Saturday, 7 January 2012

Hair Update and New Cut......

Hello People of the Word,

Hello people of  the world, spice up your life, every boy and every girl.. spice up of ur life ahhhhh Hold Tight.. lol thats a song lyrics from Spice Girls.. it was in my head.. funny.

Ok to a much serious note, I have had an hair cut (YAY), its a bob but I had a different picture of what I wanted compared to the one I have now, but  he sort didnt get it but I like this look so I will just move on.

I will update you on how far the hair ripped has grown and I will just pics of my new cuts..
So Please enjoy...

August 2011               December 2011                         December 2011

You can pretty much tell most of the hair grew back. I had my hair in kinky twist from October -December 2011 (not good, it ripped out some of my baby hair in the front. It does not matter it has grown back now).

January 2012


 New Hair Cut 2012
And this Rihanna hairstyle was what I wanted or similar...

That all for was so annoying uploading these pics cos I wanted to put more but this blog was not giving me that opportunity more like the presentation was not coming out the way I like..

Enjoy this Spice Girls song....

God is love, love on yourself and others too...

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