Thursday 29 December 2011


Hello Blogsville,

I hope everyone had a fantastic thankful Christmas...

My respect to our sisters and brothers that experienced the bombing in Nigeria.

May God scatter the camp of the enemy and destroy any evil plans.. AMEN..

Pls let not stop praying for our NATION.. NIGERIA..

So, I have alot work to hand in by NEW YEAR but have been  watching youtube.. ask me what am watching ohh..

HAIR GROWTH (NATURAL HAIR)................

I am inspired to go all NATURAL.. As in cut off all the permed hair and go BALD.... YIKES...

On a serious note, I have a target for 2012, when I get that my well paid job AMEN.. Then it is official.. I will go NATURAL but not immediately.

Why: I want to enjoy this hair mehn and  take advantage of this current permed hair, in essence, I will cut it into various styles and dye it in nice colours... Well no point going for the big CHOP and not mess around with the current growth (winks). Though some will grow whilst doing it......yepa.

My hair is currently a good length but it is not as full as it used to be WHY: when I went through the break-up check my previous post on that, my HAIR ripped off. LOL. As in the stress was to much and my hair got it bad, though, I should have paid more attention to it and not carry that weave on for such a long time.  Anyways, it has grown but the volume has reduced and it just does not look right anymore, well looks okayish. Besides, I want a challenge and this seems like a perfect one, having a well paid job would definitely sponsor my mission for my hair.

Growing up in Niaj, we were encouraged to cut our hair in school all the time so am cool with cutting it. But, the last I cut my hair was in 2005, when my mum chopped hers, I got jealous and I was crying I wanted to have mine chooped too (obviously niaj blood was still strong). Now, I am sooooooo scared to have it all chopped off  more like I have an emotional attachment to it (lol). I tried taking a pic of the current length and posting it but it did not come out right so I can either wait for my sis to get back to do it for me or get someone else to help me take the pic.

I am planning on blogging about it, take the blogville family on a journey on my hair. The Good, the Bad and Ugly. This means  a picture of the current state, the styles of cuts and the final CHOP.

So, I am excited to this YAY... am not sure if it is going to happen anytime soon but it will happen at some point in my life. My current hair has to go..

I will do a post on pics of what my hair looks like.

I do believe I need to go on a massive research before I take the plunge. However, I know my hair will grow faster, fuller and healthier with this new inspiration.

I will have to keep you posted on the journey/decision.

Enjoy the rest of your holls and have a WONDERFUL, GLORIOUS, HAPPY NEW YEAR..WHOOP WHOOP..

God is love, love yourself and on others too........

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  1. Happy new year! thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!
    I am currently transitioning to natural too and the best advice I can give you is just do it! :) Look forward to readin about your hair adventure :)


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