Monday 30 May 2011

The Day He said MAMA

Dear Readers,

Exclusive story !!!!

It was a cool bright day on a Saturday morning  and I was looking forward to this day so much. It was very much anticipated with so much excitement and  fun  the day will bring. Today, I am spending time with my adorable two nieces and one nephew. I absolutely love them and they mean so much to me and although they are my eldest sister kids, they seem part of me and they see me as their second mummy and every 4th weekend of the month I spend my entire weekend with them. Sometimes we all just go out as family to anywhere the children wants. The eldest Remi is 8, Romi is 7 and the youngest Nathan is 4...

Today we are going to the beach and am looking forward to it, have packed all the sandwich, the drinks and table cloth and everything we would need including first aid box just in case.. Nathan is very clumsy with things so the first aid box comes in handy and why forget the camera the Kodak moment is special to me (winks).

I got to my sister house at exactly 9:30 in the morning, everyone was so excited including me and all I did with the kids was simply scream out of excitement..  This is something we have been planning for weeks now, so the excitement has been building up and you  can almost imagine its going to be a fun memory.
Helped to get the kids ready, drove by car and we got to the beach at 11:00, my sister's husband in-law made sure the kids understood the rules and regulations about the beach, water and the sand and the safety nitty gritty things etc, he likes to be extra (rolls head).

So we started the day, building sand castles, took a break and chased each other around the beach, took pictures, relaxed and  chilled with more ice-lemon. We resumed the sand castles, cos the kids loved how strong my castle stood so we decided to keep going with the castle  building.

Prior to this point, I noticed a guy not so far from us, playing with kids which I thought was his, he looked great,  I thought well, nice body, Oh well I know I cant have u but I can still admire.. (chuckles). This thought happened 3 hours ago and I had moved on.  However, as I started to build another blocks of castle, I noticed a shadow blocking my sunny view and heard an unfamiliar male voice.. In my head I was thinking (Who are you???, can you not see am busy?). He was saying something I couldn't make out, I looked up and what I saw was a different sight. At this point I was thinking where is the sun, not knowing he blocked it with his broad shoulders..

So I knelt there thinking am sure this was the guy I saw 3 hours ago and I looked at him, thinking what do you want.. I proceeded to speak but no words came out. I looked down and then up and just didn't say anything, he said  Hi, I am inviting you with your kids to take part in a competition?
Me- HUH!!
Guy- Do you want to play in a competition?
Guy- My name is Abraham, you can call me Ab(extending his hand for handshake).
Me- (thinking who does he think he is, about am Abraham, you can call me AB... like are you kidding me??  Erm what do you want??
Guy- I don't want anything, I am simply asking if you would like to join me  in a competition on the beach. Myself and my children want to see who can build the strongest castle and we wanted children verses adults. So I thought I ask you cos you look like you are having fun, compare to other single mothers on the beach today.
Me- What?????? ok AB or Abraham, I think you should approach someone else. I am not interested in this game. Thanks for asking.
Guy- Have I said anything rude.  It is just a competition not a game per say.. But it was not my intention to annoy you.
Me- (At this point, I concluded that he is a nutter and I just couldn't kneel there squinting my eyes and talking to this arrogant annoying guy,that all he is thinking about is himself, kmt who cares about competition.) Kids, UP, we are going to find another location.
Kids-( Chorus), lets play this game, it going to be fun.
Remi- Besides we will beat you adults.
Me- kids stop it, there will be no competition, we will simply find another location and just play and build our own castles.

I stood up, took our sands buckets and  mini shovels and ignored the kids sulking faces and I  ignored him too and one of the kids said Aunty Mimi, this is not fair. That was when he held my arm gently and looked apologetic at the fact that he assumed I was a single mum. He apologised.
Guy- I am have approached you  in a wrong way, haven't I?
Me- Yes, and your point??
Guy- It was arrogant and insensitive of me and I apologise for that, can you please forgive me and not get upset.
Me- Ok. Its cool.
Guy- Really!!
Me- Yes really!!
Guy- So why are u still tense,  and your knuckles white at clenching the buckets tightly.
Me- (looked at myself and laughed, I looked like a child trying to protect herself with every form of items).
Me- Me I must admit am not happy at all with your attitude and your way of approaching people. But I understand you are arrogant and that you need to feed your ego... laughing
Guy- I guess am forgiven then.
Me(Nodding my head). Maybe..
Guy- Are you for real... I need your forgiveness if not I will feel bad.
Me- are  forgiven not because you begged but because I love JESUS... and I would have forgiven you either way.
Guy- I do apologise.. do you mind if we squash this and I try over again.
Me- (Rolling my eyes)... Ok if you want to! does not matter.
Guy- I want to and it does matter, I want to create a better impression... besides my kids are beginning to look at me funny and think why am taking too long..
Me-Where are they??
Guy-They are with my sister, just over the shade.
Me- So why didn't u ask your sister.
Guy(looks shy),,, erm I guess I wanted a competition.

So am back to kneeling down and playing with the kids... and laughing.. I hear male voice, this time around I was familiar with the voice. Before I could look up and say hello, he knelt beside me..
Guy- Wow. this looks awesome.. You are really talented.
Me- Really, am I?? Who are you please?
Guy- I am sorry, my name is Abraham, you can call me A.B. and your sound castle looks animated.. too real.
Me-  (Making sure am not  blushing).. Thanks A.B. My name is Adewunmisola. You can call me Mimi.
Guy- You look very busy, but I wanted to know if you are free and would be interested to play some sand building game with me and the kids.
Me- I have to think it about it.
Kids chorus- YES..... WE WILL..

We all did, and had a fab time too. Abraham kids are so funny and adorable... I wondered why he was single, but decided to kill the thought and not ruin the moment. So it was a lovely day, we made new friends, the kids had fun. I forgot to mention he has a six year old girl called Rachel, and seven year old boy called Nathan, How weird... he is nephew name sake... The kids got along well and we all had a Kodak moment together lol. By the time, I got to my apartment I was knackered and Icouldn't believe what a day it had been, woke up feeling what a nice bright day and not knowing what the day had in store for me....

Fast forward 3 years later.....
To be continued...  In the next series.

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