Monday, 9 January 2012

Yay I am Engaged.... 2 continued.

We had a great time and we actually had fun and I felt more comfortable around him (later during the relationship, I found a)he is like that around everyone and everybody, b)he is incredibly generous c)he likes taking responsibilities). 

He asked again if I wanted to go again and said Yes and he said I should  be nice to him ohh. I agreed. We met again, this time I made little bit more effort(yay, i was slowly warming up to him). It was time to pay and this time around, I insisted I will pay and not backing down, so I paid happily (I am used to treating myself and paying for goods, I do not want anything to change that, well that was what I thought at the time). We sat down and I started munching on pop-corns smiling and  excited about the movie. I noticed he was quite not laughing even toughing the mega pop-corn we were supposed to share. 
Me: Are you ok?
Him: yeah
Me: You do not sound ok, seems like you are upset.
Him: really, but am ok.
Me: are you upset at me?
Him: refuses to look my way.
Me: is it because I paid?
Him: Yeah.
Me: why? 
Him: my ego was bruised, and am nurturing my wound. But seriously, I had it covered.
Me: ohhhh...ok.
Him: ok to you too.
Me: (thinking how do you respond to this)? errmmmm i do not feel comfortable, you keeping quiet and sulking.  I think I should go.
Him: Ok then.
Me: really.
Him: Yes, its ok.
Me: Are u coming?
Him: ermmm no.
Me:Well I have just paid for a whole movie, I think I should get my money's worth.
Him: (shrugs).
Me: (exhales, thinking should I get up and move or should I buy into his emotional trap and just end this). I thought am not usually nice, let me just try. Do you want a sorry?
Him: Well, will you meant it?
Me: You actually want it?
Him: You offered.
Me: if it will make you feel better, ok, am sorry I paid eventhough you said I will get the bill next time.
Him(smiling, grinning, looked into my eyes and said thanks for saying sorry).
Me: smiles back..(thinking, absolute weirdo, where on earth did he come from ohh??, on a lighter note, it  actually does not feel that bad to say sorry, ok, STOP IT).

After the movie, the convo in the car  went like this:

Adefemisoke:  I should have kept to my word, but I really want to treat you but you are not giving me the chance. You are Miss Independent on me, I like it that your are supportive and considerate. You forget, that this is a date, I like you and I want to express that by taking care of the needs I have placed. Splitting the bill is good when we get married (my head was like huh), but splitting bill now makes it like two friends meeting up. I do not like to feel that way.

Me: ok, I get your point, but you need to understand I take care of my own needs and going all macho on me is not attractive. I like that you want to pay for me and treat me but I have worked hard for my money why I cant I treat myself and yes we are two friends meeting up well I think we are friends. 

Him: I will learn to understand your ways and try to be open-minded. Can we hug on that. 
Me: really? (in my head, hmmmmmmm interesting dude, time will tell if this is real or fake but I shall see).

Two years and 8 months later, it is real everyday, he is like that  with his family and friends and everyone comments on how weird he is about issues. He just likes to take responsibility way too much but during the course our relationship he has learnt to share because I had to put my foot down. He  also shows his emotional side its like are you kidding me? But we have helped each other to balance things out and  I am glad I gave us a chance. He has taught me so much about myself and I have done so in return.

Back to the car park, he decided we needed to cancel and go home, he was convinced his wallet was left at Home on the fridge to be precise. By this time, I just was not in any mood, so I could not be bothered to protest just went along.

We got to his and he told me he wanted me to close my eyes,  I said Nope. I want to eat and go home, and he said please just close your eyes and hold my hand I promise I will make you smile. I said, there is nothing that can be done to make me smile. He said will at least try, so I closed my eyes and I walked in and he led me into the sitting room and told me to open my eyes. At first I was like why so many candles??? within split seconds I looked down and saw rose petals, turned to the other side and saw......

I will have to continue next time.

God is love, love on yourself and others too.

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  1. Ah....why did you have to stop? LOL...

  2. lol @ Myne. its a long story and I got tired... sorry... It will be finished soon...


    Thanks for visiting.

  3. I can't wait to read the ending but I can't believe you still remember everything after almost 3 years.

    If I don't write about my dates on the day of the date or the day after I know I will forget a lot of what happened.

  4. This is getting very interesting. Waiting for the continuation.

  5. @ Jelony.. I know talk about memory..... thanks for stopping by.

    @Okeoghene thanks for reading and visiting...


  6. where is the continuation oooooooooooo!!!!!

  7. Really sounds emotional and nice.good dialogue. is it real or just a story?


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