Monday, 9 January 2012

Yay I am Engaged.... 2


Waving with love.

Back to my story...YAY

When Adefemisoke said he didn't  like my dress(pouting his lips as he said it), my  initial response was who asked you  and I went on to say what do you mean. He replied saying, I apolgoise for saying I don't like the dress but I want you to wear something reddish he wants a DANGER look tonight. I laughed and laughed some more and said danger look ke, of all looks. He cajoaled me to go into me my room to and from a random place, he presented a  box and he begged me to just wear what was in there and ask no questions. In fact, I had to promise I won't ask any questions. I said something is fishy and it does not add up. I can't place my hand on it, and he looked at me and said I just thought I surprise you. I said with a red dress??? that is not even my favourite colour. His response, precisely I wanted you to try something different for a change. 

I wore the dress and YES it was gorgeous (now I know why my sister was bugging me about my opinion on the dress, she claimed she was wearing to a wedding that had red theme). Well, I looked nice, he complimented me and took my hand, headed for the door, we had already booked a table and we were going there. We got to the private car park, it was time to pay and buy a ticket, and Adefemisoke, was all checking his pocket for his wallet. I came out as I could see he was struggling and asked what the matter was and he said I can't find my wallet, I looked at him (with this flummoxed look) you cant find your wallet . Why, was my first reply(he is always on top of things, talk about someone with COMMON SENSE, he uses his initiative to the full max, so not having his wallet on him did surprise me) I went on to say how can you not find your wallet, maybe you left it in the car. He went checked and came out and said it is still not there. That when I offered to pay for the ticket (he immediately gave me the look: pls do not humilate me look, I can handle this). He has a lot of looks, he communicates mostly through his eyes when words fail him. (I have had to learn about that side of him). Adefemisoke, is that type person that likes to be in charge, not a control freak but likes orders and yes it can come across arrogant. Well, this particular look I learnt on the first date, we went to Cinema (we met up somewhere and he insisted he wanted to pick me up, infact he begged me). 
When he asked me out on the first date, I said I was busy which I was and when it was time, he asked if I wanted a lift and I said no, I will find me way there. He was like, I insist, I will pick you up and we will go together. I was  like no, do not bother, I will make my way there and then he said, are you being stubborn for a purpose? I said No, I am not, I will make my way there. He went on to say, do you want me to beg you to pick you up? My response: errrmmmmmm why would you want to do that? 
Adefemisoke: I guess I really want to see you and picking you up will make me more excited.
Me: Ok, so this is for your own benefit right?
Adefemisoke: I guess so, but I really want to pick you up to beat the traffic.
Me: You and I both know, my zone does not have much traffic, I know you itching to see more, but I will make my way there. In fact let  make a deal, will make my way halfway and you can pick me up.
Adefemisoke: why are you stubborn?
Me: I am not, it is you that does not understand I want to make my way part.
Adefemisoke: Ok, I agree you should make your way.
Me: Thank you.
Phone conversation ended.

5 mins later, my phone rang.

Adefemisoke: I will take you on the other offer seems fair. What time will you be ready?
Me: (grinning).
We went on the date as agreed, he was looking nice, even better than I imagined, I made an ounce effort but not much(to be honest, I didn't want him to know whether I was attached at this stage). He scrubbed up good, nice shave, hair cut, cologne... man was goooooooddddd... yet I did not show it lol.

We approached the till, and I brought out my card to pay and (the look on his face as in the HORROR, and then afterwards admiration and then compliment thank you, but I am paying( the worker at the till, please make a decision). Me: pls take my card. 
Adefemisoke: No, I am paying.
Me: Ok, we will both pay.
Him: No, I am paying. 
Me: Why  can't we split the bill?
Him: Ok, please can I explain something, (pauses and then smiles) I appreciate the fact you want to share the bill, I think it is considerate and sweet. But can I please pay this once and let go inside and enjoy the movie.
Me:Ok, fine, but I will get the next bill. deal 
Him: Deal.

I will have to continue next time.

God is love, love on yourself and others too.

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  1. Hahhahaha, sounds very familiar to me

    1. lol.... for real... as in... u were fussy too? lol

      Thank u for visiting..

      waving with love...xx


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