Thursday, 19 January 2012

My Beautiful Uniquely Weird Awesome Mother...

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Hello spicy people,

I decided to do a  post on my Mummy. I was inspired by a comment I made to a post (here:

In my family, weirdness runs throughout, what I mean by "weird" is not a negative connotation. I interpret it as how we do things that is strange,  full of amazement/out of character i.e. different.

My mum is a classic example of that, she is wired in such way  that amuses me, really!. She says things and does things that I can only say to her "MUM you are so weird". Aside from the fact she loves Youtube and likes this lady called britpopprincess. She always bugs me to go on fb and she wants to see this person and oh that person. I am like mum I don't even think about them on a normal day, I had to add people that I do not know or have an idea about because they are mum's people and she wants to see them i.e. pics. (she is beginning  to remind me of my grandma, they treat technology like a big deal, besides  when you get older there is a tendency to be very fussy).. I am fussy now, I cant imagine me in my old age(yepa). Anyways, she says I should add them and they should me "her daughter". I guess, I was quite shacked up too going on fb for the first time, as in linking up with old mates from back in the days yadahyadah.... She is yet to open a her own fb oooo.

Aside from many things, I have good memories of my childhood because of our mum. We spent most of our childhood growing up in Boarding House so time we spent at home should be mostly treasured (sometimes). But, I remember today some of  the quirky things mum did when we were growing up.

1)  Growing up, mum carved our pencils, wrote our names on them including  first and last names. She took our pen aka Biro, typed/printed our names on a blue looking paper, folded it and insert it into the case. When we started boarding house in Ogun State, mum would buy  packs of everything and put it in our separate boxes. I went to boarding house at the age of 4 (I did a post on it, a while back). Mum's marriage with our dad was breaking and she did not know how to handle it and at the same she wanted to protect us and didn't want us to get caught up in it. Some friend suggested MAYFLOWER and she shipped us there from Lagos State.

2) Mum would use needle and thread to write our names on our clothes including panties, wrappers, underwears aka singlets, bedsheets, pillow cases, mattresses, socks etc(all the stuff, we were taking with us to school). YOU CAN'T STEAL OUR STUFF, WE CAN TELL lol. Her signature was everywhere.

3) Mum would buy our provisions in BULK and carefully select each to their own(its only me and older sis). She would inscribe our names on them to know the difference. She bought us both equal things no cheating... I miss those days sha.

4)MUM bought us the same clothes and outfits.. people thought we were twins.. When we come home for holls she made sure we attended lessons and not stay idle at Home( the weird teachers lol).

5) Mum is a big softie, when she deals with us seriously,  she would cuddle us again.. awwwww

6)She used to give us kisses on her way to work when we were much younger... (she says, give mummy a kiss, and we would). Its probably the western culture she experienced that made her more Homely(Grandma, was not the kissing type lol, but she was sweet, will do a post on her too sometime)...

7)After school and during holls, Mum would get us to strip naked and she would look at us and ask has anyone touched you. No! we would say.. She tells us nobody she touch you there and there ohh.. if they do scream and guess most mums are over-protective).

8) She clipped our nails and toe nails before resuming school and when we came Home.

9) She always drops us off one week early before resumption date. I hated it, hated the fact that we were the only ones in school before everybody started arriving. We would beg her and she would say NO. It was best we got there early and settle  (her argument). Now, when am leaving the family home and am off to Uni a week earlier she would beg me to stay.. (shoo, now you want me to stay, after you made me like

10)She is the only person I know that buys us shoe children we polished our shoes it was deep (mum, worked in a bank, she always loves looking professional).

Above all, I love my MOTHER, she is so uniquely weird and I rate her so much for all she taught me and still teaching me... I am Grateful to God for her. I pray, I her treat as well as she treated me. She is so generous with everything time, money, emotions, help, wealth, wisdom, love, affection, discipline etc etc.

As we always call each other my BFF(BEST FRIEND FOREVER)....LOL.

                                My beautiful BBF with my older sis when she was a BABY...

God is love, love on yourself and others too..


  1. Awwwwww!, loved this post, dear. Mothers are amazing people. Nice blog, btw. I'm def. following...


    1. Hiya MissPF... thanks for visiting and following....

      Thanks for the compliment.....


  2. I totally get your number 7 jere. Better be careful than sorry. You mom's amazing tho and you apparently look like her gan

    1. Thanks T, she is more than amazing... she is soo cool..

      lol... she doesnt think i look like her lol... she is the coolest....


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