1st year to move Uni but they said I will start from 1st year again. Besides, I will would pay additional fees and the course they offered was not  the same as the one I was studying for at the time).. Anyways am glad I stayed.

NOTE: The fact we need to understand our needs and wants  does not only apply to praying/asking, it about daily lifestyle too i.e. shopping, eating, time, relationships  etc.

If we are able to differentiate and place emphasis on what we need rather than want, I think we will make rational and best decisions.

I have learnt in everything I do now/ intend to buy I will ask myself do I need or want, this is because there are shoes and clothes and things that I have bought out of wants and trust me waste of my money. I bought some boot year ago (Useless). Nice  boots, but I didn't not need them and the ones I needed and bought lasted me till today after 4 years. In addition to that, there are situations and circumstances that will also warrant us to think do I need this drama. If the answer is NO, I beg you please walk away (in south east london accent lol).  On a serious note, always ask yourself do I need this or want it. Somethings we will always want, it is not bad but we should know the difference between a NEED AND A WANT. That way will give priority to things that are significant and necessary.

Share your thoughts..

I feel like I could have made this post different but this is how it flowed from my mind but I did want to make it different.(I am my best/worst critic).

God is love, love yourselfandothers too..

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  1. I agree with your differentiation between our wants and needs. The more we draw nearer to God, the more we understand the things of the Spirit. God answers to our needs and not to our wants cos like you said, most of our wants are selfish.

    We mostly ask God to meet us at the point of our needs but forget that He knows our hearts and as such knows what we want but "think" we need.

    Thank God He's God and does the best for us. I like your thoughts. Kind regards..

    1. Hello AB,

      Thank you for stopping by and reading.

      Yep, it took his grace for me to understand..

      God bless you.


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