Tuesday, 17 January 2012

FIVE incredible FACTS about ME.

Hello People,

I hope we are all well.

I have been following the "OccupyNigeria" movement and I must say am PROUD OF EACH AND EVERYONE that protested, prayed, helped  and contributed to the decision of the oil subsidy. YOU HAVE MADE YOUR MARK AND IT WILL FOREVER BE REMEMBERED. WELL DONE.  I pray the govt will use this extra money to build the very much needed infrastructure in our NATION. AMEN.

I just thought to do a blog on me and reveal some of my personalities/qualities more like my weirdness lol.

a) I have an interesting HABIT/mentality this has stemmed from my childhood. Basically, what I do is talk to myself as in talk out loud as if am speaking to someone. I used to tell people I speak with imaginary friends lol (they definitely think am nuts, but not the case). I basically corresponds with my inner-being but I say it loud as if the person is with me face-face (pls am not obanje ohhh or possessed lol, i know this for a FACT). Its normal, but am just one of the extremes.. I really enjoy it too. It is very therapeutic, for instance,when someone upsets me and I want to say something to them asap, I can imagine they are in my face and I will say it to them, it releases alot of unneeded tension.

 I will share little random story, I remember one time in Niaj, as usual I was doing role plays, (mehn i love dressing up and pretending am a Newsreader and I love the mirror ohh.. mehn i love seeing my reflection). Ok, so this one day, I decided to polish all my mum shoes and mine too I think, I love polishing my shoes maybe sad but I like shoes to be SHINEY (lol, it is boarding house that has done this).  I sat outside in our compound (space around the house), I polished the shoes and shortly afterwards I created a scenario in my head that I was in a busy market place selling 2nd hand shoes to customers ( its called sherewere lol, i think). I was talking out loud, and trying to pretend to be a hustler/ seller etc. The next thing, mum was walking with a cane/long stick behind her back, watching me closely thinking "this girl will get the beatings of her life today"lol. I looked sideways, saw her and ran lol. She sort of  understands why I talk out loud but she does not understand why I over do it lol. She cautions me alot about talking to myself..

b)  I love DAYDREAMING, I am that  type of person I can NEVER BE BORED of my own space and company as long as my head function well AMEN. I can stay all day on my bed  and take myself to a different world and actually think about things. I have daydreamed about alot of things, it is really weird too. I have a vivid memories of some of them, being doing this since was a child so I can remember what I thought about at 13.lol. I think it came about from watching too much cartoons and reading novels and before you know it am daydreaming myself to sleep etc.

c) I love my space..... I just like being by myself and just doing things I am used to. Again, as a child most esp on holidays I am always by myself we weren't allowed to play with other children  (my mum fears the teachings of the neighborhood children can be corrupt). When we moved house I was more isolated than ever cos we had a massive compound i.e. space and a GATE. Myself and sis did not get along much and she was alot more closer to our mum so I was always by myself most of the time. As a result, I am used to being myself and and I enjoy my space. Now as an adult, I am addicted to it, and I cherish it so much (God, help me ohh). You will not believe I am not a quiet person, am opposite.

d) I am a very DEEP person, like really deep. my mind is a stream of river it flows and flows and never stops. I think alot and sometimes I can stay on my bed and think all day and not be bored. I have thought about life, GOD, after life, existence, ANGELS, HEAVEN, DEATH,  humanity, animals, cruelty, THE BIBLE and the people that wrote it, forefathers, slavery etc. These are not one off thoughts that crosses your mind and you brush it off, I actually indulge in it.  I have taken myself to places through my mind I should never go just to see what its like  mentally. It can be very scary at times but now I am learning  to renew my mind and dwell on the things that are pure, good, holy and of good reports (before the DEVIL start manipulating my MIND, cos its starts from little non-harm thoughts and its goes deeper lol).

e) I am way too EXPRESSIVE. In everything, I do, I express. Now expressions can be interpreted in different forms. In my case, everything I do correlates, if am passionate about a topic, every part of me is talking my hands, eyes, ears etc are doing it with me. If I am reading, I will concentrate so hard it  most likely you can tell I have being reading because I will make a lot of references to what I have read most esp if it is significant. Besides that, I can publicly state what my opinions are and bold enough to tell you if I agree or disagree. This is something my lecturers, pastors, parents, friends etc can testify to. I AM NOT AFRAID TO AIR MY VIEW. Although, I am now applying what we call WISDOM and CAUTION.

There you go, there are still so much about me.  This post  sounds like recycled information broken into different bits and bobs lol.  I am  very dynamic and its interesting how my mind works but yeah do not be scared... lool.

Thanks for visiting and reading.

God is love, love on yourself and others too.

I love this song... Inspiration song for the WEEK.


  1. Hello there. trust me it's very normal to talk to yourself, at least to me...i just finished talking aloud to my self really long some few minutes ago and i do it every time!! I like making sure i understand myself and me and myself gist a lot oo.

    sorry im talking 'bout meself o, but i just had to comment cos it seems like this post is about me. i daydream a lot and like to smile to myself a lot when i'm doing it. my family members sometimes think i'm crazy so they just leave me alone to myself becos they know 'she likes being alone doing whatever she does'. I analyze and overanalyze things sometimes i'm scared i'll have a mental breakdown someday...God forbid..

    Nice post. good to know those things about you.

  2. I am a huge daydreamer as well!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. We should talk about this Restaurant chains. lol.

  3. ALAS ALAS, I am not alone... lol.. thanks for sharing am glad other people daydream too.. YAY...... I guess am not weird then... lol.

    @ Ayo thanks for reading and visiting.. lol. we will not experience mental break-down by his name AMEN.

    @ 9jaFoodie... I am so impressed with your varieties of food collection it is superb. I didn't think you saw my message sef. Yes, we should link up on skype or yahoo to discuss this restaurant business. There is a niche in the market for niaja food ohh...

  4. I so talk to myself and like I always say,I have an overimaginative brain.I like my space too,my friend calls me a loner,I wonder y plus our moms caused it with all the locking up,do not associate with neighbour kids thingy...yay we would make good friends o!!!!


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